Mighty Wallets Are Indestructable

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Mighty wallets are indestructible and that’s a good thing, because a man’s wallet is the most used accessory that he owns.

It goes everywhere he goes and carries his whole life (drivers license, credit card, debit card, money, pictures, etc).

As great as this most overlooked accessory is, it’s also the most abused and worn out.

Yet most men won’t get rid of it, unless it crumbles to dust.

The Problem With Current Wallets

Dynomighty wallets don’t make your pants bulge.
Mighty wallets don’t make your pants bulge.

Leather wallets are bulky. They make your pockets bulge, making your pants look horrible. And if you put them in your back pocket, very uncomfortable.

Pick-pocketers are also a huge fan of them, because they can see them bulging out, especially if in your back pocket.

7 Years Ago My Wallet Was A Problem

A little over 7 years ago, I solved a few common problems that all men face, when dealing with regular leather wallets. Leather wallets are usually bulky. Expensive. Difficult to get your cards out. And don’t Seem to last.

My Leather Wallet Was Horrible Like All The Rest

My leather wallet at the time was completely shot. It looked as if a rat chewed on it. Not only did the wallet present a bad image when I opened it up, all my personal stuff was at risk due to the wallet falling apart.

Just like every other leather wallet in existence, mine was tapping out in just 1 year.

The Day I Discovered The Mighty Wallet Brand

I was shopping at Parkleigh on Park Avenue in Rochester, New York and that’s when Dynomighty brand wallets saved the day.

Made out of an indestructible material called Tyvek, Mighty wallets solved  common problems I was facing with my leather wallet.

Mighty Wallets Are Unique

Leather wallets are usually considered the best wallets for grown men. After a certain age, it’s assumed that you will get rid of your nylon Velcro wallet, and buy a leather one.

This is okay if you want to just follow the crowd. Me on the other hand, I like being unique and having my own style. Every time I pull out my Mighty wallet, everybody loves it. The compliments never stop.

I didn’t buy my Mighty wallet to impress people. It’s something that I liked, and allowed me to pick a wallet that expressed my personality and style.

Mighty Wallets Are Indestructible

I got tired of buying a new wallet every year that was very expensive. Leather not only costs a fortune, but it doesn’t last. A little over 7 years ago, I bought my Mighty wallet, and it’s still going strong.

In no way have I been gentle with this wallet, and while it shows some wear and tear, it keeps my important personal stuff safe.

On average, a Mighty wallet costs around $15.00, but you divide that by 7 and you’re only paying about $2.00 a year. A leather wallet costs around $35.00 and only lasts a year. You save a lot of money in the long-term.

Mighty Wallets Are Thin

With regular leather wallets, you walk around like you have a brick in your pocket. They bulge way out of your pocket, something that pickpocketers love. It makes their job easier, because they know exactly which pocket to target.

There’s been many times when I’ve had no choice, but to pass through some sketchy areas. Or I’ve traveled to areas that I hardly know such as the ones in New York City, and New Jersey.

After the initial break in period, my Mighty wallet formed to be completely flat. It hardly shows up in my pocket, and nobody knows it’s there.


Dynomighty wallets have plenty of pockets.
Mighty wallets have plenty of pockets.


Plus, the handy compartments inside make it easier to remove my cards, unlike the cheap plastic ones in leather wallets. This means less time having my wallet visible to the public.

Mighty Wallets Are The Best

Mighty wallets are the best wallets that you can buy. They are way more durable than your humdrum leather wallet.

There’s tons of different designs to choose from, based upon your personal style and personality. And they are way more affordable. Plus let’s not forget, they are considerably way more cooler.

Some Fun Mighty Wallet Facts

  • Mighty wallets are very durable and last for years.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Stylish.
  • Very slim making them very easy to carry in front pocket.


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