The Go Anywhere Collapsible Water Bottle

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I always get super excited whenever I get to work with amazing companies. If it wasn’t for these incredible companies, I wouldn’t be able to offer such useful and interesting content to you, my awesome visitors. One such company that I’ve enjoyed working with is Excursion Gear. They recently sent three unique and totally portable products. The first one was a great pair of ultra light Titanium polarized men’s sunglasses. The second one was a pocket umbrella. Now, I received a collapsible water bottle that is so portable it can go anywhere.

You Need A Collapsible Water Bottle

Nobody ever uses the words portable and water bottle together, and there’s a good reason for that. Yes, water bottles aren’t ridiculously huge, but they are still a nuisance. You can’t easily shove it into your pocket.

While doing physical activities such as hiking or bicycle commuting, you have to wear a backpack with water bottle holders. Or attach a hard to reach water bottle holder to your bicycle frame.

While at work or the gym, you have to find a place to stuff your water bottle while carrying lots of other stuff in your hands.

Traveling with a water bottle can also be a huge pain in the butt. Luggage and suitcases already have limited space, and shoving a huge cylinder shaped object into them only makes matters worse.

With a collapsible water bottle, you can eliminate all these hassles, while hiking, walking, biking, working and traveling.

A collapsible water bottle, while folded, takes hardly no space. You can shove it into a backpack, suitcase or luggage. While hiking or biking you can clip it anywhere.

When you’re all finished using it, just fold it up and stuff it into a pocket.

Excursion Gear has an amazing collapsible water bottle that’s sturdy, extremely compact, and even BPA free for only $12.

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