Kick Scooter Commuting For Adults

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Are you looking for a fun, fast and easy way to commute to work and back home? If so, have you ever considered kick scooter commuting?

What is Commuting?

Commuting is traveling some distance between one’s home and place of work on a regular basis.

The problem with commuting

A large number of people have some kind of commute to work each day.

Whether it’s by car, train or bus, your commute can take a large chunk of time out of your day. And studies show that the greater the distance there is to travel between work and home, the more you hate it.

This can cause sleep difficulties. Stress. Emotional problems. And general burnout.

These problems occur due to being stuck in traffic jams. Waiting for slow or late buses and trains. Or having to walk the rest of the way after getting off public transportation, known as the “last mile.”

How can a kick scooter help?

A kick scooter is a light weight option that can be used to quickly ride to the train station or bus stop. Can be folding up. And then easily deployed once arriving at the end of your bus or train ride. Then you can ride the rest of the way to your job or back to home. This will remove the need to pay for an Uber or taxi. Plus, you won’t need to ride a second, slow bus or train, while being jam packed against sweaty passengers.

Kick scooter commuting is great for your health and the environment.
Kick scooter commuting is great for your health and the environment.

Another benefit is that kick scooters are 4-5 times faster than walking, and a whole lot of fun.

What is a kick scooter?

A kick scooter is a human-powered street vehicle with a handlebar, deck, and wheels propelled by a rider pushing off the ground.

Today, the most common scooters are made of aluminum, titanium, and steel.

Some kick scooters are made for younger children. Have 3-4 wheels. And are made of plastic, and might not fold.

Benefits of using a kick scooter

A kick scooter is a compact, lightweight option, weighing on average between 5- 15 lbs.

This makes kick scooters incredibly easy to carry onto public transportation. Into stores. Cafes. And even into the office where you can store it under your desk out of sight.

You can also ride them in urban areas where space is limited such as on sidewalks and other confined spaces.

And one of the biggest benefits is that you don’t have to lock them up where they can be stolen, like a bicycle. Or pay for expensive parking.

So, you avoid the “last mile” problem. Avoid traffic jams. And get to have a ton of fun riding it while getting some exercise.

What’s not to like?

Should you use a kick scooter?

Kick scooter commuting can be a huge time saver and stress reliever. Have a meeting a few miles away from your office. Take the kick scooter. Want to avoid traffic. Take the kick scooter. A kick scooter can do all this and more.

Now, some of you might be reluctant to give up your car or public transportation due to numerous reasons.

Kick scooter commuting isn’t just for kids.
Kick scooter commuting isn’t just for kids.

Maybe you think kick scooters are just for kids. After-all, kick scooters were all their rage with kids back in the 90’s. Or maybe you’re thinking of those stunt scooters with the tiny wheels that kids are using to do tricks on.

Well, my humble, intelligent, and cool adults. You can forget about all the typical stereotypes you’re imagining.

Today, we have what’s known as adult kick scooters. These cool, impressive machines now have larger wheels that ride smoothly over bumps and cracks. Have larger decks that can accommodate adult feet. And some even have both a front and back brake for extra safety. These scooters are no joke, because they offer excellent speed, comfort, and make you look cool while commuting.

Just be prepared for all the extra attention you’re about to receive from onlookers, who will ask tons of questions about your cool ride.

No wonder so many people in Europe use kick scooters for traveling between work and home.

A kick scooter is the coolest way to commute. Instead of showing off that shiny, new car to your family, friends, and co-workers, why not show off that cool kick scooter?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of, because kick scooters make you look super cool.

Tips to make your kick scooter trip more enjoyable

You’ve been riding your commuter kick scooter for your daily trek to work and you love it. But what will you do when the leaves start to change and the weather gets colder?

If you’re more timid, you may decide to start driving or taking public transportation. But real die-hard urban scooter riders aren’t so quickly discouraged.

Cities can be a pain when it comes to commuting, but urban scooters can be practical and fun. So, why not continue to use them?

Autumn doesn’t seem like a great time to ride kick scooters, but you’ll be surprised at the tricks that will help make your scooter commute a whole lot easier and fun.

Here are some commuting tips for urban scootering!

Get some gloves

It might not seem cold enough for gloves yet, but remember you’re going to be feeling the breeze as you zip along. You can’t put your hands into your pockets, because you’ll need them to steer!

Get yourself a pair of warm gloves.
Get yourself a pair of warm gloves.

