YAY, I’m Excited About Bombas Socks!!!!

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Good evening my incredible urbanites. Today I’m going to share with you an incredible company called Bombas Socks.

Bombas makes the best socks I’ve ever worn in my life. Now, before you leave thinking that this will be another plain old regular sock review, I want to assure you that it won’t even be close.

Bombas black and blue men’s ankle socks.
Bombas black and blue men’s ankle socks.

Let Me Introduce You To Bombas, The Incredible Community Buildling, High Tech, Sock Company That Changes Lives Positively

You see, Bombas is an incredible company that not only makes the best socks, they are also based upon an awesome mission.

A mission that helps makes a huge impact on our communities in the United States.

For every pair of socks that Bombas sells, they donate one pair to the homeless shelters.

Socks are the number one requested clothing item in these shelters. This was the main reason why I contacted Bombas in the first place.

I know what it’s like to grow up without much, and to work very hard for everything that I own.

I’ve worked long hours at jobs that I completely hated. Stood and walked for hours while standing up.

Many of us don’t think about the socks that were wearing much, even though they are very important to the comfort of our feet.

They keep our feet from getting blisters or sore, and help keep them from smelling.

That’s only if they are designed properly, something that your ordinary department store socks aren’t. I know because I’ve been there.

One time I even worked with a guy who had a very bad odor problem, and had to sprinkle tons of powder into his shoes.

Bombas Is On It’s Way To Donating 10 Million Pairs Of Socks And Counting. GO BOMBAS GO!

Now imaging what it’s like for a homeless person who can’t wash his/her socks that often.

Most of us don’t know what it’s like to wear a pair of socks for days, before being able to wash or change them.

Not only do I support Bombas cause, it was one of the reasons why I contacted them.

So far Bombas has donated almost 10 million socks. GO BOMBAS GO!

Bombas Mission To Strengthing Communities And Donate Socks To Help Those In Need Is A Mission That Means A Lot To Me

Before I tell you about the amazing innovative technology that goes into Bombas socks, let me tell you what their cause means to me.

I’ve driven all over the city of Rochester, New York and seen a lot of run down neighborhoods.

Houses that haven’t been maintained by landlords who only care about the rent money.

Poor people who hang on the corners panhandling to buy a little food.

And shelters that are overcrowded with no room left for those in need.

Many people have to sleep outside at night because they have nowhere to go.

An example of this is a bus shelter that I use to walk past every single morning.

Bombas Helps Those In Need Get Great Socks, Just Like The Homeless Guy Who Use To Sleep In The Bus Shelter

There was this homeless guy, wrapped tightly in a sleeping bag, trying to get comfortable on an old bench.

His bag of personally belongings would be in his shopping cart besides him.

It would sometimes be very cold, and you could see his worn out socks sticking out of the bag.

It was very obvious that these socks weren’t washed or changed for a very long time.

I felt bad for this man, and would have loved to buy him a cup of coffee and something to eat.

It reminds me of another homeless man who now lives under the bridge, not to far from where I live.

Every time I walk past his homemade bed and curtain made of old clothes, I feel sad.

Sometimes I think about how cold he must get at night in the winter.

Or hot it is in the blistering summer.

Bombas Makes Me Think Of An Old Homeless Buddy Named Jerry That I Use To Eat Lunch With

As bad as these two examples make me feel, there’s one that I’ll never forget.

At the corner of Main Street and University Avenue, there use to be this homeless guy named Jerry.

Every day Jerry would stand on the corner in unbearable humid weather, asking for money from passing vehicles.

Many of the staff in the office would talk badly about Jerry and laugh at him.

Me however, noticed how hard Jerry was working for his money.

All day in the intense heat, Jerry would work that corner. By the end of the day, Jerry would be burnt badly from the sun, and drenched in sweat.

My Friendship With Jerry Started With A Bottle Of Water

One day I went into the office and grabbed Jerry a cold bottle of water, and our friendship developed from that point on.

After talking to Jerry over the course of a few weeks, I realized that Jerry wasn’t a bad guy.

Jerry just happened to be a homeless guy who was down on his luck, and just needed someone to show that he’s still a person with feelings.

It wasn’t long before Jerry started to eat lunch with me every day, with the staff starting to warm up to him also.

Not only did the staff come to know Jerry, they loved him.

My Daily Lunches With Jerry Continued Until The Cops Chased Him Away

This whole routing continued, until the school on the corner called the cops and had Jerry chased away.

