New Brompton Bike Colors For 2021

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The coolest, most compact, iconic folding bike in history has just gotten more impressive. With new Brompton bike colors for 2021, now you can subway hop, train travel, and even fly with more style than ever before.

Normally, Brompton folding bikes come in 6 different colors:

  • Black
  • Orange
  • House Red
  • Racing Green
  • Tempest Blue
  • Black Lacquer

What are the new Brompton bike colors for 2021?

With two new colors, Turkish Green and Cloud Blue, there are now 8 different colors to the standard Brompton range.

Cloud Blue Brompton folding bike.
Cloud Blue Brompton folding bike.
Turkish Green Brompton Electric folding bike.
Turkish Green Brompton Electric folding bike.

Not to worry Brompton Electric fans, these colors will also be available to these models as well.

The best selling folding bike

Ever since Andrew Ritchie began designing this Chromoly framed bike in his flat in South Kensington, London, this best selling folding bike for commuting has been improving ever since.

What makes this iconic folding bike so special is that it folds up smaller and neater than any other folding bike at just 585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide (23” x 22.2” x 10.6”). It’s also pretty light at a starting weight of 9kg to 12 1/2kg (20 – 28 lbs) depending upon what accessories are added such as fenders, rack, handlebars, etc.

Bring your Brompton folding bike everywhere

These amazing folding dimensions make the Brompton folding bike excellent for riding the bus, train, flying, rolling through the grocery store on its rack wheels, or sitting besides you in the coffee shop.

It’s the perfect commuter bike whether you’re riding to the bus or train station, or using it to ride the whole way to your destination.

Brompton bikes are completely customizable

Choosing a bike that has the right fit for your height, and the right style for the riding position you want is easy with tons of Customizable options.

There’s 3 different choices of handlebars:
  • S Type (Low)
  • M Type (Medium)
  • H Type (High)

Seatpost options:

  • Standard (26” – 32”)
  • Extended (28.5” – 34.5”)
  • Telescopic (27” – 39”)


The Brompton bicycle has come a long way since it was first designed by Andrew Ritchie. Over the years it has become lighter, stronger, and way more stylish.

There’s also a large amount of accessories to choose from such as luggage blocks with snap on front bags, and even clothing.

The Turkish Green that’s available on the Brompton Electric is inspired by city night life, while the Cloud Blue offers a softer tone to the regular collection.

Where to buy:

The new Brompton 2021 colors are now available to order at, selected retailers and in Brompton Junction stores.

For more information about Brompton bikes, there new bike colors, and Brompton’s products, please visit:

Or get involved by following @bromptonbicycle on Instagram and Facebook #mybrompton.

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