When your hands are on the handlebars, they can get pretty chilly. And if you start to lose circulation, they’ll get stiff, which will be bad news if you need to hit the brakes in a hurry.

Even on a nice fall day, you’ll be surprised how fast your fingers will get chilly while zipping down the street. That’s why gloves are a must-have for urban scooter commuting.

Wear layers

Again, it might seem warm, but layers are very important while kick scooter commuting.

For starters, the breeze will squeeze right through the zipper on the front of your sweatshirt or jacket.

Layers will definitely help!
Layers will definitely help!

More importantly, you’ll find that layers are even more useful once you get to the office, because your metabolism will be up from all the exercise. So, it’s very important to have layers to remove or you’ll be sweating while sitting behind your desk.

NOTE: This is an even bigger concern if your an electric scooter commuter, because you’ll be going way faster than your kick scooter counterparts.

Watch out for big piles of leaves

When most people think of fall, the first thing they think of is fallen leaves.

The trees changing color and the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot is one of the best parts of fall. But you’ll have to be extra careful while riding your kick scooter.

If you ever think it might be fun to ride your scooter through a pile of leaves, you’ll find out really fast what we mean.

Leaves can cause your kick scooter wheels to slide out from under you. BOOM!
Leaves can cause your kick scooter wheels to slide out from under you. BOOM!

Hitting your brakes will not work as well, leaving you to keep going as your wheels slide out from underneath you!

This, in a city, is something you must watch out for even on the safest urban kick scooter.

Enjoy the weather!

Even though our first two tips warned you about the weather, if you’re well prepared, you’ll find that the weather is the best part of your commute.

Also, cities tend to get very humid during the summer. If this is the time of year that you’re kick scooter commuting, then of course you’ll wear a lot less layers.

Otherwise, no more arriving at the office hot and sweaty from the summer sun beating down on you during your trip.

Enjoy the weather while urban kick scooter commuting!
Enjoy the weather while urban kick scooter commuting!

Fall weather is crisp and refreshing, and that’s the best part of a fall scooter commute!

How far can you travel on a kick scooter?

How far you can travel on a kick scooter depends on what kind of shape you’re in, and what the terrain is like.

Even though kick scooter commuting is great for all ages and people of all shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to go long distances if you’re just starting out.

The best way to get into scooter commuting is to start out small, and see what your capabilities are no matter what shape you’re in.

At first, your leg muscles might be sore the next day, due to not being use to the type of kicking activity you’ll be doing.

But as you get more use to the type of kicking movement that you’ll be doing, over time you’ll be able to go farther and faster. Yes, there’s people who use kick scooters exclusively to commute round trips up to 12 miles or more. And some of these people are seniors.

An average person that’s just starting out can commute about  1.2 miles ( 2km) without getting fatigued. A person who’s past the beginner stage can commute roughly between 2.8 miles (4 km) to 3.1 miles (5km).

Don’t be folded into thinking that kick scooters are only good for commuting a few miles or less.

Kick scooter versus walking

Compared to walking, kick scooter commuting is much faster. The average person, who’s in reasonable shape, can walk about 3 miles per hour.

In the city most commutes are 5 miles or less. Now, you could bring a bike, but if your commuting 2 miles or less, by time you drag the bike out. Lock it up when you get to your destination. And then worry if it’s going to get stolen while you’re in the store or elsewhere. The kick scooter comes out as the much better option.

Besides, a kick scooter might not be quite as fast as a bicycle, a higher-end kick scooter can reach speeds between 9-12 miles per hour depending upon how good your technique is. How flat the terrain is. And what kind of shape you’re in.

Kick scooter versus a bike

As previously stated, a bicycle is faster than a kick scooter for commuting. The average speed of a bicycle is around 12-15 mph because of it’s better efficiency. A bicycle can sustain this greater speed over farther distances, even up hills and against wind. On flat ground, a bicycle can even sustain greater speeds of up to 20-25 mph.

NOTE: Your average kick scooter can maintain speeds of up to 9-12 miles per hour depending on how effectively you can push it.

This makes a bicycle much better if you have a commute that’s very long.

The kick scooter on the other hand, is much easier to combine with public transportation, allowing you to travel greater distances than with a bike. Kick scooters are also lighter to carry, and can fit on trains or buses that are jam packed.

In most places such as New York City and Calgary, bikes are only allowed on trains during non peak hours. With a kick scooter, non of these rules apply.

