Kick Scooting, Slomo, And The World Around Me

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Kick scooting opens my eyes to the world around me. It leads me to people and places I might never have seen or met without my Xootr scooter. It enables me to transcend my limitations and glide across the surface of the earth as if floating across a wonderland.

Let me introduce you to kick scooting, Slomo, and the world around me

Shortly after I bought my first Xootr scooter, I came across a YouTube piece about a San Diego psychiatrist who’d developed prosopagnosia, or inability to recognize faces.

Dr. John Kitchin. His prosopagnosia, while devastating to his medical practice, propelled him in new directions; which turned out for him to be riding the bike trails of San Diego on roller blades.

Locals call Dr. Kitchin “Slomo.” The New York Times made a YouTube video about him, “Slomo: The Man Who Skated Right Off the Grid.”

Cut to today

On June 19, 2020, the Wall Street Journal ran a front page article, about roller blades, saying how as people seek exercise outlets during this corona pandemic, sales of roller blades are up 300%.

There is every reason to expect write-ups soon about kick scooters as well

On today’s Xootr scooter ride, I stopped to chat with two young ladies riding the trail using roller skates. I suggested they check out Slomo on YouTube and one of the ladies said she’s from Mission Beach, near San Diego, and she’s seen Slomo on the trails there.

So he’s real, and so are kick scooters

Roller skates, roller blades, skate boards: no question, there’s a fall risk for older folks with less than perfect balance. A kick scooter, in contrast, offers more stability for us senior citizens.

Kick scooting can open your eyes to a new world, rather, a new way to see the wonderful world we live in.

Try one out, a Xootr Mg kick scooter, on the showroom floor next time you find yourself in front of a scooter shop. It could change your life.

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Jonathan Kelley
Jonathan Kelley, 80, was born in Boston, and educated at Exeter and Princeton, then Harvard Medical School, after a year teaching English in Cali, Colombia. He was a Navy anesthesiologist during Viet Nam. He spent the middle decades of his life working in a community hospital in Northern California. Besides his career in medicine, he’s a chef, pianist, and actor in his artistic life. In the kitchen, he specializes in croissants and cooking with coconuts. At the piano, it’s boogie woogie and Joplin rags. As an actor, he’s done fourteen seasons in a Mexican Christmas play in Los Angeles, plus the occasional movie role, as in the soon-to-be-released feature film “Amor en 266 Millas,” where he plays the hippie patriarch of a desert commune in the Antelope Valley. He has two books available on Amazon, “Counting Backwards from 100: My Life as an Anesthesiologist,” and “Short Stories by Jonathan Kelley.” Searching for improved balance and leg strength at age 77, Jonathan came by chance upon a Xootr scooter. Jonathan’s wife is the lovely Puerto Rican actress Gloria Laino. Their mix is like Puerto Rican arroz con gandules served next to New England style cranberry sauce.

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