Kanayama Station Tour – Japan Walking Tour

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Vietnamese Girl Wandering The World is going to be taking us on a Japan walking tour from Kanayama Station.

Here’s what Vietnamese Girl Wandering The World has to say about taking us on a Japan walking from Kanayama Station

In today’s Japanese Walking Tour video, we will walk together at Kanayama Station, discover interesting things here!

After Nagoya Station, kanayama Station in the south of Naka-ku is the most important railway hub of Nagoya and is the main station for the Centrair fast trains connecting Chubu International Airport.

Kanayama Station serves both JR and Meitetsu suburban trains with respective entrances on either side of the main lounge.

The area around Kanayama Station is full of karaoke clubs, bars and restaurants… so it is always bustling and crowded.

Let me know in the comments if you find something interesting about my trip!

Watch the video for complete details

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About Vietnamese Girl Wandering The World

My name is Thuong, I am a Vietnamese girl who loves to travel the world and see new things.

Join me for more 4K walking tour video in Japan (where I live) and Vietnam (my home country).

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