Lock Laces Are Perfect For Commuting And Travel!!!!!!!

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Here we go again my fellow urbanites. Today I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite products, called Lock Laces. This is an amazing product that I’ve tested extensively, and they are better than I ever expected. Lock Laces are fashionable,  functional, and perfect for commuting and travel.

Urbanites Lead A Very Busy And Fast Paced Lifestyle, And Running For Buses Or Trains Is A Huge Part Of It. Lock Laces Can Help Make It Much Safer And Efficient

Let’s face the facts my incredible urbanites. We’re all very busy juggling multiple responsibilities during our day. Most of us wake up very early in the morning, and run like “The Running Man”, before the impatient bus or train driver takes off.

Our hands are usually full with daily essentials such as briefcases, purses if you’re a woman, and delicious lunches. It can be overwhelming carrying so much stuff, and many times blocks our view of where were walking.

This limited visibility can create a very dangerous situation. If you’re wearing slip on shoes, this risk decreases dramatically. What causes this risk? It’s your good old faithful shoelaces!!!!! I know that this can come as a big surprise, because we usually don’t think about our shoe laces that much. Once we tie them, and leave the house, we faithfully rely on them to hold our shoes in place for the rest of the day.

The problem is that they often let us down at the most inopportune times. It’s almost as if they pick the moment your hands are full, and can’t bend down unless you want to drop everything.

Imagine dropping your cell phone or tablet, cracking the screen or having it blow up like a hand grenade, leaving it scattered in pieces all over the pavement. An event like this will be expensive, and cause an irritating inconvenience. But that’s not the only thing you’ll have to worry about.

Faceplanting On Dirty, Germ Infested Pavement Can Cause Serious Injury, Unless You Own A Pair Of Lock Laces

How many times have you told someone that their shoelaces are untied. As I suspected, you lost count. I’m sure that others have told you the same thing.

The reason why you notice untied shoelaces, is because you constantly deal with the same nuisance. They drag across filthy pavement that’s been walked on millions of times. People spit, track mud, and spread every other potentially fatal germ while waking on this nasty urban surface. Now when you bend over to tie them, all this nasty filth gets transferred to your hands.

With no time to wash them, in fear of missing your bus or train, you spread germs to everything you touch. These germs get on your clothes, Wallets or purses, and all over your face when you touch it.

You might as well just lay down and kiss the cement, which is something you’ll do if you trip over your shoe laces. I’ve seen people get seriously hurt while tripping and falling onto the pavement. Teeth were knocked out. Eyes were blackened. Sockets fractured, along with arms and skulls.

Urbanite people have been seriously injured and sent straight to the hospital. No matter what your age is, tripping and falling onto the pavement is dangerous. It just gets more dangerous as you walk or run faster. Or if you’re elderly with a disability.

Lock Laces Are The Anti-Pavement-Kissing Solution And You’re Going To Love It

Vacant path.
Filthy, painful, germ infested pavement. Locks Laces will keep you from kissing it.

Currently I know a young woman who has a three-year old son. Not long ago he tripped over his shoelaces while at daycare, and bruised one side of his face. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt too badly, but if he had Lock Laces, this unfortunate accident would have never happened.

I’ve Been Telling You ABout How Safe Lock Laces Are But Now Let Me Explain Their Durability

A while back, I had Lock Laces on a pair of sneakers. I use to work, walk, run and even bicycle with them.

Lock Laces are so durable that my sneakers actually wore out before they did. After 5 months of constant, brutal abuse, my Lock Laces still looked like brand new and held my sneakers securely in place.

Why Buy Lock Laces When You Can Just Wear Slip On Shoes?

Remember I mentioned slip on shoes earlier? I love slip on shoes because they never need to be tied, and they make things easier. They are especially useful during flying. Airports make you take your shoes off to get through security, and trying to tie your shoes while they are rushing you is very stressful.

Slip on shoes can make trips through airport security fast and painless. This is great if you’re not going do a lot of walking or sporting activities. The problem is that most slip on shoes aren’t very comfortable or durable. Urbanites need shoes that offer exceptional support and comfort while walking, running and bicycle commuting.

I’ve tried many slip on shoes, and none have met the strict requirements needed by a busy urbanite yet. The slip on shoes weren’t very durable, and made my feet hurt due to a lack of support. My solution was to start wearing sneakers.

