A Xootr Scooter Grocery Shopping Adventure

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It was a warm, sunny Thursday afternoon. 2:00pm to be exact. All morning I was planning on getting back to the grocery store to pick up a few items. The day before I walked to Walmart and took the bus back home, using my small, foldable dolly with Xootr shopping bag attached. You can check that adventure out called, “An Urban Grocery Shopping Story.” It was a fun trip, but I didn’t have time to walk again, and then wait for the bus to show up, which is usually every hour. What I needed was something fast, light, and compact enough to fit into the shopping cart. It was at this exact moment that Xootr scooter grocery shopping was born. And what an amazing adventure it was.

What exactly is Xootr scooter grocery shopping?

Xootr scooter grocery shopping involves riding a Xootr scooter to the grocery store or back. Or hopping on public transportation and then continuing the rest of your adventure to the grocery store. Of course, these are just a few examples of how you can use your Xootr scooter to go grocery shopping.

It also doesn’t matter which type of Xootr scooter you use. All that matters is that you have one, and use it. If you don’t already have one, that’s okay. Check out the different models they have available and get yourself one ASAP by clicking here: https://xootr.com/.

What is next after you get your Xootr scooter of choice?

Now that you have your brand new, shiny Xootr scooter, it’s time to get familiar with this amazing type of transportation. Xootr scooters are a blast to ride, and are extremely easy to use. Once you start riding your Xootr scooter, you will instantly become addicted to it. And won’t want to stop riding it.

But, before you start riding your Xootr scooter all over, it’s important to learn proper safety precautions.

Some safety precautions to keep in mind:

  • Xootr scooters are very solid and stable, due to the way they are designed, with the rock solid frame, angled backwards front forks for stability, and front and rear brakes. (Check out: Why Are Xootr Scooter Front Forks Angled Backwards?) Yet, when riding over rough surfaces, always avoid sewer grates and deep potholes as the wheels can get stuck, causing you to crash.
  • The Xootr has front and back brakes, making it easier to stop than just having a back brake alone. Still, it’s not advisable to ride down steep hills while applying the brakes, as they can heat up and fail. Also, always apply the back brake first while leaning slightly backwards, and then apply the front brake. This will help keep you from falling forward if you hit a stone, bump or large crack. And never ride your kick scooter in the rain or snow. The wheels can easily slip out from under you, and the brakes don’t work while wet. (Check out: What’s A Xootr Scooter’s Top Speed)
  • Never jump curbs while riding your Xootr scooter.
  • Always wear a helmet that’s Dual Certified to CPSC Bike and ASTM Skate safety standards. (We recommend the Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet)
  • Bicycle gloves can help absorb vibrations while providing better grip. And can also help protect your hands in case of a crash. (Check out: Specialized Cycling Gloves)
  • Eye protection is highly recommended while riding a Xootr scooter. They protect your eyes from the sun, and keeps wind and debris from striking your eyes. It’s important to be able to see everything that’s going on around you. (We highly recommend: Black Fly Sunglasses Last Forever for daytime riding and Bicycling Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes for night time riding)
  • It’s highly advisable that you don’t ride your Xootr scooter at night, but if you choose to, get yourself a set of bright rechargeable lights. This helps you to see the road ahead of you, and allows drivers to also see you. (Check out: Bicycle Lights That Brightens The Whole City)
  • While riding, ride on the side of the road facing traffic the same as you would while walking. (Check out: Night Walking Tips To Keep You Safe)
  • Never ride no handed or with just one hand. Always keep both hands on the steering at all times.
  • A pair of lightweight shoes with good grip, and a flexible sole works best. (We recommend: Coolest Sneakers For Hitting the Hot City)
  • There’s no place to attach any bags to the Xootr scooter, so it’s important that you use a backpack or rutsack that’s comfortable, and doesn’t swing around while kicking. (Check out: Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack)
  • And always have fun!

Now that we’ve discussed the proper safety precautions that you should take before and while riding a Xootr, let’s go on our adventure together

Xootr Mg scooter.
Xootr Mg scooter.

Before heading out the door, I had to decide which Xootr scooter I was going to ride. Would I choose the Xootr Street, the heavier, quieter and more efficient scooter?

