Guy Does Unbelievable NYC Bike Commute

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Raymond Loewy a Google engineer used to do an unbelievable NYC commute each day from Long Island to Manhattan, by way of speedboat. This might seem like an unusual way to commute, but wait until you hear how Tom Luz who is also a Google engineer commutes. The difference is that Tom Luz does a very unique NYC bike commute.

Lutz rides a Brompton folding bike towing a folding boat

What’s makes Tom Luz’s commute incredible isn’t the fact that he uses a Brompton folding bike. It’s that he tows a folding boat that he built with his son.

Lutz lives in, New Jersey, and works at Google’s Manhattan offices in Chelsea.

How Lutz gets to work in Manhattan

To connect the two dots, Lutz leaves his driveway in Leonia on a Brompton bicycle, towing the folding boat that he built with his son.

The folding boat connects to the Brompton’s seat post. When it’s time to use the boat, Lutz disconnects it from the Brompton seat post. Folds the Brompton. Unfolds the boat. Puts the Brompton in the boat. And continues his journey by rowing.

NYC bike commute

Lutz started commuting by Brompton and folding boat when he got tired of the slow, crowded, and always late train.

This incredible way of commuting allows Lutz to avoid public transportation (buses and trains).

And doesn’t require fighting traffic jams because he’s able to bypass all traffic.

He also saves a ton of money on gas, car insurance, parking, and of course public transportation costs.

Check out the video below, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have:

If your curious about the boat and want to look it up. It’s called the Fliptail Collapsible Dinghy, and building one is not for the faint of heart; the plans, which can be purchased here, contain some 100 pages.

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