Biktrix Kutty X Folding Fat-Tire Ebike Review

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THE BIKTRIX KUTTY X is a folding fat-tire ebike. With a Lamborghini bright yellow frame. That will be more than capable of getting you anywhere. Especially when you don’t feel like dealing with public transit. It features a powerful 750-watt motor. Reliable brakes, comfy ride with 4-inch fat tires, and has five levels of pedal assist. It also includes fenders, rear rack, and front light. Plus, it folds in half! Has a removable battery. And is IP65 water resistant.

This folding fat-tire ebike will be a welcome upgrade to the dedicated commuter, when compared to similar, but not as well built competitors.

The Biktrix Kutty X is costlier, but much better built. With a more reliable motor. Just don’t plan on carrying it too far, due to the bike’s 60-pound weight.

For my dedicated commuters out there who are considering an ebike for commuting, there’s two versions of this Biktrix bike: the Kutty ($2,099) and Kutty X ($2,199). The Kutty X has a slightly bigger battery and uses hydraulic brakes instead of mechanical brakes.

Even though there are a few other minor differences, the riding experience of the two should be very similar. This is important because the Kutty X is sold out and won’t be available again until later this year, so the standard Kutty is your only option for now.

$2,199 USD // 60 Lbs


Powerful 750-watt motor. Reliable brakes, comfy ride with 4-inch fat tires, and has five levels of pedal assist. Includes fenders, rear rack, and front light. It folds in half! Removeable battery. IP65 water resistant.


Assembly is a little annoying. Battery knob can fall off if the key is left in during a ride. It’s very heavy.

The Biktrix Kutty X requires some assembly

Biktrix is a Canadian company that ships its ebikes to the US by air directly to your doorstep. The Kutty X will arrive in a giant box and require some assembly.

Installing the pedals will be easy but installing the front tire and handlebar will be a little more challenging. I’d recommend you check out the instruction manual, or head online to check out Biktrix’s assembly guide.

If you purchased this bicycle a while back, at the time, the guide might not have been available. For those just purchasing this ebike, there’s a couple of ways to get instructions.

You can follow the directions in the manual, or the company’s YouTube instructions. The Biktrix will require you to have your own bike stand. Unless you have this piece of equipment and/or mechanically inclined. I’d highly recommend you bring this bike to your local bike shop to have them assemble it. The bike’s heavy, 60 pound weight can make it very hard to put the front wheel on.

An attractive ebike with a quality build

Otherwise it’s an extremely attractive ebike, with it’s bright yellow frame.

You can also get the Kutty X in black, blue, and red (the standard Kutty only comes in black or blue).

But what I really like about the Biktrix is its high-quality build. Compared to the competitors, the Biktrix doesn’t have any parts that rattle. It feels very solid, with no flexing, strange creaks or moans. It feels very stable on the road.

Biktrix Kutty X comes with a frame key

The frame key makes it very easy to remove the battery. The Kutty X comes with a key you insert into the side of the frame.

All you have to do is insert the key, twist it, and that unlocks the ability to remove the battery (as seen at this part of this video).

Then, twist a knob on the battery to pull it out. This makes it very handy to charge your removable battery, especially if you don’t have an outlet near your bike’s parking spot.

What if you leave your key in the bike?

Some commuters don’t bother to remove their key from their bike. This usually isn’t a huge problem as sometimes they’re required to power on and run the ebike.

But, with the Kutty we’d highly recommend you don’t do this. During riding you can run over a bump that knocks the knob off the battery. As a result you might not realized it’s gone until you stop somewhere or when you arrive home.

Without this key, there’s no way to remove the battery. So, do yourself a huge favor. Take the keys out before you ride!

Folding the Biktrix Kutty X

BIKTRIX folded.
BIKTRIX folded.

The bikes 60-pound weight makes it very unwieldy, even though the folding process is very simple.

Undo a clamp in the middle of the frame, then lift the front half and pull it over to the back.

WARNING: Make sure you brace yourself, as the weight of the bike can either cause you to fall down, or the bike.

Undo another clamp to tuck away the handlebars.

The main problem with the bike’s folding, is that it doesn’t look very neat. There’s no way to lock the two wheels together when it’s folded up, so the front tire awkwardly sticks out.

Also, the bike is very difficult to handle as there’s a lack of intuitive handholds on the frame. Unfortunately, the parts that are the easiest to grab are often the dirtiest parts of the bike.

Great ride and features

What you’re going to like the most about the Kutty X is the ride. The 4-inch Kenda tires make the ride feel impressively  smooth, and the suspension soothes out the bumps. The big, flat handlebars provides lots of comfort and control. And you can adjust the height to sit more upright.

On the cockpit, you get lots of useful, impressive features. On the wide handlebars you get a smooth shifting, 8-speed Shimano shifter. Reliable Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for all weather conditions. And an LCD display with ride data, like the odometer, speed (make sure to swap it from kilometers to miles), and distance traveled.

LCD display.
LCD display.

With the buttons to the display’s left, you can cycle through five pedal assistance levels (or use the throttle).

Pedal assistance for less effort

Making the Biktrix Kutty X, easier to ride longer distances is the pedal assistance. On levels on and two, you won’t be breaking any speed records, as you’ll still be huffing and puffing over longer rides and steep hills.

Level three will provide a good balance of effort without the sweat. Only when you reach levels four and five will the pedaling start feeling very easy.

A 750-watt Shengyi rear hub motor

Biktrix Kutty X has a 750-watt Shengyi rear hub motor.
Biktrix Kutty X has a 750-watt Shengyi rear hub motor.

The Biktrix Kutty X also has a 750-watt Shengyi rear hub motor that delivers its power smoothly, and stops when you aren’t pedaling.

Unlike other competitors, where the rear hub motor will keep running for a few seconds after you stop pedaling, this isn’t an issue. Which is potentially dangerous.

With the Biktrix Kutty X you won’t have such issues. The Putty X has a powerful motor that climb hills with ease.

It also has a pretty decent range, that will usually average out to be 20 miles before needing recharging. But, that range can vary depending on a variety of factors and what level of pedal assistance you use.



The Biktrix Kutty X is a fun, fat-tired ebike with an array of accessories that are usually extras on many other ebikes, like a front light, a rear rack, and fenders. It’s IP65 rated as well, and can be ridden in heavy rainstorms with no problems.

Even though the Kutty X weighs more than 60 pounds. Being able to fold it up to bring into destinations, or a tiny apartment is a great feature. Just don’t expect to easily carry it onto public transportation, or up many flights of stairs.

Than again, the 750-watt Shengyi rear hub motor, and pedal assistance, with average 20 mile range, eliminates the need to carry it much. Just ride it the whole distance!


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