Bike Inside Car Commuting by Bikeblogger

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I have a secret confession to make. Yes, it’s a dirty little secret that’s kept me up at night. Gets me excited every time I leave the house. And takes a lot of [email protected]!!$ to admit. Now that you’re done thinking the worst, I’ll tell you what it is. I love to bicycle commute. In fact, I love everything about it including the grease that gets on my pants from the chain. Commuting has always been in my blood, and will continue to until the day I can no longer do it.

Bikeblogger Loves Bicycle Commuting Also, And Even Found A  Way To Transport His Bike In A Tiny Toyota Yaris

I’m not the only one who loves bicycle commuting. One of my favorite YouTube personalities that I discovered a few years ago, is also a bicycle commuting fanatic. He rides his bike to work daily no matter if it’s raining, sunny, snowing or windy as heck.

When he gets to work, he then locks it up like I use to when I’d go to grocery stores and coffee shops. This is great if you don’t mind carrying a huge, heavy lock around. Or not worried about your bike being stolen.

Then again, Bikeblogger works in a safe area that he doesn’t have to worry about.

He also has enough space at home, unlike myself. Plus, he has a Toyota Yaris, that he’s found a way to stuff his full sized road bike into the back of.

When I had my full sized hybrid bicycle, I couldn’t fit it into any sized vehicle except for a mini van, no matter how hard I tried.

Check This Video Out On How Bikeblogger Transports His Bicycles

How Bikeblogger was able to accomplish this amazing feat is incredible, because I still cant believe he did it. The only way I have been able to store and transport my bicycles is to buy a Brompton and Tern Link D8 folding bicycle.

So, enjoy the video and let me know what you think.


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