5 Things To Avoid Wearing To The Airport

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5 things to avoid wearing to the airport! I’ll never forget the day we were about to go through the security line at JFK International Airport.

The TSA agent made the directions as clear as squeaky clean glass.

Everyone was instructed to remove their jackets, shoes, jelwelry, and empty out their pockets. Still, for some odd reason, nobody seemed capable of following directions.

When it was time to enter the security line, the TSA agent told us to cut in-line, leaving the ones who didn’t follow directions to wait.

Yet, whenever anyone complains about how rude the TSA agents are. And how long and slow the security lines are, it’s usually because they are the one’s causing the problems.

So, in order to eliminate the stress usually associated with airport security lines, here’s the 5 things to avoid wearing to the airport

Don’t wear shoes that are difficult to remove

For some odd reason, a foolish guy though it was a great idea to wear work boots to the airport security line.

As he stood there undoing his boot laces, he had this puzzled look on his face, along with a few others. Despite the TSA agent telling him and many others to remove their shoes before entering the security line, they still waited until the last second to do so.

As everyone who followed directions were walking past him, and the other stubborn followers, they had this agitated look on their faces. Now they know how we feel when they selfishly hold up the airport security lines.

Listen people. All of us have to place our shoes along with other personal items into the screening bins. Then walk through the metal detectors, before collecting everything on the other side.

Not being prepared before entering the security line will greatly slow the whole process down to the pace of a turtle.

Why not wear slip-on shoes or sneakers with Lock Laces like I do. This way you’ll be able to quickly remove, and put your shoes back on without all the unnecessary hassles.

Note: Travelers aged 75+ or under 13 years old may leave their shoes on during screening.

Remove all jewelry, watches and anything else made of metal, including all items in your pockets

To avoid setting off the metal detector, and having to be subjected to additional screening, remove all jewelry, watches and items from your pockets.

Also, don’t forget to remove your belt even if it doesn’t contain any metal parts.

Take off your coats and jackets

Before going through the airport security line, every single passenger must remove their outerwear. This means you must remove jackets, coats, hoodies, etc.

Wear appropriate clothing

I once saw a woman wearing a two piece bikini to the airport. Clothing like this can be considered offensive.

Most likely the TSA agent won’t refuse you entry into the terminal areas, but the airline staff might.

Also, avoid loose fitting clothing as this might subject you to an embarrassing pat-down as they check to see if you’re trying to conceal prohibited items.

Remove all electronic items larger than a cell phone from your bag

This is something that you don’t wear, but can cause a slight delay if not followed. Any electronic device larger than a cell phone must be removed from your bag and placed into a screening bin.

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