Kick Scooting In The Rain: Here’s How If You Must

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It’s never suggested that you do kick scooting in the rain. Unlike a bicycle, a kick scooter has smooth, hard rubber tires that can easily slide out on wet surfaces. While these smooth hard tires are great for going fast on smooth surfaces, and never get a flat. It does hinder you from using the kick scooter in all weather conditions.

Kick scooting in the rain requires a different technique than riding in dry conditions. Avoid sharp or sudden turns. Do shorter kicks to keep speed to a minimum. Try to avoid riding over leaves, road paint, and pot holes. And slow down ahead of time as the brakes will be ineffective.

How to do kick scooting in the rain if you must

Unfortunately, while using an adult kick scooter such as the Xootr for serious commuting, the weather isn’t always predictable or kind.

Weather can be nice in the morning while setting out on your adventure. But later in the day, turn ferocious very quickly and unexpectedly.

When this happens, the only choices you have is to hop onto public transportation, walk, or continue to ride.

We’d recommend hopping onto public transportation if it’s nearby. But that’s not always a choice, depending on where you live. Or where you take your kick scooting adventure.

That’s why in this article we’re going to tell you how to do kick scooting in the rain when you have no other choice.

Be visible at all times

On a Xootr scooter it’s easy to attach a bright light to the handlebars. But unlike a bicycle, there’s no way to attach a tail light.

During evening hours or cloudy, rainy days, use a bright front light (300 lumens or more) and make sure it’s fully charged.

Wear a reflective vest so that cars coming up behind you can see you. And if possible, ride in areas that are well lit.

Also, stop at all red lights, stop signs, and be cautious in intersections.

Change your kick scooting technique

Xootr scooters have a different geometry and wheel size then a bicycle. When the weather gets wet, the smooth, hard, fast rolling wheels on the Xootr can easily slide out from under you.

You must avoid sharp or sudden turns. Keep your turns wide and slow.

Don’t ride over leaves or road paint as these can cause your Xootr wheels to slide out from under you.

Pot holes and sewer grates are another danger you must be on the alert for, as the small wheels can get caught in them. Causing you to fall forward, into a face plant.

Do smaller kicks to keep your speed to a minimum, and keep one leg ready to touch the ground just in case you start to slide.

Also keep in mind, that the brakes will become completely inadequate for stopping. Make sure you slow down way ahead of time by not kicking.

When using your scooter for commuting, bring your Xootr travel bag with you. You can use it as a rain cover, while also making your scooter easier to carry. Before boarding the train or bus, fold your scooter as you normally would. Put it into the travel bag to protect yourself and other commuters from the rain and dirt.

Wear the proper clothing

Use a backpack that doesn’t swing around while kicking to carry your water, rain jacket, and any other essentials.

Wear comfortable footwear that has slip-proof tread, and is easy to kick in.

Gloves are also extremely helpful for holding onto wet handlebar grips.

And don’t forget to wear a helmet no matter what type of weather you’re riding in, that’s crash certified tested.

Perform a safety check

High-grade adult scooters such as the Xootr are made to be extremely durable.

Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum (able to hold 800 lbs), Xootr’s will last for many years.

To find out more about Xootr scooters go to their website: HERE!

Normally, they require very little maintenance, as they are simple in design.

Over time the brakes and wheels will wear out. And the safety  latches might need adjusting after many miles of use.

But overall, there’s not much to go wrong.

Occasionally check the tire tread, but don’t lubricate the bearings as this can cause dirt and grime to build up. Just wipe away the dirt and grime with a dry cloth, and you’re good to go.

Make sure the brakes aren’t loose or worn down.

And check the handlebar quick release to make sure the handlebars don’t slide down while riding.


We never recommend kick scooting in the rain. Adult kick scooters such as Xootr is a great way to commute, as they are fun and more compact than a folding bike.

In dry weather, Xootr scooters roll fast. But in wet weather, the small, hard wheels that makes it the fastest riding vehicle with small wheels, can be a hazard.

They can easily slide out from you on wet surfaces. And the brakes become non-existent when they become wet.

We always suggest you hop onto public transportation, walk, take a cab, or your own car when possible. Instead of continuing your journey in wet weather on your kick scooter.

If you have no other choice but to ride in wet conditions, we hope this handy article has been helpful.


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