Can You Use A Mountain Bike For Commuting?

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If you’re tired of fighting through traffic jams or waiting for late buses or trains, you most likely would prefer biking to work. Biking to work can be great for exercise, very affordable, and cleaner for the environment. The hardest part about bicycle commuting is choosing which bike to ride. But the good news is that any type of bicycle can be used for commuting as long as it feels comfortable and is practical for your needs. You can even use a mountain bike for commuting.


Can you use a mountain bike for commuting?

Mountain bikes are designed to be ridden on tough off roads. They sometimes have suspension for rough terrain, fatter knobby tires, and wide handlebars for control. This can make them heavier and slower on smooth roads. So you’ll have to make some modifications in order to use them for daily commuting.

What makes mountain bikes great for commuting is the upright riding position, low gears for climbing hills, and if you use smooth tires, can be a tough bicycle that can handle any type of terrain.

In this article we’re going to be answering common questions that commuters usually ask when considering using a mountain bike for commuting.

Is it ok to use a mountain bike on the road?

Yes, you can ride a mountain bike on the street. Even though mountain bikes are primarily designed for bike trails, and won’t perform nearly as well as when ridden on the road, you can still definitely ride them.

How do you turn a mountain bike into a commuter?

  1. Replace your tires. The very first thing to do is get rid of those big, heavy, off-road tires because while they’re essential on the dirt, on the road they just add weight, drag and slow you down.
  2. Get fenders (mudguards).
  3. Add racks, panniers and baskets.
  4. Use lights.
  5. Reflective tape and stickers can be helpful for being seen at night.
  6. Get yourself a good maintenance guide.

Why are mountain bikes so slow?

Mountain bikes are slower than road bikes because they are heavier, the tires are thicker and have knobs. Mountain bike riders body position is not as aerodynamic, more shock absorption makes you slower, and the gear ratio causes lower top speed. The purpose of a mountain bike is to ride off road and not on the road.

Why are mountain bike seats so hard?

Mountain bike saddles are designed to allow you to pedal, not just to sit. They are small so that they don’t get in the way of pedaling and they are relatively hard so that they don’t soak up your pedaling energy in bouncing up and down on the saddle instead of turning the pedals.

What is the reason mountain bike seats are so high?

Why do mountain bikers have their seats so high? Mountain bikers seats are high so they can increase their pedal power and efficiency. It allows the ride to almost fully extend their legs while pedaling. This helps avoid damaging your knees. It elevates the center of gravity which improves your bike handling.

Can you use a mountain bike for casual riding?

Generally mountain bikes offer certain advantages and disadvantages over road bikes for commuting.

Advantages: The seating position is comfortable, and riding will also be very comfortable due to suspension and wider tires. Also, in bad weather, mud and snow you will have better traction with MB tires.

Can you ride long distances on a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes are great for touring. They’re strong, can deal with rough roads perfectly. And less likely to get a flat tire. It does require a bit more pedaling but with the right tires and handlebar, you can make long-distance trips on a mountain bike.

What is a good average speed for a mountain bike on the road?

Uphill sections average = 8 mph ( 13 kph) with downhill sections averaging = 12 mph (19 kph). The average speed is = 17 mph (27 kph) with peak speeds upwards of 30 mph (48 kph) during downhill mountain bike riding.

How do I convert my mountain bike to electric?

  1. Purchase a bike with smaller wheels and be sure it has no carbon fiber.
  2. Purchase an electronic bike converter kit to attach to your standard mountain bike.
  3. Remove your bikes bracket using specialty tools.
  4. Install a motor unit.
  5. Install the battery pack which will charge the motor unit.

Can you add a basket to a mountain bike?

Yes, it’s possible to instal both a front and rear basket on a mountain bike. However, if the bicycle has suspension, the number of available options diminishes greatly because the support struts interfere with the work of the shocks.

Can I put hybrid tires on my mountain bike?

You can put hybrid style tires on a mountain bike and make it more suitable for the road.

Is it possible to turn a mountain bike into a gravel bike?

A mountain bike is going to be easy to convert as they are already equipped with big tire clearance, wide gear ranges and stable off road geometry.


Even though mountain bikes are made for off road riding with wide knobby tires, wide handlebars, and sometimes suspension, they can still be used for commuting. With a little bit of modifications, a mountain bike for commuting is a great way to go on long tours. Or just get around an urban environment.

Hopefully the following common questions we answered will help you decide if a mountain bike for commuting is right for you.


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