Brompton Electric 2 Speed Vs 6 Hill Climb Comparison

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Brompton electric 2 speed vs 6 speed hill climb comparison: We are often asked – should I get a 2 speed or a 6 speed Brompton Electric bike?

We are also asked if a 2 speed would be suitable for hilly areas.

So, we got two bikes – and rode them up a relatively steep hill (for the South of England) 8 times – 4 times each with no power (to simulate a flat battery) and on levels 1, 2 and 4.

This video, Brompton electric 2 speed vs 6 speed hill climb comparison has the following:


6 – speed Brompton Electric:

  • No Power / Power Level 0
  • Power Level 3
  • Power Level 1
  • Power Level 2

2 – speed Brompton Electric:

  • No Power / Power Level 0
  • Power Level 3
  • Power Level 1

We went home and came back on Christmas Day for ….

Power Level 2

Statistics Intro


To learn more about these vital statistics – feel free to ask about more details in the comment section below.

Watch the video for complete details

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