Bike Accidents: How to Prevent an Accident While Riding

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Bicycle commuting is a fantastic way to get around your local area. Not only is it a lot of fun, and provides exercise while getting to your desired destination. It’s also extremely cost effective. Plus, it can be stress free, as you don’t have to wait in traffic jams, something everyone experiences while living in a metropolis. Usually, if you follow the rules of the road, bicycles are a reasonably safe form of transportation. That means if you stop at red lights and stop signs. Use hand signals. Stay in a straight line and ride predictably. Riding around motor vehicles and/or pedestrians are usually accident free. Unfortunately, bike accidents do happen on rare occasions.


When bike accidents happen, they are usually more fatal than when two motor vehicles collide. This is due to the fact that bicyclists are not surrounded by a protective barrier such as the steel frame of a car.

All the shock, such as getting struck by a 3,000lb vehicle, goes through the cyclists body. There’s no vehicle around you to absorb the shock of impact.

Another factor to consider is how fast both bicycles and cars can travel. High-impact crashes have the potential to cause devastating and even fatal injuries. Due to the following reason, cyclists should always pay extra attention while riding and be very careful to avoid accidents.

Here is a list of tips to follow in order to avoid bike accidents while riding:

If you’re still unsure how to avoid bike accidents while commuting, many local bike shops have classes where they’ll teach you the basics of riding. Safety. What to do in case of an accident. And even basic bicycle maintenance such as changing flat tires.

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