Brompton Schwalbe One Long Term Review

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Brompton Schwalbe One long term review! About 7 months ago, Brilliant Bikes installed the Schwalbe one, tan walled tires onto their Brompton bike.

Now, after rigorously abusing them over the winter, instead of using the Marathon Plus tires, they decided to review them, and let you know how they held up.

What are the Brompton Schwalbe One tires? They are the fastest, lightest and grippiest tire ever made for Brompton. The new 35mm (width) Schwalbe One offers low rolling resistance & high levels of grip while providing puncture protection. They were Developed by David Millar and tested on the cobbled streets of Girona. And also the potholes of Ealing and the Belgium Pave.

History of the Brompton Schwalbe One tires

Schwalbe One, tan walled tires were originally introduced for the limited edition, Chapter Three Bicycles. Then they were made available to everyone.

Now, the Schwalbe One tires with tan walls is made for Brompton Bikes by German tire experts, Schwalbe. At first these tires were made exclusively for the CHPT3 Brompton bike in 2019.

Benefits of the Schwalbe One tire

They have a full slick, narrow profile and Kevlar bead. This makes them the fastest and lightest tire available for a Brompton.

The Schwalbe One tire is most at home on streets for fast commutes. But because of it’s lower profile and foldable Kevlar bead it’s great for touring too.

Why did Brilliant Bikes decide to use these tires?

Brilliant Bikes originally installed the Schwalbe One’s because one of their customers were concerned they were wider than the Kojak tires. And whether they would work with mudguards, which they do.

Comparing them to the Kojak and Marathon tires

They are slightly wider than the Kojak’s. The Kojak’s are a 32-349. The Schawalbe One’s are 35-349. But they work absolutely fine with mudguards.

The tires are the same size as the Marathon Racers, and the Marathon Plus.

NOTE: Schwalbe One tires should be kept at a higher pressure than the Marathon or Marathon Racer tires. This is what makes these lightweight slicks the fastest Brompton tire in the range. When you combine that with the slightly smaller diameter, the gearing ration is lowered by 2.5%. That’s why it’s recommended pairing these tires with a +8% (54t) gear ratio.

How did the Brompton Schwalbe One tires hold up against flats?

In the video, at the end of this post, you can see from the state of the bike and the tires, that they’ve been well used. Maybe even just a little abused over the winter. But Brilliant Bikes promises to give it a nice little clean soon.

These tires have been ridden for approximately 600 kilometers (400 miles).

During this time Brilliant Bikes has had two punctures. One which was in the city, due to glass. The second, due to a pothole in the dark, because they couldn’t see it.

How easy are the Schwalbe One tires to remove and reinstall?

The one benefit, if you do get a puncture, is that they’re really easy to remove and reinstall. You don’t even need tire levers.

Do the Brompton Schwalbe One tires ride well?

These tires reviewed by Brilliant Bikes have traveled quite a bit. Brilliant Bikes did a sportive in Stockholm, where they ran nice and quick on the roads.

They’ve also taken them to France where they’ve been ridden on the gravel canal parks, and they were absolutely perfect.

Brilliant Bikes really likes the look of these tires, especially on the raw Lacquer Brompton bike.

Schwalbe One tires are a bit of a pain to clean, but that’s because of the light color of the tan wall.

What pressure should you pump the Schwalbe One tires to?

Because the Schwalbe One has slight tread, it’s rotational. As the Schwalbe One has slightly more volume than the Kojak, it gives you a slightly softer ride. They should be pumped up to a pressure between 65-120 psi. This gives you flexibility to pump them up depending on how firm you want them for your ride.

Schwalbe One tire specifications:

  • Genuine Brompton replacement part
  • Schwalbe One tire with tan sidewalls
  • Kevlar folded bead
  • Evolution Line-highest grade possible
  • ETRTO size: 35-349=16×1-3/8
  • Pressure: 65-120 psi
  • Weight: 190g (+/-5g) Saving 210g each over a Marathon tire
  • Recommend using these tires with a 54t chainring (+8%)
  • Recommended for fast commuting and Longmont fast rides

Where to buy the Schwalbe One tires

The tires are still available, but only seem to be available in limited quantities.

Available at:

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