How To Ride Fast On A Xootr Scooter

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As I set out on my Xootr scooter ride today, I wasn’t sure which area I was going to ride to until I got started. While coasting down the slight hill towards my general destination, I decided to go on a 10 mile round trip. I knew with the heat that it wouldn’t be easy, but I was still up for the challenge. Today, I paid very close attention to my kicking technique, as that is what determines how fast you can ride on a Xootr scooter.

You can have all the strength and endurance in the world. But if your kicking technique isn’t efficient, you’ll quickly tire out.

Here’s how you ride fast on a Xootr scooter

How To Ride Fast On A Xootr Scooter.
How To Ride Fast On A Xootr Scooter.

As my good friend Jonathan Kelley always says, a Xootr scooter is the best transportation device you can buy for the money. I’m not sure if he says it quite that way, but he proves it by riding 6-8 miles on average around Los Angeles California.

Check out Scooting with Jonathan Kelley for some amazing tips and adventures. And check out his book, Senior on a Xootr scooter.

A Xootr scooter isn’t like any of those cheap adult scooters you see being sold for under $100 on places such as Amazon. And they are definitely nothing like those cheap Razor scooters that don’t last very long. And cannot hold the weigh of heavier adults.

A Xootr scooter can hold up to 800 lbs. A true testament of how well these foldable adult scooters truly are.

I’m going to post a few photos of my fun journey today, but mostly I’ll be going over the kicking technique.

Let’s start with how you stand on the Xootr scooter deck

Before you can ride fast on a Xootr scooter, you must be aware of how you stand on the deck. Many people prefer to stand on the deck with one foot in front of the other, known as “Goofy style”.

This way of standing on the Xootr scooter deck has a few advantages and disadvantages. The Xootr scooter has two brakes. A back foot brake, and a front BMX style hand brake.

Having two brakes on a Xootr scooter makes it much safer than the cheaper adult scooters that only have a rear foot brake.

On the medium steep decline on the way to my destination, having both brakes to keep the Xootr from going too fast downhill was very helpful. I have complete confidence while riding the Xootr downhill.

As long as it’s not super steep, and I only hold the brakes for a few seconds at a time to prevent overheating. Once the brakes overheat, they have a high chance of failing.

After the nice flat section of road, once leaving my house, I carefully rode down the hill in a “Goofy style” stance.

Once I got back to riding on flat road I abandoned the “Goofy style” stance.

The problem with this stance is that you stand on one leg while the other is applying the rear brake. While it makes it great for stopping. It tires you out while riding long distances.

That’s when I switch back to my favorite stance.

The Xootr scooter deck is wide

My favorite way to stand on a Xootr scooter is with both feet side-by-side. This allows me to kick three times with one leg, and then switch to the other leg.

Switching legs prevents you from tiring out too quickly, as you’re not standing on one leg for too long. Or kicking with one leg all the time. Not only does this tire you out much faster, it can cause one leg to become much stronger than the other.

I once had a kick scooter with a narrow deck, and it was horrible for traveling longer distances. That kick scooter is long gone. Now, all I ride is my Xootr Mg or Xootr Street.

Find out more about the Xootr Street from this excellent review by Jonathan Kelley called “Xootr Street And The Street Where You Live.”

Kicking for SPEED!!!

As I continued on my 10 mile round trip on the Xootr Mg, I kicked as efficiency as possible. This was to preserve energy so that I could keep a reasonable pace between 9-12 miles per hour.

What’s considered fast while riding a Xootr scooter is all based on perception. I consider anything over 9 MPH on a Xootr scooter to be fast. Anything over 6 MPH is considered a reasonable speed.

Of course these are just my opinions, and others might have a different perception of what’s considered fast or slow.

How you kick

When I kick on a Xootr scooter to propel it, I like to get the most propulsion possible while using the least amount of energy.

Starting with the kicking foot going ahead of the front wheel.
Starting with the kicking foot going ahead of the front wheel.

While leaning slightly forward, I like to lift my kicking foot ahead of the front wheel.

Starting the push with the heel.
Starting the push with the heel.

Then I push my kicking foot backwards against the pavement with my heel touching first.

Finishing the kick with the tip of my toes.
Finishing the kick with the tip of my toes.

I then transfer the push from my heel to the tip of my toes. Just like you would if you were walking.

Doing this allows me to get every muscle in my legs from the quadriceps, glutes, and calves to work together. No muscle in my legs does all the work alone.

It will feel strange at first, especially if you haven’t ridden a kick scooter a lot. But after you get enough miles in, it will feel natural.


To learn more various techniques check out our kick scooting guide: Here

The ride back home

On the way back home, I was drenched with sweat from the hot sun pounding down on me like a hot buffet lamp. I was about 1 mile away from home, so I decided to check out a trail that was made out of an old abandoned railroad.

Beginning of the trail.
Beginning of the trail.

This would not only give me a chance to cool down a bit, but also avoid riding on a few roads saturated with traffic.

You can ride fast on a Xootr scooter and the fold it up.
You can ride fast on a Xootr scooter and the fold it up.

The great thing about a Xootr scooter is that you can ride it when you want to, and carry it when you have to.

Walking the trail.
Walking the trail.

Folding it up and carrying it using the carry strap made it very easy to walk along the trail.

Check out the Xootr scooter carry strap: Here

Once I got to the end of the trail, I unfolded it, and rode off into the sunset.

Well, it wasn’t really a sunset, as it was before lunch time, but I think it was a great ending line to a fantastic Xootr scooter ride.

Or maybe I just watched too many cowboy movies and infatuated with the concept of the Old West.

Either way, don’t be afraid to try a Xootr scooter no matter what age you are. HAPPY RIDING!!


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