Or would I choose my older, lighter, Xootr Mg with the push pin design? It was a tough choice, but I went with the lighter Xootr Mg. It wasn’t important that I was able to close it fast, because I was in no rush whatsoever. (Check out: Xootr Street And The Street Where You Live and Xootr Locking Pin vs Quick-Click Locking Mechanism)

Carson Footwear sneakers

Zombie Racer’s from Carson Footwear.
Zombie Racer’s from Carson Footwear.

After choosing which kick scooter I was going to ride, I had to  pick out a suitable pair of sneakers. I chose the custom Zombie Racer’s that Carson Footwear sent to me a little over a year ago.

About to start the Xootr scooter grocery shopping adventure.
About to start the Xootr scooter grocery shopping adventure.

These sneakers are custom made in Milwaukie, Oregon. They have an amazing colorful design printed on a breathable material that makes them perfect for warmer weather.

Riding the Xootr Mg scooter.
Riding the Xootr Mg scooter.

While riding on this Xootr scooter grocery shopping adventure, the soles were very grippy but lightweight, making them perfect for maintaining a steady speed. As I glided down the street a little boy on a scooter waved and said hello. I was in a super happy mood, and couldn’t help but say hello back. It proves that kick scooting has no age limits.

Specialized cycling gloves

Specialized cycling gloves.
Specialized cycling gloves.

Most of the trip was on smooth roads, with a few slight inclines. When the road did get a little rough, my Specialized cycling gloves with padded palms absorbed most of the road vibrations.

On the smooth roads I alternated each leg after 2 kicks, which helped maintain a speed of about 9-10 mph. The inclines required a little bit more effort, but three to four kicks with each leg at a time was more than adequate.

It was only 65 degrees, so my hands didn’t get sweaty, but the gloves did provide a nice comfortable grip.

Triple Eight Sweatsaver helmet

Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver helmet.
Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver helmet.

A few years ago when this magazine was still a tiny blog, one company took a chance on us. This company is called Triple 8.   Based out of Brooklyn, New York this awesome company manufactures helmets used by many BMX riders and Skateboarders in the X-Games. These helmets are attractive, light, comfortable and crash tested. While riding my Xootr Mg scooter to the grocery store I knew my head was safe in case of an accident.

Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack

Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack.
Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack.

On this Xootr scooter grocery shopping adventure, I needed something to carry my groceries home. I’ve tried many different types of backpacks and rutsacks, and the Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack is still my favorite.

Paper bag that suddenly broke.
Paper bag that suddenly broke.

It’s very comfortable to wear, and doesn’t swing all over the place while riding my Xootr scooter. I brought a paper bag to put my groceries into, and then my sackpack, but the paper bag broke as soon as I left the grocery store.

Fortunately, my Adidas sackpack is versatile enough to fit different oddly shaped objects, all possible due to the top drawstring.

This Xootr scooter grocery shopping adventure finally came to an end

The Xootr Mg scooter along with cat treats and other stuff from the grocery store, all neatly placed in the cart. Such a great way to end this Xootr scooter grocery shopping adventure.
The Xootr Mg scooter along with cat treats and other stuff from the grocery store, all neatly placed in the cart. Such a great way to end this Xootr scooter grocery shopping adventure.

Overall, this was an extremely fun shopping adventure. The Walmart that I shop at is a little under a mile away from my house. I could have used my Brompton folding bike, that uses a front bag to carry groceries while in shopping cart mode. But, the Xootr is so much fun and much easier and faster to fold, while fitting better into a shopping cart.

I got everything that I needed, plus cat treats for all the cats that my mom feeds in the neighborhood. Over the last 10 years, she’s basically turned her garage into a sanctuary for homeless cats that have nowhere to go.

She’s provided tons of beds, blankets, and a spot for a heated blanket that I purchased off Amazon a few years ago for Christmas. She loves these stray cats very much, so you can imagine how happy this made her.

With the proper accessories, a Xootr scooter is one of the very best ways to commute and shop in an urban environment. Maybe one day I can try riding 22 miles in one day like my good friend, and writing extraordinaire, Jonathan Kelley. (Check out: Scooting with Jonathan Kelley)

Don’t forget to wear your Black Fly sunglasses.
Don’t forget to wear your Black Fly sunglasses.

Just don’t forget to wear your sunglasses in order to look cool and see where you’re going.

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