A kick scooter is also less expensive to purchase and maintain than a bike.

Which kick scooter is the best?

Does your commute involved being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic? Are you tired of being smushed together with smelly passengers on trains or buses?

A Xootr can allow you to avoid the stress of daily commuting.
A Xootr can allow you to avoid the stress of daily commuting.

If so, a kick scooter will help ease the stress of your commute to work and home.

This is especially true if you are near any type of mass transit (bus, subway, train).

You can easily hop onto public transportation with a Xootr.
You can easily hop onto public transportation with a Xootr.

Kick scooters require very little maintenance, which can be performed by anyone that’s willing to give it a try.

You will also save thousands of dollars of wear and tear on your vehicle, and as an added benefit, will look forward to the fresh air and exercise you will get during your daily commute.

We highly recommend Xootr scooters

Xootr push scooters glide so effortlessly that you can get to where you need to be without breaking a sweat. Xootr’s proprietary polyurethane wheel formula allows you to generate quite a bit of speed with just a few kicks and then you can comfortably rest both feet on their generously sized platforms. Of course, if you want to get your heart pumping you can do that as well.

Xootr scooters versus the competition

Nowadays there are a lot of options available if you are considering a kick scooter to help ease your commute.

Xootr scooters is not into a bunch of hype or sales gimmicks. Because everyone has different needs on what is important to them, we can’t definitively say a Xootr kick scooter will work best for you. How is that for some honesty? We do hope that a Xootr kick scooter at least makes it to your shortlist.

Customer satisfaction is a big deal to Xootr scooters

The reason why Xootr scooters has been around for so many years is because, they just want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, no matter which brand you choose.

Because of this, Xootr has definitely earned the rights to brag just a bit. They are very proud of their perfect rating with ResellerRatings and excellent rating through Trustpilot. And no, they are in no way compensating customers for any of those reviews.

You can easily reach Xootr scooters

There is a plethora of information available to assist you in making a well-informed decision. Of course, should you need any assistance at all Xootr would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. If you call, don’t be alarmed. You will speak to a real person, most likely Steve, right at their factory and not a recording (unless it’s after hours, in which case Xootr will call you back ASAP). You can also send Xootr an email if that is easier for you.

Some reasons to consider a Xootr


    : That’s right, Xootr stands behind their push scooters for as long as you own it! Does it cover the wear items (wheels, brakes, bearings, etc.)…no. Typically you can expect 3-5 years of life from your wheels, although we have seen wheels last much longer. Brakes are much harder to predict. Obviously if you commute through a rather hilly area like San Francisco you could wear out your brakes in 6 months; otherwise, if your commute is fairly flat they may last a couple of years.


    : We continue to be surprised by all the various scooters available that offer no replacement parts. We assume this means that you have to throw the scooter away when you need wheels, brakes, or your kid takes it for a joy ride and returns it in less than perfect condition. Don’t laugh, we have heard quite a few stories over the years.


    : Xootr has a variety of different decks on which to rest your feet. Some are narrow and others are wide. All are long enough to stagger your feet one in front of the other (i.e. goofy-style), but their wide decks allow you to place your feet side-by-side on the deck while you are “cruising”. Most of Xootr’s customers opt for the wider deck models, but if you commute through crowded subways or busy sidewalks/streets a narrow deck model may be in order.


    : Their patented QuickClick™ folding mechanism allows you to fold/unfold your kick scooter in 2-3 seconds. No levers to fuss with. A simple press of a button will allow you to quickly fold your scooter when getting on the bus, train, subway, etc. When you have arrived, press the button again to unfold the scooter and leave your fellow travelers in your dust.


    : Being that Xootr kick scooters were designed by a team who normally designed race cars, you would expect them to be fast and handle really well. If so, you would be correct. The secret to a Xootr’s speed lies in their ultra-glide polyurethane wheels. If you compare a Xootr to various other kick scooters on the market, you will notice that a Xootr looks completely different. That’s because the steering geometry (camber, trail, wheelbase, etc.) have all been specifically designed for superior stability and handling.


    : Each and every kick scooter is carefully assembled by hand in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Individual pieces all arrive at Xootr’s factory where all the magic happens.

Convinced that a Xootr scooter is right for you?

The Xootr MG kick scooter is Xootr’s best selling model. It offers a combination of low weight and a wide deck to fit 2 adult feet side-by-side. Like all their models, it comes with both a front and rear brake and large, super-fast wheels.

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