Bike & Hike in Japan – Hot Summer Ride

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In this featured video, Two Wheel Cruise, is going to be bringing us on a bike & hike adventure, called “Bike & Hike in Japan – Hot Summer Ride to Secret Waterfall in Seto City.”

Here’s what Two Wheel Cruise has to say about this bike & hike adventure

Cycling in Japan series – The best way to explore Japan is by bicycle…and foot of course!

It’s been a while since our last bike and hike, and today we are riding to the countryside of eastern Nagoya in Seto city towards a “secret” big waterfall in Iwayado park.

This park is actually very nearby our home in Japan, but this was our first time riding over here to check it out.

Always a lot of cool things to see nearby and love these exploration ride days.


  • Intro / ride start – 0:00
  • Michi no eki rest stop – 8:45
  • Back on road – 10:40
  • Narrow Japanese roads – 15:00
  • Deep in the Japanese countryside – 18:23
  • Seto City Iwayado Park – 27:21
  • Red bridge – 29:22
  • Off road hiking start – 33:35
  • Seto Big waterfall – 35:44

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Watch the video for complete details

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How to find and contact Two Wheel Cruise

Two Wheel Cruise and his wife live in Japan. They are a very cool couple that likes to commute on their multiple bikes in Japan, while making amazing videos. Their videos consist of the area they live in, the bikes they ride, and product reviews.

To find and contact this cool commuting couple, called Two Wheel Cruise, check out It’s here, where you’ll find out the latest about their bike commutes, the current bicycles they’re using to commute on, and of course the latest gear that they recommend.

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