Arena’s Unique Shop On 260 East Avenue

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You’re Going To Love Arena’s On 260 East Avenue

Located in Downtown Rochester, New York on 260 East Avenue is an amazing store called Arena’s.Arena’s has an immense variety of floral and home decorations, that you can’t find anywhere else.

For those that are looking to decorate, these amazing items will be very tempting to buy.And for those who do end up buying, there’s a very knowledgeable staff available to help you find what you need.

With amazing customer service, and a constant addition of new, unique items to their show room, you’re going to love finding out more about Arena’s.

Follow along on this amazing journey to Arena’s

Louie And Myself Went To Arena’s, While My Mom Tagged Along

All three of us were just coming from having lunch at East Ridge Diner & Steak House.

We were going on one of our usual joy rides down East Avenue, when we just happened to notice Arena’s.

After riding past this intriguing store multiple times in the past, all three of us agreed that this was the day we were going to check it out.

With a little careful maneuvering, Louie turned the big Buick around, and drove into the parking lot.

Arena’s Parking Lot Is Small

Similar to many other businesses located around the Downtown Rochester, New York area, the parking lot is terrible.

For a place that’s always busy, the parking lot is the size of a place mat. After multiple attempts, we finally found a spot the fat Buick fit into.

Old fashioned pulley with hook and rope.
Old fashioned pulley with hook and rope.

Fortunately, the inside of Arena’s is amazing, and has items that cannot be found anywhere else.

On The First Floor, Arena’s Has A Dizzying Amount Of Items

Huge steel pulley on rope.
Huge steel pulley on rope.

There were a few items that I liked so much, I was very tempted to buy them, with no idea where I’d put them. One such item was this vintage-looking lamp, with a bulb that looked like something Thomas Edison created. This unique, vintage style lamp had a steel base with a huge bulb on top.

And when I turned it on, lit up like the old Thomas Edison bulb that’s burning after 100 years.

Large old-fashioned bulb at Arena’s.
Large old-fashioned bulb at Arena’s.

I’m sure these bulbs don’t last that long, but it’s no big deal, because Arena’s sells what looks like an unlimited supply of replacement bulbs.

Two old-fashioned lamps, one big, and one small.
Two old-fashioned lamps, one big, and one small.

There were two different sized lamps. Due to a lack of room at home, and liking the look of the smaller one, I would have purchased the larger one.

Louie Was Amazed With the Stuff That Arena’s Sells And Couldn’t Stop Touching Everything

Statue at Arena's store.
Statue at Arena’s store.

On this particular day, Louie and I were running around Arena’s like two big kids in a toy store. Louie got so excited he couldn’t keep his hands off anything he saw. Then again I can’t blame him, because everything they sell is intriguing.

Porcelain jars printed with designs at Arena’s.
Porcelain jars printed with designs at Arena’s.

During the time we were there, my mom constantly worried that Louie might break something, like he did at an antique store recently. Every few seconds my mom was in panic mode, yelling at Louie to please stop touching stuff.

A mini porcelain man in glass case at Arena’s.
A mini porcelain man in glass case at Arena’s.

It actually reminded me of a mother yelling at her child to behave.

Arena’s Sells Some Wild And Funky Stuff

Arena’s sells everything from glass items, furniture, decorations, to even items made of cloth, such as pillows and towels.

A couple of pillows with designs on them at Arena’s.
A couple of pillows with designs on them at Arena’s.

None of us knew what half the stuff was. All we knew was that they were unique, and would make great items for someone to go wild and crazy while decorating their home.

The Upstairs Of Arena’s Is Even More Unique Than The Downstairs

As all three of us climbed the stairs to the second floor, the items got more unique and rare.

Hand welded floor lamp with old fashioned bulb at Arena’s.
Hand welded floor lamp with old-fashioned bulb at Arena’s.

The furniture got brighter and bolder. We saw lamps that looked like they belonged in an old Adams Family style mansion.

Colorful chair with green and white blanket.
Colorful chair with green and white blanket.

And there were decorations that reminded me of being in an old town in the Wild West.

Very unique item carved out of wood.
Very unique item carved out of wood.

One particular item that stood out the most was this realistic-looking owl. I’m not particularly infatuated with owls, but my sister is deeply in love with them, and collects them.

You should see her room.

As soon as you walk in, you see owls everywhere. She has so many owls, she could literally start an owl museum.

Large fake owl.
Large fake owl.

I was very tempted to buy this Owl for her, but my mom somehow convince me not to.

Mom Was Very Interested In the Fabric Section

My mom was instantly attracted to the fabric section, and had a bunch of questions for the woman working there. Every second, my mom had a new question for this poor, busy lady, who held a smile on her face during the entire interaction.

Not only did the lady help my mom out, she took the time to show her other options.

While most employees would have gotten impatient and irritable, answering so many questions, this young lady kept her composer.

Shelves full of clothes and blankets.
Shelves full of clothes and blankets.

Sometimes, my mom can get a little carried away with asking questions, even though she means no harm.

She just likes to do her research before making a purchase, to assure she’s getting her money’s worth.

Gold colored bug on decorated drift wood.
Gold colored bug on decorated drift wood.

Plus, the items in the store were so unique, we sometimes didn’t know what they were.

Arena’s Has Great Customer Service

Have you ever walked into a store such as Walmart, to find out information about a product, only to leave disappointed?

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve asked for help in these types of stores, only to experience the worst customer service ever.

The employees either ignore you, or never return with the information you asked for. Or if they do return, it’s a long time after. And usually, they still can’t answer your question.


I know, because one time while shopping for a mountain bike at Walmart, the associate had no clue about what he was talking about.

Shopping At Arena’s Was A Completely Different Experience

Arena’s was not only different, it was refreshing.

The staff seemed to know the products they were selling inside and out, and able to educate us about the products we were inquiring about.

And for the rare occasions they didn’t have the answers to our questions, they went and acquired help from a staff member that did.

I’m not sure if the staff at Arena’s gets specialized training, but they sure knew the products well.


If I were a professional interior decorator, I’d definitely go to Arenas to buy unique items.

Big gold colored skull on top of table.
Big gold-colored skull on top of table.

Arena’s sells high-end, unique items that can’t be found anywhere else. They have outstanding customer service consisting of a very knowledgeable staff. And they are constantly adding more unique items to their retail space.


I found Arena’s to be an amazing store, and would highly recommend it.


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