Is The Xootr Scooter Easy To Ride?

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Hey Steve. I have a question for you. What I wanted to ask, is the Xootr scooter easy to ride? Currently I’ve been riding other brands of adult kick scooters, and for some reason they don’t seem to ride well.

They don’t seem to be very stable, and when I try to turn or dodge obstacles such as potholes, I sometimes feel like I’m going to lose control and crash. This prevents me from riding anywhere over 4 miles per hour while commuting to the local grocery store, or just for exercise.

Another problem I noticed is that the leg that I’m standing on gets tired fast, because the decks on every scooter that I ride seem to be too high. I can’t seem to ride over a few miles at a time or my legs will get extremely fatigued.

So, I was wondering, is a Xootr scooter easy to ride? Or are these problems that all adult kick scooters have?

Thank you for answering my question Steve, and if Xootr would be easier to ride I might consider getting one, and giving all my other kick scooters away.



There is a graceful learning curve with the Xootr scooter. Just get on and go. But like most things, the more you ride the scooter the more you will start to push the boundaries a bit and test out the performance capabilities. Go for it, but wear a helmet!

It cruises well because we make the wheels out of an exotic, low-hysteresis polyurethane to minimize rolling resistance. The wheels are also about three times as large as skate wheels so they glide much better than smaller inline or skate wheels.

These are adult kick scooters, which means they require big wheels. Large wheel scooters are often heavier and more durable. Bottom line…they go fast and cover a lot of ground with little effort.

Also, our scooters are solid and you will not feel as though you will lose control and we actually made our scooters a little closer to the ground to address what you referred to. Make sure to switch legs to avoid over use of one leg over the other.



To find out more about Xootr scooters click: HERE!

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Xootr Scooter
Xootr scooters are proudly built and sold by the folks at Xootr LLC. The members of the Xootr team have created products for dozens of great companies including Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola. We now focus our energies on designing and manufacturing fun, socially and environmentally friendly products for our own company. Unlike some businesses out there, Xootr actually designs and manufactures the products it sells. There's no smoke and mirrors here, just a desire to provide the best possible products and service.

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