How To Avoid A Traffic Jam: Secrets Revealed!

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Want to know the secrets on how to avoid a traffic jam? And the stress associated with them? Unfortunately, if you live in certain places in large metropolis areas such as Boston, California and New York City, traffic jams can be a fact of life.

Getting up in the morning, and running out the door before the sun rises. And the birds have a chance to wipe the sleep from their eyes. Commuting combined with traffic jams can be stressful as heck.

Of course, some of us don’t have to travel more than a few miles to work, or not at all. Or, we ride a bike to work, which is also a great way to avoid a traffic jam.

The possibility of getting stuck in a traffic jam depends on many different factors. The location you live. Your age. And how much you travel.

As urban dwellers ourselves, we understand that being stuck in traffic jams. Staring at miles of motionless cars, way ahead of us. While breathing in fumes. Can be extremely stressful.

The secrets to avoid a traffic jam

That’s why we put together this helpful list of secrets to help you avoid getting stuck in a nasty traffic jam.

Avoid the time when rush hours are likely to occur

Rush hour is most likely to occur between the hours of 8-9 am. And between 4-5 pm. If possible, try to avoid driving during these times by either getting to work earlier. Or later if possible. And also leaving work earlier or later if that’s an option.

Of course it isn’t always possible to avoid rush hour traffic. If you can’t, then consider finding and alternate route. Or possibly riding a bike to work.

FACT: In places such as Boston, commuters on average spent 149 hours – or just over six days – in traffic in 2019, making it the most congested city in the U.S.

Learn alternate routes

We all have our favorite routes that we take to get to the same destinations each day. While there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s still wise to learn other routes that will take you to the same destinations.

You never know when there’s going to be an accident or another emergency that’s going to prevent you from taking your regular route.

Also, it’s a good idea to listen to the radio for all traffic alerts and updates, so you can choose a different route ahead of time.

Plan ahead

Just like with traveling, you should always plan your daily trips. By planning ahead, (leaving a few minutes early, becoming familiar with when traffic gets heavy, etc) you can possible avoid getting stuck in traffic jams.

Stay calm and don’t go into road rage

It’s very easy to get frustrated when stuck in traffic jams. Staying calm can become a huge challenge, especially when running late. Whenever you find yourself stuck in that traffic jam that was totally unavoidable.

REMEMBER! It’s very important to stay calm, alert, and just wait for the traffic to pass.

Always practice safe driving techniques

It doesn’t matter if you’re the only driver on the road. Driving through a busy intersection or road. Or completely stuck in a massive traffic jam.

You should always practice safe driving techniques in order to keep yourself safe. And other drivers around you. Including pedestrians.

It’s always ideal if you can avoid a traffic jam. But just like other things in life. IT CAN’T ALWAYS BE AVOIDED!

Just remember to not get angry. Stay calm and wait for the traffic to pass.

These are the 10 most congested cities in the U.S. in 2019, according to INRIX:

According to the Global Traffic Scorecard released in March 2020 by INRIX, a data analytics company that studies how people move around the world.

Following Boston on the list of U.S. cities with the worst traffic last year were Chicago, Philadelphia and New York. This was Boston’s second consecutive year topping the list of the most congested U.S. cities.

      1. Boston, Massachusetts – 149 HOURS LOST TO CONGESTION
      2. Chicago, Illinois – 145 HOURS LOST TO CONGESTION
      3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 142 HOURS LOST TO CONGESTION
      4. New York City, New York – 140 HOURS LOST TO CONGESTION
      5. Washington, D.C. – 124 HOURS LOST TO CONGESTION
      6. Los Angeles, California – 103 HOURS LOST TO CONGESTION
      7. San Francisco, California – 97 HOURS LOST TO CONGESTION
      8. Portland, Oregon – 89 HOURS LOST TO CONGESTION
      9. Baltimore, Maryland – 84 HOURS LOST TO CONGESTION
      10. Atlanta, Georgia – 82 HOURS LOST TO CONGESTION
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