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Write for us!

Thinking about writing for us? EXCELLENT!!!! We’re always looking for articles written by talented, creative individuals or organizations such as yourself. But first, there are a few rules we have to address before you contact us about submitting you’re masterpiece to us.

Before submitting any articles to us please make sure of the following:

  • All articles must be 300 words or above.
  • No swearing, hate speech, political rants, bashing others or organizations, etc.
  • If submitting any work in a document such as Google docs, make sure there’s no website code. Otherwise we will automatically reject it. (We don’t have time to go through submitted work and remove code.)
  • Keywords for Google search is not necessary but we reserve the write to include a keyword in your submitted work, including title without changing your work.
  • We appreciate it when you include photos when sending us an article. If you do include one, please no photos including sexuality, violence, or illegal activities. (We will automatically reject them.) If you cannot include a photo we will include some for you.
  • Under certain circumstances, we will set up a free profile including about info, a link to your website, and your name giving you full credit for your work.
  • It’s helpful that you check your work for typos, errors and pronunciation, even though we still check for those things.
  • We usually get all articles that are submitted and approved published within 1-3 days.


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