Today’s sneakers are very stylish, while providing excellent comfort and durability. Unfortunately, they all need regular shoelaces, and then we end up with the same problems that I mentioned earlier.

With Lock Laces I Was Able To Combine The Benefits Of Sneakers And Slip On Shoes

With Lock Laces I was able to wear my black Nike sneakers while still having the benefits of slip on shoes. Lock Laces are easy to install on your sneakers.

They come with very easy to read, detailed instructions that only takes a few minutes to follow. You string them through your sneakers just like regular shoe laces. Push them through the plastic clasp. Cut the left over lace, and snap the plastic clip onto the end.

I’ve even included this helpful video below, that demonstrates how easy they are to install. Check it out!!!!

At first Lock Laces will feel funny to walk in because they flex. But after you get use to them, they will be much more comfortable than regular shoe laces.

They won’t dig into the top of your foot and restrict normal movement. Once this happens, you will wonder why you’ve waited so long to switch over to Lock Laces. Find out the secret to why Lock Laces are much healthier for the health of your feet. They allow better blood flow and circulation, and don’t cause pain as your feet swell.

Read Lock Laces article “The Amazing Power of Elastic Shoe Laces” to learn about this incredible technology. As I’ve already stated, I’ve put Lock Laces through the greatest, abusive, urban jungle test. And guess what? They passed!!!!

What Was It Like Wearing Lock Laces On The Job?

My former job required me to walk, bend, stoop and reach. With so much physical activity, my shoelaces were always coming untied. I also worked in all-weather conditions. My shoelaces were always wet and dirty. As as soon as I switched over to Lock Laces, I no longer had to stop during busy times to tie them. Plus, I didn’t have to handle disgusting, wet shoelaces anymore. Lock Laces saved the day, as usual.

Traveling With Lock Laces Made My Vacation Enjoyable

The last trip that I went on was to Suffern, New York. I had to go through airport security, requiring me to remove everything from my pockets, and my sneakers. The TSA security guards were in a rush to get everyone through the checkpoints.

Heading towards the airtrain at JFK airport in New York, New York.
Heading towards the airtrain at JFK airport in New York, New York.

With the Lock Laces, putting my sneakers on and continuing to my flight was a breeze. All I had to do was slip them on and go.

From Jamaica Station, To Penn Station, All The Way To Suffern, New York, Lock Laces Were Awesome

I had to walk down steps at Jamaica Station to catch my train to Penn Station. From Penn Station I had to travel to Secaucus Junction in New Jersey. When I finally arrived at the train station in Suffern, New York, I’ve travelled over 400 miles. That’s a lot of running to catch trains. A lot of lifting and pulling my luggage. And no time available to stop and tie regular shoe laces.

The Suffern, New York train station.
The Suffern, New York train station.

Not only were my sneakers comfortable because of Lock Laces, they were very secure. This was a huge plus because there were many instances where I just made it in time before the trains left. During my time in Suffern, New York I did a lot of walking seeing I didn’t have any transportation.

How I Got Three More Pairs Of Laces From This Amazing, Innovative Company

Blue Lock Laces on my White Nike Sneakers.
Blue Lock Laces on my White Nike Sneakers.

This amazing and innovative company sent me three pairs of Lock Laces in different colors. I requested a blue pair to put on my white Nike’s, and not to brag, but they look darn good. The other two pairs are grey and yellow.

Grey and yellow Lock Laces still in their packages.
Grey and yellow Lock Laces still in their packages.

When Lock Laces notified me that they sent me a few pairs, I got excited. I love these tieless shoe laces, and missed having them on my sneakers. Now that I have them again, I’ll continue to use them forever.

The One Thing That I Regret About These Laces, And Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

The one thing I regret, is throwing my Lock Laces away with my old worn out sneakers. I had no idea that Lock Laces could be easily removed with the proper tools. Lock Laces article, “How to Open and Reinstall the Cord Clip” shows how fast and easy this can be done by anyone. Once you try Lock Laces, you will never want to go back to regular shoe laces again.

Throwing these incredible no-tie shoe laces away with your old, worn out sneakers will bring tears to your eyes. When that time comes, make sure you don’t make the same mistake as I did. Remove those bad boys by following these easy to follow instructions.


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