Can I Try The Xootr Scooter Before I Buy?

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Lately I’ve been extremely interested in the Xootr scooter. The adult scooter I’m currently riding is decent, but there’s still a lot about it I don’t like for commuting. First of all, the deck it too tiny to put both feet on it. And the back brake isn’t  enough for stopping it, even down slight hills. I would love to try the Xootr scooter, but afraid to purchase one without first seeing how it rides. Would I be able to test ride one before I buy?

I noticed on your website and forums that the Xootr is mentioned as being the fastest, or one of the fastest kick scooters on the market.

I’ve also noticed on the “Ask Xootr scooter”, section on this website that there’s a front BMX style brake, along with back foot brake.

But what really got me interested is the wide deck on the Mg and Street models.

All of theses features look like they’d be a huge improvement over the current adult kick scooter I’m using. I would love to be able to kick scoot commute in more comfort, with speed and safety being the most important.

I’m so glad I found you on this website, and greatly appreciate the fact that you’re answering questions from kick scooter enthusiasts like myself.


At this time sadly we have no dealers where someone can go and test ride a Xootr however we offer a 30 day trial period so anyone can get a Xootr and ride it as much as they like in that time period.

If they decide it is not for them they contact me and I email them a commercial shipping label and deduct that exact sum from their refund.





To find out more about Xootr scooters go to their website: HERE!

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Xootr Scooter
Xootr scooters are proudly built and sold by the folks at Xootr LLC. The members of the Xootr team have created products for dozens of great companies including Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola. We now focus our energies on designing and manufacturing fun, socially and environmentally friendly products for our own company. Unlike some businesses out there, Xootr actually designs and manufactures the products it sells. There's no smoke and mirrors here, just a desire to provide the best possible products and service.

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