Brompton 6 To 3 Speed Conversion

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We’re going to show you how to do a Brompton 6 to 3 speed conversion!

Watch the video to learn how, or read the step-by-step instructions below:

Bromptons come in different gear options:

  • 1 speed (discontinued for 2021).
  • 2 speed – 2 sprockets and a derailleur.
  • 3 speed – Sturmey Archer Hub Gear –BSR.
  • 6 speed – a combination of the Sturmey Archer BWR hub and a 2 speed derailleur.

Why do a Brompton 6 to 3 speed conversion?

It partially comes from a question we had about Brompton Electric. Can they be changed to 3 speed?

The answer is yes! And here’s the result of doing so:

  • Cleaner look without the derailleur mechanism.
  • Simpler with less gear levers / combinations.
  • Wide range 3 speed compared to the standard 3 speed.

Here are the steps necessary to do the 6 to 3 speed conversion:

Step 1

  • Remove old chain tensioner.

TIP: Remove tension.

TOOLS REQUIRED: 15 mm spanner.

Step 2

  • Remove wheel – including fixings and chain tensioner.

Here’s a video we made earlier telling you how to do it:

TIP: Remove air from tire so it will fit between the brake blocks.

Here’s some information about the inside of the Sturmey Archer hub:

Step 3

You must remove old sprocket stack.
You must remove old sprocket stack.

  • Remove old sprocket stack (Tools required: Small flat head screwdriver).

TIP: Whenever you change your sprockets, change your chain.

Step 4

  • Clean wheel inside to get warm.

Step 5

Now install new sprocket stack.
Now install new sprocket stack.

  • Install new sprocket stack (QRSPRSTACK-BWR3).

Step 6

  • Remove chain pusher, etc.

Step 7

  • Shorten chain (use chain link pliers to remove the master link, and chain tool to cut two links).
  • Rejoin the chain.

Link to chain choice and installation

Step 8

  • Install wheel.

Step 9

  • Install new chain tensioner and set up gears.

Hub gear setup

Step 10

  • Remove gear shifter.

Step 11

  • Get out and ride (once the snow stops).

Thank you for joining us. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.

To find out more about Brilliant Bikes, visit:

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