Bicycle Commuting In A Changing World!

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More people are working form home than ever before. More are also returning to the office. Bicycle commuting is a safe, inexpensive, and healthy way to travel back and forth from work.

Recent studies have found that people who bicycle commute, even if it’s only part way, are not only healthier, but also much happier. Even if you take your bicycle to the train station, and ride the train part of the way, and finish the rest by bicycle after reaching the other end, you still have a lower risk for various cancers and cardiovascular disease. As a result you’ll be less likely to die. An added benefit is that you’ll notice more of the scenery around you, save on gas, insurance, car repairs, lose excess weight, and have fun getting to know your community better.


Benefits of bicycle commuting

In a 2017 study published in the medical journal The BMJ, Gill and colleagues looked at data that followed more than 263,000 people in the U.K. for approximately five years to see how their means of commuting affected their health.

What they found was astounding. People who commuted by bicycle had a lower risk for various cancers and cardiovascular disease, and were less likely to die early.

This was also the same for those who only biked part of the way to work.

Combining a bicycle with a train or bus, and biking the rest of the way after arriving at the other end, provided the same health benefits.

Cycling also comes with significant benefits for mental health and well-being. Cycling relaxes the mind, body, and soul.

Downsides of commuting by car

Automobiles produce massive amounts of pollution, often unnecessary for a lot of workers.

Another irritating disadvantage of commuting by car is the risk of getting stuck in traffic for hours on end.

Unlike a bicycle, you can’t just ride past traffic in the bike lane.

Instead, you have to sit through the painful traffic jam with all the other irritated and restless drivers on the road.

What to do instead

Save some money, ride a bike to work, and work from home when you can.




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