How Many Xootr Scooter Models are there?

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QUESTION: How many Xootr scooter models are there?

Hey Xootr. I am absolutely obsessed with Xootr scooters. Right now I’m commuting on a Xootr Mg kick scooter and love it. I love how fast this thing can go, and especially how compact it gets when going into places. As a matter of fact, I haven’t ridden my road or hybrid bikes in months. Everywhere I have to go is within 5 miles from where I live. And if I do have to go farther, I just hop onto a bus or cab. When I purchased my Xootr scooter I knew about the Cruz and Mg. But wasn’t really aware that you made other models besides them. I chose the Mg because the deck on it looks totally amazing. What I’d like to ask you is, what are the other Xootr scooter models that you offer? And under what commuting circumstances would they be best suited for?



Hello My Friend,

Our other models are the Roma, Dash and Street.

Roma Xootr scooter

The Roma was touted as the #1 scooter for commuting because it was narrow, just 4″ wide and weighed under 10 lbs.

The cost of the Roma is $299.00 and many folks who wanted one just couldn’t afford it and I mean a lot of folks.

Dash Xootr scooter

So we got the idea for the Dash which comes in Red and Blue and has the same specs as the Roma but $100.00 cheaper.

The deck is made from a very durable plastic resin which allows us to get the cost down under $200.00.

Street Xootr scooter

The Street is much wider at 7.9″ and weighs in at 11.5 lbs. It has been called the Rolls Royce of scooters and it is virtually indestructible. Great for cruising longer distances.

Mg Xootr scooter

The Mg is for people who need to commute but are just too large for the smaller Dash.

Cruz Xootr scooter

The Cruz is super cool looking made from birch wood, nine layers and has the look and feel of a skateboard without the fears of falling off.



To find out more about Xootr scooters, visit:

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Xootr Scooter
Xootr scooters are proudly built and sold by the folks at Xootr LLC. The members of the Xootr team have created products for dozens of great companies including Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola. We now focus our energies on designing and manufacturing fun, socially and environmentally friendly products for our own company. Unlike some businesses out there, Xootr actually designs and manufactures the products it sells. There's no smoke and mirrors here, just a desire to provide the best possible products and service.

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