How Long Does A Xootr Scooter Last

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Hey Steve. I have a question for you about how long a Xootr scooter will last. I’m sure that there’s no way to precisely predict how long a Xootr Scooter will last because it probably depends on how much you use it, and how well you treat it.

My question is how long approximately should my Xootr last if I use it according to what it was intended for, which is commuting. I don’t jump off curbs or do any tricks.

For the last year I’ve been riding  2 miles each way to work, a total of 4 miles total. Three times per week, as I’m working part time just for something to do.

How long should parts such as the wheels, bearings, front and back brakes, cables, handlebar quick release, and even the deck last? I ride a Xootr Mg scooter with the new folding locking mechanism.

This is a fantastic scooter Steve,  and I truly love riding it. I love riding it so much I sold my road and mountain bikes, and only plan on riding my Xootr scooter for as long as possible.

Thanks for making a product that has changed my life in such a positive way.


OK, Wheels should last a very long time based on the info provided at least 5 years or longer. The bearings will go sooner then the wheels but they too should last 3-5 years. The front brake should last a good year or so, the rear brake longer, up to two years or more. The handle bar and Lever indefinitely as long it is not over tightened. The deck should last for life.  A good way to gage your front brake wear is to look at it head on, if the outer edges start to get sharp it is time to replace the brake pad as the center of the pad is wearing down.


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Xootr Scooter
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