How To Ride To Work Safely

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”The bike is a passion, and riding it is an emotion” “How to ride to work safely?” Is it just a question or a major concern? It’s enticing to ride a bike to work.


The bike can surely be a passion, but speed must not be considered an emotion. It is the golden rule that confides How to ride to work safely. These days bikers have to take safety measures. The combination of the right gear and a pertinent level of confidence are keys to safe riding. A rider can ride a bike in all kinds of weather. However, the thing that holds supreme importance is, “How to ride a bike to work safely”. Safety is the prime concern.

Riding a bike is not just environmentally friendly, but also helps to stay fit and shed some extra calories. (Check out also, are folding bikes good for commuting?)

Undoubtedly, riding has so many advantages, but there’s two sides of the coin. Riding is guided by certain precautionary measures as well. These measures ensure the safety of the ride while riding to work.

The measures are listed below

Commence riding with appropriate speed and frequency:

  • The goal is to monitor the distance and frequency while riding. It is essential to start with riding short distances.
  • If you live near your workplace, it is plausible to ride a bike. But if the distance is incredibly far, like 50 to 60 minutes away form your workplace it is advisable to ride with a co-worker to the office and back home.
  • Make sure the distance is doable for you and don’t try to break the consistency of your riding frequency often.

Wear a helmet:

  • A helmet is a precautionary measure.
  • When people ask how to safely ride to work, the first recommendation is to wear a helmet.
  • It doesn’t just protect your head, but also gives your loves ones peace of mine knowing you’re safer.
  • The bicycle helmet is mandatory for reducing physical harm in the event of an accident.


Keeping track of time:

  • There shouldn’t be any rushing. It’s important to ensure you ride safely to the workplace.
  • Try to arrive early so that you don’t have to hurry in order to arrive to work on time. Give yourself plenty of time just in case anything comes up along the way.

Wear visible clothing with bright colors:

  • It is highly advisable that you wear bright colored clothes during the daytime and night, so that you’re visible to motorists in order to prevent collisions.
  • If you’re riding in the early mornings or late evening hours,  wear reflective gear, and put a flashing tail light on your bike.


Avoid listening to tunes:

  • A common practice among riders is to listen to music while riding. But this practice can be dangerous.
  • An ample amount of concentration is required while riding. Ear-buds block the noise of ambient traffic, which is not considered safe.
  • This loss of concentration leads to accidents and injuries.

Get a bell and lights for your bike:

  • Safety is very important, therefore you need lights in the front and back of your bike.
  • Anything reflective will be an extra benefit for safety on your bike.
  • A bell will let pedestrians know when your approaching, or can be used to just say hello.

Take routes with minimal traffic:

  • It’s highly advisable to ride routes with minimal traffic.
  • This will save time and improve safety.

Carry a cell phone:

  • A cell phone can be very helpful in case of any mechanical, accidents, or health related issues.
  • Allows you to call for help when facing unfavorable conditions.

Use hand signals:

  • Riders should always notify motorists of their intentions beforehand.
  • Hand signals alerts vehicles to when you’re about to slow down, stop, or turn. So, it’s advisable that riders learn how to use the proper hand signals.
  • Helps prevent confusion, which will reduce the chance of accidents.

Watching out for parked car doors swinging open:

  • It’s quite common for parked car doors to swing open, due to the driver not looking for oncoming traffic beforehand. It’s very important to stay alert to parked car doors suddenly opening while riding to prevent serious injury.
  • Look before riding past parked cars to prevent from crashing into an opened door, and getting seriously injured. Drivers rarely expect bicyclists to be passing by.
  • When riding past a row of cars, leave at least 3 to 4 feet of space between your bike and car doors.


Apart from the above-listed measures, it’s important to be vigilant while riding. Ensure that your concentration is not broken while riding, in order to prevent disastrous events.


The key notion “How to ride to work safely” has a few simple answers. Keeping track of riding frequency and distance. Wearing a helmet. Carrying a cell phone. Staying alert while riding to avoid injuries and accidents. Giving a backseat to your music cravings while riding. Using hand signals. And staying focused will all help greatly to keep you safe.

Try to not go too far, too soon. Ride your bike with passion, but don’t forget to slow down for safety, and don’t exceed your abilities. Be realistic about what you’re capable of, and push past those boundaries slowly over time.

There is no guarantee that these precautionary measures mentioned in this article are going to keep you safe, or other road users will always follow the rules.

However, it’s always good to be on the safe side. Follow the rules, and make sensible decisions. This will not only help prevent you from getting injured but might also motivate others to follow your lead.

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