How Well Does A Xootr Scooter Handle Bumps

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I have a question for you Steve. I’ve tried riding adult kick scooters to work and the grocery store, but never feel safe riding over gaps in concrete or pavement. Whenever I get to these types of gaps, I usually step off the kick scooter and walk. The last thing I want or need is to fall forward and hit the pavement. At 60 years old, I don’t need to break or fracture anything, or worse. My question, Steve, is how well does a Xootr scooter handle bumps?

Do I still need to be very careful riding over gaps in concrete and pavement, if I decide to purchase a Xootr scooter for commuting to work and the grocery store?

Also, if I do decide to take the Xootr scooter onto the bike trail, will it be able to handle gravel and slightly rough terrain? I think the Xootr has an amazing look, and seems to be very well designed from all the reviews I’ve read online.

I’m also curious as to which model of Xootr scooter would handle bumps the best, or are they all the same?

Thank you Steve, for answering my questions, and I look forward to learning more about Xootr scooter.


When it comes to adult scooters, bigger wheels are better.  The large diameter wheels on the Xootr scooter clears gaps in concrete or pavement that would hang up a skate wheel. The Xootr scooter also handles well in gravel and small terrain features.

However we do not recommend slamming the Xootr scooter into a curb to get over it like some people do with their bicycle.

As far as which model is better for rough terrain, all Xootr scooters have the same wheels. It just depends on which size deck you prefer.




To find out more about Xootr scooters go to their website: HERE!

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