Biking In Rochester, NY: The Best Trails

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Named as “One of the top bike-friendly cities in the U.S.” by Bicycling Magazine, biking in Rochester, NY can be a very enjoyable experience. Cyclists come here from all over the world to ride the scenic trails, new bike lanes, and well-maintained roadways.

Rochester, NY supports a vibrant and diverse bike culture. Has smart, savvy bike shops. And has a population over 100,000. All qualities that are required to make it onto Bicycling Magazines’s Top 50 list.

The City of Rochester has worked diligently since the summer of 2011, making this a world-class bicycling community. They’ve added 64 lane miles of on-street bicycle facilities, with an additional 140 miles already planned.

They’ve also greatly expanded their off-street trails network and added a significant amount of bicycle parking around the city.

It’s no wonder locals and visitors alike has chosen cycling as one of their favorite activities this summer, in the Rochester area.

How to find the best trails for biking in Rochester, NY

With the help of experts from bicycle shops such as Full Moon Vista The Bike Zone, and Tom’s Pro Bike Shop, you’ll be able to get valuable information in order to easily scope out some of the best spots for bicycling in Rochester.

I have personally ridden all of these trails throughout the last 9 years. And every time I ride them I discover something new and amazing about them.

No matter if you’re a local cyclist or an out of town visitor, you’ll be amazed at how many different scenic options there are for biking in the Rochester area.


As more people are becoming avid bike riders, there is a growing interest right now in Mountain and Trail Biking. Popular trails for mountain biking in Rochester include:

Whiting Road Nature Preserve

Whiting Road Nature Preserve is one of the best trails for biking in Rochester, NY.
Whiting Road Nature Preserve is one of the best trails for biking in Rochester, NY.

The Whiting Road Nature Preserve is located in the Town of Webster. It consists of approximately 240 acres of land purchased by the Town of Webster under the open space referendum. This park, located approximately 20 minutes from downtown is very popular for novice mountain bikers. It has a variety of ecosystems which make it a beautiful area to enjoy nature.

With several well-marked and well-maintained trails. It’s perfect for bird watching, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, dog walking on a leash, trail walking, horse riding, and of course biking.

Irondequoit Bay Park West

Irondequoit Bay Park West
Irondequoit Bay Park West

This beautiful Monroe County Park is located on the west shore of Irondequoit Bay. It features a number of trails designed and constructed by Regional Off-Road Cyclists volunteers.

These 147 acres of trails, located along approximately 2,000 feet of Irondequiot Bay water frontage, offers hiking and access to the bay for fishing.

These trails are also appropriate for riders of varying skill levels as they ride along a ridge overlooking Irondequoit bay. Irondequoit Bay Park West also features a small undeveloped car-top boat launch.

Dryer Road Park

Dryer Road Park Is a great trail for biking in Rochester, NY.
Dryer Road Park Is a great trail for biking in Rochester, NY.

Located in Victor, NY, and dedicated in May, 2004, Dryer Road Park boasts the region’s most diverse multi-use trail system for hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Trails are marked by color to indicate difficulty level. The park features trails from easy to advanced, and everything in between.

For more information on off-road cycling in Rochester, and recommended trails, check out Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists.


Looking for a flat ride on well-maintained trails? The Rochester area offers many different options for trails that are easy to follow and largely protected from traffic.

Erie Canal Trail

Erie Canal Trail
Erie Canal Trail

Running west to east, between the cities of Buffalo and Albany in upstate New York, the 360-mile Erie Canal Trail also travels through the cities of Rochester, Syracuse, Rome, Utica, and Schenectady.

Following historic canal and rail corridors, the Erie Canalway Trail is mostly flat and off-road, making it an enjoyable ride for cyclists of all ages and abilities. Where the trail is not yet complete, there are a few steeper on-road grades and hills (climbs greater than 400 feet), mostly in the Mohawk River Valley.

From an afternoon to a full week of cycling, the Erie Canalway Trail offers endless adventures.

Mostly flat and off-road, the Erie Canalway Trail includes various surfaces. The most common is stone dust, although there are several paved sections and a few natural segments.

Turning Point Park

Turning Point Park
Turning Point Park

Located in the Charlotte neighborhood near Lake Ontario on Rochester’s northwest side, Turning Point Park covers 275 wooded acres along the banks of the Genesee River.

One of the most unique features of this park in the City of Rochester is an extended boardwalk that takes visitors over the Genesee River, and is popular with walkers and bikers alike.

Hiking and biking trails will help you discover the park’s distinct areas, from the wooded oak forest called “Bullock’s Woods” to the cattail lined shores of the river. Enjoy the nature watching and beautiful river views from its trails.

Genesee Riverway Trail

Genesee Riverway Trail
Genesee Riverway Trail

The Genesee Riverway Trail (GRT) is a 24 mile long off-road trail for walking, running and bicycling along the Genesee River. It extends through the scenic, historic and cultural heart of Rochester, from the Erie Canal to downtown and Lake Ontario.

It provides pedestrian access to the Genesee River, its scenic gorge, three waterfalls, eight pedestrian bridges, and eleven parks, including four historic parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Cyclists can easily access the trail from Genesee Valley Park and take the Riverway Trail into the heart of downtown Rochester for stunning views. This offers the perfect opportunity to take photos of the Rochester skyline from the Ford Street Bridge.

Or check out the new Erie Promenade alongside the river in downtown Rochester, near Dinosaur BBQ and The Nathaniel apartment building.

GRT links nine historic districts and individual landmarks including the 1842 Erie Canal Aqueduct and the 1822 Lake Ontario Lighthouse. The trail serves the University of Rochester and a host of other city attractions, services, and neighborhoods.

Lake Ontario State Parkway Trail

Lake Ontario State Parkway Trail
Lake Ontario State Parkway Trail

As a traveler you’ll enjoy scenic views of wooded areas, surrounding bodies of water and wetlands on the 3.3 mile Lake Ontario State Parkway Trail.

The trail parallels the north side of the Parkway, which runs along Lake Ontario’s southern shore.

For longer excursions, adventurers can connect with the Genesee Riverway Trail at the trail’s eastern end.

Conclusion to the best trails for biking in Rochester, NY

Thank you for joining us to learn about the best trails for biking in Rochester, NY. We hope by showing you these trails, you’ll be motivated to explore Rochester, NY on two wheels!

Or if you live in a different area, will come visit Rochester, NY and experience everything this city has to offer to cyclists.

Remember that whether you’re a novice or an advanced cyclist, you are sure to find the right trail for you in Rochester, NY.



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