Bose QC35 Headphones Review: Either Love Or Hate!

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If you live within an urban environment, then you understand how the constant noise can work you over mentally. There’s honking horns from road raged drivers going off every few seconds like clock-work. While riding the buses or trains, you hear the loud talking and brakes squealing every few minutes while passengers run to their seats, like playing musical chairs. Then, there’s the moments while you’re flying for vacation, when all you want to do is zone out and take a mental break. That’s why were going to review the Bose QC35 headphones today.

Either you love or hate the Bose QC35 headphones. That’s up to you!

Maybe these either loved or hated headphones will be just what’s needed for you to finally enjoy your air travel. No, they won’t eliminate the slow, long lines, or the cramped seating that you will have to tolerate. But just maybe, they will give you the peace of quiet that you need to enjoy some podcasts, Kindle books or a little bit of music. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for bobbing your head up and down!

We’re going to discuss some of the awesome features that they offer.

By time we’re done, you’re either going to continue to hate them, or love them. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Let’s discuss the Bose QC35’s in more detail starting with the design

We know what many of you are already thinking. You either can’t stand Bose headphones, or have already giving up on noise-canceling headsets all together.

Many people don’t find the Bose QC35 headphones very exciting. Compared to the more fashionable ones on the market, they are quite boring with their oval earcups, with a slightly raised Bose logo on each one.

And they only come in either black or silver.

In the black color.
In the black color.

Silver color.
Silver color.

Yet still, you will see many people wearing Bose headphones while flying, because they can offer some much needed noise-canceling relief while trying to escape the ruckus of flying.

The Bose QC35’s are very comfortable

You can literally wear these headphones all day while exploring new cities, or sleep with them while flying for many hours.

And heres why!

Theses headphones sit very comfortably on your head because of the following reasons. The headphones perfectly distributes the weight on your beautiful cranium, and the cups feature high quality cushioning.

What other design features do they have?

Take a peak at the left earcup and you’ll notice a single 2.5mm jack for connecting to your device of choice.

The right earcup on the other hand has an even more impressive set of features. On the right side is a power slider, micro USB charging port, and buttons for pausing, skipping, raising or lowering the volume. (Can be used with both iOS and Android).

How to pair the Bose QC35 headphones to your device

It doesn’t matter if you use a phone that operates by iOS or Android, it’s still extremely easy to pair the Bose QC35’s to it.

All you have to do is slide the power slider all the way to the right to put the headphones in pairing mode. Then, select them from your phone or even laptop or tablet’s Bluetooth menu.

If you have an Android phone that supports NFC pairing, you can connect your headphones by putting them in pairing mode, and tapping the rear of your phone against them.

You also have the option of switching your headphones between multiple connections. The QC35’s will allow you to connect to both your laptop and phone at the same time, and switch between the two as you alternately play music from both devices.

Don’t worry about battery life with the QC35’s

The Bose QC35’s offers exceptional battery life that will last 20 hours when operating wirelessly, and 40 hours when used as a pair of wired headphones. These headphones could possibly last you several days before needing to be recharged, something that’s very handy while traveling to new places.

There’s a handy feature that alerts you to how much battery life is left

To some of you, this might be a very useful feature to have. Whenever you turn the headphones on, it alerts you that it’s connected, and how much battery life is left. The headphones rounds battery life to the nearest 10%.

There’s even a mic

Here’s a cool feature. The Bose QC35 headphones include a mic that allows them to be used as a headset for making phone calls. This noise-cancelling technology can also be used on the mic to eliminate background noise.

How does the Bose headphones sound?

Ok, by now you’re probably wondering how they sound. After-all isn’t the sound a very important part of any headphones?

Most headphones sound like garbage, because the active noise-canceling collects the noise around you by an array of microphones on the headset. Then they add cancelling information to whatever you’re listening to in order to eliminate the outside noise.

Surprisingly, the Bose QC35’s sound extremely crisp without any of the flatness that you usually get with wireless headphones.

You’ll love how much power the QC35’s have, especially while using the Active EQ features of the headphones. They literally boost the bass frequencies slightly as you lower the volume.

But the noise-canceling is still the best feature

Bose QC35’s are excellent at canceling out noises usually associate with riding trains or buses. Or the engine sounds that occur while aboard a plane.

With the headsets high quality cups, paired with the noise-canceling feature, they are among the best you can buy.

What we like:

  • Battery life exceeds the quoted 20 hours
  • Comfortable and unobtrusive over-ear fit
  • Premium construction
  • Anodized aluminum covers
  • Synthetic protein leather cushions on the ear cups
  • Stainless steel springs and Alcantara cushion in the headband
  • Tactile buttons on the right ear cup instead of wonky touch controls

What we don’t like:

  • They sound terrible in passive mode, just use them wirelessly
  • Fold down fairly small, but still take up too much room in carry-on

So tell us. Do you love them or hate them?

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