10 Reasons to Try Traveling Solo For the First Time

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Everyone knows at least one person who has tried traveling solo to an unfamiliar place.

Whether you want to drive to a place you have never been to before or visit the other side of the world for the first time, traveling alone is something I believe everyone needs to try at least once in their life.

Traveling alone can be one of the best, most rewarding adventures a person can embark on.

Solo travel is all about leaving behind your familiar world for a chance to see and explore new things!

Trips to foreign countries allow you to overcome new challenges, discover new cultures, and discover more about things you have most likely never encountered before.


In fact, there are a ton of solid reasons why you should try traveling solo for the first time.

Here are 10 of the best reasons to try traveling alone at least once:

1. You don’t have a travel companion

Traveling solo without a companion.
Traveling solo without a companion.

Sometimes it is best to travel alone when it seems like no one else has a schedule that aligns with your own!
My travel blog, The Rocky Safari, shares the story of my long-term goal to visit every country on Earth.

The challenge with that aspiration is that very few other people are actually prepared to travel nearly as extensively as they’d need to in order to join me for any length of time.

Most people are intimidated by some aspect of traveling whether it be the unfamiliar and faraway destinations, the great length of the commitment, or even a general fear of the unknown.

By traveling completely alone, you gain the freedom to choose where you go, for how long, and under what pretenses. There’s no need to let other people’s hang-ups stop you from chasing after your dreams. The power to choose rests in your hands and no one else can stop you!

2. There is no need to compromise while traveling solo

There is no need to compromise while traveling solo.
There is no need to compromise while traveling solo.

One of the greatest challenges when traveling with friends or family is making compromises with how to spend your limited time in any given place.

Even if you’re easily appeased, no one can deny the letdown of having your idea shut down after a place sparked your curiosity.

The beauty in solo travel is that you gain total control over how you spend your time! If you want to go sightseeing from 5 AM in the morning until midnight, so be it! On the contrary.

3. It is easier to meet new friends

Making new friends.
Making new friends.

Something I have noticed through my own solo travel experiences is that many strangers are more willing to form friendships with people who travel solo. Perhaps it feels less intimidating or maybe it is just that people who travel alone are more willing to engage with strangers.

Contrary to what you might suspect, you can count on there being a far greater probability of making new friends on the road when you head out on your own.

4. You force yourself out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone.
Get out of your comfort zone.

It’s easy to stay comfortable. One of the reasons I chose to go backpacking all on my own is that I wanted to challenge myself. I knew that by leaving for a solo trip for the first time, I’d immediately force myself to experience challenges I have never had to face before.

By stepping out of my own comfort zone, I began to grow more comfortable trying new things in other areas of my life as well.

5. Grow more comfortable in your own presence

Grow more comfortable in your own presence.
Grow more comfortable in your own presence.

A lot of people struggle with being alone. Whether they feel some sense of loneliness or boredom, for a lot of people, traveling alone might prove to be a challenge.

Still, as demonstrated during the COVID-19 quarantine, learning to keep yourself occupied in your own presence can be a great asset. For introverts, this is usually a bit easier. Still, even extroverts can work to develop this skill.

Make no mistake, when traveling alone, you might even surprise yourself with how often you’re in the presence of others!

6. Embrace self-discovery while traveling solo

Embrace self-discovery while traveling solo
Embrace self-discovery while traveling solo

Life at home can become routine. We have a tendency to follow the same routines over and over again which can make it really difficult to try new things! When that happens, we forget what we are capable of!

By traveling alone, you begin to realize your strengths, weaknesses, habits, interests, and more! You may discover sides of yourself you had no idea existed.

After the trip, you’ll have new facets of your personality to explore in the future.

7. Gain self-confidence

Gain self-confidence.
Gain self-confidence.

Traveling alone forces you to depend on yourself in a way that some people have never experienced. By proving to yourself how capable you are, you inadvertently boost your self-confidence. It’s a great way to become a more confident person.

I used to question myself a lot and turn to others for confirmation in my decisions.

While backpacking, I strengthened my self-confidence and grew far more comfortable making decisions for myself and standing behind them.

8. Learn about new people, places, and things

Learn about new people, places, and things.
Learn about new people, places, and things.

The educational component of travel is sometimes overlooked. By visiting new places, naturally, you learn more about said places! That might seem obvious, but I think people sometimes lose sight of the fascinating history that many destinations possess.

It’s easy to get lost in the white sand beaches, tropical paradises, and fancy resorts. Depending on the type of solo travel trip you take, you might shock yourself with the great history that many cities possess.

There will always be opportunities to learn something new.

9. Create new life-long memories

Create new life-long memories.
Create new life-long memories.

The memories you create will make your trip worth more than you can imagine. Regardless of whether you visit an unfamiliar destination for a few hours, a week, or possibly even longer, every “visit” must come to an end eventually.

At the end of your trip, you will have memories that will last a lifetime. It’s just not a cliche; it’s the truth! The photos, the stories, the lessons: they’re all things you’ll keep with you for the rest of your life.

10. Be spontaneous while traveling solo

Embrace self-discovery while traveling solo.
Embrace self-discovery while traveling solo.

The spontaneity of a solo travel trip can be one of the most exciting aspects of it! By traveling alone, nothing is holding you back from taking the leap any day now. You have full control over every detail. With no one stopping you or slowing you down, you can take the actions necessary to make it happen!

If this is something you have been wanting to try, don’t delay it any longer!

Choose a place you’ve always wanted to go, book it, and experience the many wonders of traveling the world on your own!

VISIT MY TRAVEL BLOG: https://www.therockysafari.com/

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Rocky Trifarihttps://www.therockysafari.com/
Rocky Trifari is the founder of The Rocky Safari travel blog. In the Swahili language, safari means journey. In 2013, Rocky created the blog to document his journey while pursuing his goal of visiting every country on Earth. Long-term travel, birds, and blogging are some of his greatest passions in life. Rocky’s goal is to inspire people to explore the world and to embrace long-term travel as a lifestyle by showing readers how to overcome their fears, earn money online, and travel longer on less.

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