Best Gear To Save You From A Stressful Commute

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Best gear to save you from a stressful commute! Are you a commuter? If so, I bet you hate it. Just the thought of it most likely raises your blood pressure to dangerous levels. The reason why you hate it so much is because it literally STINKS, in capital letters.

In fact, I dare you to mention the word “commute” at a dinner party. I can assure you that you will go from being the most popular person in the room, to being hated more than Donald Trump.

It doesn’t matter if you commute by bus, train, bicycle or car. Commuting is a pain in the butt. Commuting is hard because there’s so many inconveniences to deal with.

If you’re taking the bus or train, you have to deal with a concept known as the ”The Last Mile.” This means you might have to walk in awful weather such as spring showers, hail, thunderstorms, sheets of rain, and extreme heat.

Once you get on the bus or train, you then have to be packed up against a bunch of strangers, tighter than being in a sardine can.

Expect to smell plenty of body odor, because mass transportation always runs slower than molasses in below zero weather.

It’s always late, and when it does finally arrive, it takes forever to commute to your job.

All this wonderful service, compliments of mass transportation, also costs a fortune. Each year it goes up in cost, especially in big cities such as New York City.

Now you could commute by car, but then you have to deal with traffic patterns, high gas prices, and possibly accidents.

There’s only two options left at this point. Commuting by bike or walking. But if you don’t have the proper gear, biking can be unpleasant, and walking can take forever.

Buying The Wrong Commuting Gear Can Be Expensive And Frustrating

Finding the proper commuting gear can be just as difficult as commuting itself. There’s thousands of choices available, claiming to be the right choice for your long commutes.

If only there was a way to test these products before you bought them. In a perfect world, this would be possible

.Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if a travel accessory is right for you until you fully test it. And once you start using it on a daily basis, that’s when all the disappointments begin.

The commuting gear you chose might not be very functional, such as a backpack. It might not be comfortable on your shoulders.

Or it might not have enough pockets, or a place to put your laptop or tablet. It might be missing exterior slots to hold your water bottles.

Durability is another issue. A backpack that tears isn’t going to be ideal when all your personal belongings get lost.

And one day you might arrive to work, just to discover that all your personal belongings, along with your cell phone got destroyed. If only you knew it wasn’t waterproof before you went out in that rain storm, even though the tag said otherwise.

Having to replace personal items that got ruined, plus buying new commuting gear that actually works can become very expensive. It becomes a guessing game until you finally get it right.

Just like with commuting, all the time you waste trying to find the ideal gear, is time you can never get back. There has to be a better way, and there is.

Fortunately, All The  Recommended Gear To Commute To Work Has Been Rigorously Tested Under Extreme Conditions

Fortunately, I’ve already done all the hard work for you. Every single piece of urban commuting gear that I recommend has been rigorously tested.

I’ve tested everything in real world commuting situations. Rain showers, hail, thunderstorms, sheets of rain, and extreme heat.

You name it and each item that I recommend has been tested in these extreme conditions multiple times.

So, without further hesitation, let’s talk about the best accessories that will save you from a stressful commute.

Tern Link D8 Folding Bicycle For Your Daily Commute To Work

Tern Link D8 folding bicycle. Best gear for daily commuting.
Tern Link D8 folding bicycle. Best gear for daily commuting.

A little over a month ago, I received the Tern Link D8 from NYCEWheels in New York City. I’ve been using this folding bicycle to do daily round trips of 10 miles.

It’s been absolutely amazing, because I can ride it to work, and if the weather turns bad, fold it up and put it in the trunk of a friends car or Uber cab.

Or if I’m out somewhere and want to catch a bus, I can fold it up and bring it on board. And I don’t have to worry about the bike rack on the front of the bus being full, because folding bicycles are always allowed on mass transportation.

The Tern Link D8 isn’t the type of commuter gear you’d usually think of, but once you realize how useful it is, you’ll never want to go back to a regular bicycle again.

It can go almost anywhere you go. You can bring it into restaurants, your job, and in the trunk of your car, eliminating the need for those ugly, expensive bicycle racks.

Then when you’re done commuting for the day, bring it inside at home and tuck it out-of-the-way in a corner. A Tern folding bicycle fits into your life, instead of adapting your life to a bulky bicycle.

Nothing Beats The Xootr Mg Scooter For Short Commutes

Low wide deck on Xootr MG Scooter. Best gear for multi-modal travel.
Low wide deck on Xootr MG Scooter. Best gear for multi-modal travel.

For short commutes of a few miles or less, nothing beats the Xootr MG Scooter. The Xootr MG Scooter  is the solution to the “last mile” problem. You can scoot to the nearest bus or train stop. Fold it up within seconds, and bring it with you with no restrictions.

I’ve used my Xootr Mg Scooter to commute locally to the stores and restaurants. It’s also been very useful for when I had to ride the bus, and then walk a short distance to my destination.

The Xootr MG Scooter  is over three times faster than walking. What would have been a 40 minute walk, turned into a 10 minute scooter ride.

This might not seem like a lot, but when it comes to waiting for the next bus or train for an hour, because you missed it within a few minutes, it can mean the difference between a fun or stressful commute.

Xootr Scooters were created by Formula Race Car Engineers and are manufactured in Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

The Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack Is One Of The Best Pieces Of Commuting Gear You Can Own

Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack
Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack


Every single commuter needs something that will protect their valuables. That’s the reason why I don’t go anywhere without my Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack.

The Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack is one of the best pieces of gear I’ve ever used for commuting. It has plenty of room inside to carry all my personal valuables.

Can expand and contract to fit objects of different shapes and sizes. Has an outside pocket to carry extra gear, and even a few slots for water bottles.

Plus, I’ve been out in the rain and snow, and never has anything valuable gotten wet or ruined.

Bombas Socks Is The Type Of Gear That’s Great For Your Feet And Commuting

Bombas socks
Bombas socks


I absolutely love Bombas Socks. This high-tech, community building sock company was founded, after it was discovered that socks are the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters.

Bombas sent me 2 pairs of socks for free to review, and I absolutely love them. The annoying seam that runs across your toes on cheap socks, wasn’t present. And these incredible socks hug your feet where it’s needed, to prevent slipping.

Plus, they are odor resistant because they are made of natural fibers.

But the thing that I love most about them, is that they donate one pair of socks for every pair purchased.

Once you buy a pair or two of these socks, you’ll never buy regular cheap socks again. CHECK THEM OUT!!!!

Lock Laces Are Great For Commuting And Traveling

Lock Laces. Best gear for sneakers.
Lock Laces. Best gear for sneakers.

The day I saw Lock Laces on Shark Tank, was the day I knew I’d never use regular shoe laces again. I’ve worn Lock laces to work, commuting, and even for traveling to New York City.

Invented in 1997, by Eric Jackson, a track athlete, Lock laces turns your sneakers into slip-ones. Lock Laces allows better circulation and blood flow to your feet by expanding while walking.

They are not only more comfortable than regular shoe laces, they also last longer.

The Fisher Space Pen Is Perfect For Commuting, Travel And Even Outer Space

Photo Of Astronauts On Fisher Space Pen Box. Best gear for writing.
Photo Of Astronauts On Fisher Space Pen Box. Best gear for writing.

There’s been many times when my pen has dried up, or refused to write on certain surfaces. With the Fisher Space Pen none of those issues exist.

Able to write in zero gravity, the Fisher Space Pen will write dependably smooth, upside down, underwater, over grease, in extreme cold and hot temperatures, with an estimated shelf life of over 100 years.

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