Neatly Storing My Two Bikes In The Bedroom

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In this featured video, Everyday Cycling, is going to tell you how to store your bike or bikes, called “Neatly Storing My Two Bikes In The Bedroom.”

Here’s what Everyday Cycling has to say about how to store your bike or bikes, in this video called “Neatly Storing My Two Bikes In The Bedroom.”

Hey guys! In this video I show you hot I neatly keep both of my bikes in my new bedroom.

The Kona is stored vertically on the wall, and the Brompton fits inside of a pretty cook IKEA cabinet.

I hope you find this video entertaining!

Thanks for watching, and see you in the next one!

Neatly storing my two bikes in the bedroom | Brompton and Kona Sutra

If you’ve been following my channel, you know that last week I moved most of my belongings to a new apartment, and I did that by bike.

Of course, I had to do multiple trips back and forth, and some of them were easier and less challenging than others.

In the end, I was able to safely move most of my stuff, but it wasn’t all. One week later, I moved the rest, and that includes both of my bikes.

All the stuff in the apartment

With all of my stuff now in the apartment, it was time to organize everything in my bedroom. That includes assembling some of the furniture that was still in their boxes, such as my chair and my dresser, and then organizing my room, reassembling the piano, storing my clothes, organizing my college material and camera gear in the right places, and finally, finding the best place to store the bikes.

Moving the bikes around the bedroom

To help move the bikes around the bedroom and to avoid touching the walls with dirty tires, I decided to wrap the wheels in PVC film.

This would make it easier to experiment with the position of the bike without causing damage or staining the walls or carpet.

I could, for example, experiment with the height I want the bike to be at, and things like that.

The mounting bracket

As for the mounting bracket, I went online and bought a cheap vertical wall mount for the bike. I chose this one from Delta Cycle, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to do a decent job.

Installing it on the wall included finding a stud, choosing a good height, drilling holes, and finally screwing the mount into place.

The installation was smooth and easy, and I think the results look pretty awesome. The mount is discrete, and this particular model has a rear wheel plate, which is something I was looking for, to keep the wall nice and clean underneath both wheels.

Assembling the cabinet for the Brompton

With the Kona in place, I started assembling the cabinet for the Brompton. As expected, with the cabinet properly assembled, I was able to fit the Brompton inside.

Everything is completely settled

Now that I’m completely settled in this new place, I promise I won’t be making any more videos about this. But I appreciate you coming along.

Thanks for helping me move my stuff, settling in the new apartment and sticking around on the channel.

If you enjoyed this video and you’re not yet subscribed, well… I hope you come back one day.

For all of you, thank you for watching, and see you on the next one.

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