Over the next year I didn’t see Jerry, until one day when I noticed him at the Transit Center.

Jerry not only looked healthier, he was also clean and no longer panhandling.

And expressed how much he appreciated the way the staff and myself treated him, and made him realize that someone cared for him. He no longer felt left out or alone.

Jerry Cleaned His Life Up Because Of The Way The Office And Myself Treated Him

Jerry quit the drugs he was on. Found a place to live. And was much happier than he’d been in a very long time.

I knew that I couldn’t help Jerry or many others who was homeless, but I was still happy that I made such a possible impact in his life.

Many times we don’t realize how much of an impact we can make in someone’s life who’s down and out.

Doing something out of the goodness of our heart can make all the difference between life and death.

This is the reason why I love Bombas socks mission. It’s not only about how great their socks are made, but also the impact that they make to the lives in different communities.

As I’ve already stated, Bombas has donated almost 10 million socks and counting.

Think about how much they’ve helped the homeless people who can’t wash or change socks often.

After looking over their sock tech on their website, and wearing the socks that they sent me, I can vouch to how comfortable they are.

Bombas Socks Are About Comfort, Support And Softness, And I Loved Every Second Of It

As soon as I put my black and blue Bombas ankle socks on, I could tell the difference.

They were much softer and contoured to my feet better than the cheaper department store brands that I’m use to.

Bombas makes all of their socks out of the softest long-staple yarns from the best cotton and merino wool producers in the world.

The socks were extremely comfortable and felt like soft, gentle little teddy bears hugging my feet.

Bombas Eliminated That Annoying Seam That Usually Runs Across Your Toes, And Added A Comfy Honeycomb Structure In The Midfoot

There were no annoying Seams running across my toes, which I completely hate.

And the Honeycomb Structure in the midfoot, hugged my feet where I needed it the most.

Bombas spent two obsessed years developing the perfect pair of socks, and they continue to Innovate with each new batch.

Bombas Made My Ankle Socks Super Comfy By Adding A Y-Stitched Heel

What I truly appreciated was the Y-Stitched Heel. You know that annoying irritation you get from your shoes rubbing against your heels all day? It causes painful blisters where the edge of your shoes meets the top of your heels.

That’s a result of socks that slip and slide all day. When I put my shoes on, I didn’t feel the back of my shoes like I do with the cheaper socks.

And while walking or running for the bus, my socks still stayed glued to my feet.

Bombas Makes All Their Socks Out Of Natural Fibers That Kept My Feet Super Dry And Comfortable All Day

At work, while sitting at my desk, my feet didn’t feel wet and soggy like they usually do.

That’s due to the Long-Staple Yarns from the best cotton producers in the world.

These natural fibers have an incredible antimicrobial and moisture-wicking property to them.

When I took my shoes off to show off my stylish socks, my feet were completely dry.

I’m more than sure that if I had to wear these phenomenal socks for more than one day, if be able to without worrying about foul smells.

This is extremely helpful for those who are homeless and don’t own many pairs of socks.

Bombas Won Me Over With The Best Socks Ever, And A Mission To Strengthen Our Communities One Pair Of Socks At A Time

Bombas sent me two pairs of amazing socks to review, and they are both incredible.

The black and yellow calf socks have the same features except for the added Stay-Up Technology.

I prefer ankle socks to calf socks, but both pairs are equally comfortable.

Both of these pairs of socks have stood up to the demands that I require from a pair of socks.

They are soft.


And keep my feet dry and odor free.

I’m also a huge fan of the mission that Bombas stands for.

They were founded on the mission to help those in need, and strengthen United States communities by donating one pair of socks for every pair sold.

This might not seem like much because we take socks for granted, but socks are the number one requested clothing item in the shelters.

To a person who can’t wash or change socks often, this can mean everything.

I stand behind this mission completely, because I believe in giving kindness to others.

Good or bad Karma comes back to all of us, and when we do good for others, it not only makes us feel good about ourselves, it also gives us purpose.



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  1. Those look super comfy. After my Tai Chi lessons, I started walking around barefoot more instead of in houseshoes, but I still wear socks. Might look into these next.

    Nice keyword search post.
    Are those working for you in terms of traffic generation?

    I’ve gotten my first referrals from a google search just this month (well Oct) for cost of a medical procedure I wrote about. They say it can take about 6 months… and that seems about right.

    • Bombas socks are the most comfortable socks I’ve worn. So comfortable that I forgot that I was wearing them. As far as traffic is going, the keyword search is doing decent. Thank you for asking.

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