NYCEWheels In New York City Is Officially Closed

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For all you folding and electric bicycle aficionados, I have some very bad news for you. I recently discovered that NYCEWheels, the largest folding and electric bicycle retailer in New York City, suddenly closed down.

When I found out the news, I couldn’t believe it. Not too long ago, I received a Tern Link D8 folding bike from them. And before that I bought a Brompton Folding Bicycle.

Plus, when I needed any parts for my folding bicycle or accessories, NYCEWheels was the first place I visited.

Known as the largest electric bike retailer on the east coast, NYCEWheels had a large selection of folding bikes, kick scooters and of course accessories. NYCEWheels also carried a large selection of folding bike brands such as Brompton, Tern, Dahon and Montague.

Discovering That NYCEWheels Closed Down

Hoping to buy a new 2-speed chain pusher for My Brompton, I  went to the NYCEWheels website, only to discover a horrifying fact.

On the top of their website it said that the location was permanently closed, and only accepting online orders.

Still in shock, I went to the NYCeWheels Facebook page and noticed a comment about the shop closing down.

Many of the customers complained of orders being cancelled or not being accepted at all.

Still in denial, I did a Google search and saw confirmation with the following phrase, “this location is permanently closed, online orders only.”

Still not knowing what to think, I decided to email NYCEWheels to see if I could find out a little information.

Unfortunately, after a few emails and message through their live chat, I never received any responses.

Closed Down Without Any Notice

I’m not going to mention any names, but my sources tell me that NYCEWheels closed down overnight without notice.

The next day when the employees arrived at work, there was a note on the door. I wasn’t there to confirm this, but if it’s true, I hope it wasn’t due to an extreme emergency.

Bert Cebular Founded NYCEWheels, And Would Have Never Done Such A Thing

Bert Established NYCEWheels on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in 2001, making it the oldest and most established e-bike retailer in the US.


He was a pioneer and visionary in the bike industry, and if he hadn’t died in a paragliding accident in Wawayanda, in New York in December 2013, he would have continued to encourage alternate transportation across the US.

This visionary thoroughly tested and carefully selected each brand he sold, with the Brompton folding bikes being his favorite. Bert transformed the way customers shop for a bike by making videos and selling them online with other products.

Due to these reasons, NYCeWheels quickly became the number one resource for folding bikes, as well as the largest Brompton importer in the US.

NYCEWheels Was Taken Over By New Ownership

After the death of Bert, who was an early adopter for the e-bike industry with immense knowledge, his two brothers Adolf and Philipp Cebular took over.

Peter Yuskauskas, who was the marketing manager since 2010, became the CEO.

In 2015 Peter left NYCEWheels and now works at Brompton Junction NY.

At the time of closing, Connor Sargeant was the general manager. When I tried to contact him on Facebook, I saw that he unfriended me and didn’t respond to any of my messages inquiring about what happened.

I’m not sure if Connor is upset over what happened. Can’t talk about why they closed. Or both.


This was the largest folding and electric bicycle retailer in the United States. Many customers such as myself relied on them for ordering replacement parts including accessories.

Plus they had the best prices, especially towards the end of the year when they were clearing out inventory to make room for the next years new items.

I can understand if they didn’t want to run this store due to personal reasons. Or if they couldn’t keep it open due to loss of profits from moving into a larger location at 58th Street close to 1st Avenue.

What I can’t understand, is them closing with no warning to their employees or customers. We’ve all supported this store for many years now, and would like to know the reason. It’s the least they can do for us loyal customers.

And if they didn’t want NYCEWheels anymore, too bad they couldn’t have let the employees take the name over after they sold all their massive inventory.

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  1. I think plenty of time has passed so I’d like to clear up and misconceptions that may be out there as to why we closed, and what really happened. This seems to be the most popular webpage on the subject so here it goes.

    Yes, the closure was swift and sudden to all employees (myself included). Ownership flew in from Austria for what seemed like another routine visit, instead they sat us down and dropped the news that the store would close. They did offer to pay us double our hourly rate to assist with the physical labor of moving all the stuff out of the store and into the NJ warehouse, though most of us did not bother with this as we all needed to find new jobs since they weren’t going to give us any real severance pay.

    The business certainly wasn’t failing, and did not need to close, but the owners just simply did not want to deal with it anymore. The two brothers of Bert both had their own lives and business in Austria, and essentially wanted NYCewheels to just be an extra check coming in all the time without them lifting a finger, and it wasn’t able to give them that 100% of the time due to the seasonal nature of bicycle retail. They have no passion for bikes, and simply did not understand the industry, and their own bad decision making ultimately lead to their downfall. They refused to disclose financial information to me that was essential to me doing my job to the best of my ability, it was like running a business in handcuffs. They did this to hide their excessive Google Adwords spending whenever I asked why we couldn’t afford to hire more staff for the ridiculous demand we always had during the busy season. When they finally did show me the real numbers in October of 2018, I was impressed we were doing better than I thought, and optimistic for an even better 2019. Obviously they just couldn’t handle another winter of needing to put some money back into the business to get through the off season and decided to close instead. They quickly got everything moved out, packed into the warehouse, they got on a plane back to Austria and that was that.

    Even though things ended the way they did, I’m extremely grateful for my time at NYCeWheels, and learned a lot in such a short period of time. I got to travel, meet awesome bike industry folks, and get to have my voice legitimately heard by some pretty big time bike manufactures. Most importantly, getting tons of people on bikes was super rewarding. We would get so many people completely new to cycling that would later have it become their favorite hobby and mode of transport. I luckily still get to do that now with the awesome Trek Bicycle Company, where I am a lead technician. Thank for reading, and ride safe 🙂

  2. could the cause of the closure be the influx of availability of inexpensive ebikes from China through Amazon, etc? my first ebike from nycewheels was $2000 or so; my second ebike from amazon was only $600 shipped.

  3. I have a NYCeWheels electric Brompton kit and the front wheel (with the motor) needs to be rebuilt because the rim is brake-worn.

    My local Brompton shop cannot handle the super-short spokes and proprietary butting; has anyone ever had this done or know someone who has done DIY electric motors in the front wheel and knows a shop that can get this wheel rebuild done?

    NYCeWheels obviously had this done by *someone*…

  4. i brought a Tern Vektron folding bike from them two years ago i was going to go back to get the head light fixed then i found out online that it closed its doors how sad.

    • Randolph
      Congratulations on buying a Tern bike. I received a Tern Link D8 from NYCEWheels a year ago, and discovered that they are some of the best riding bicycles around. I was shocked when I found out That NYCEWHeels closed. Such a shame to lose such an amazing and well known bicycle shop. Even to this day many of us still miss it.

  5. Now that these folks are closed, where’s the next-best go-to store to get a good cross-section of quality folders?

    • A place I’ve recently discovered is Clever Cycles in Portland OR. They seem to have the best selection of Bromptons along with replacement parts and accessories.
      I need a new chain tensioner for my 2-speed Brompton and decided to give them a chance after reading many positive reviews.

      • I too suggest Clever Cycles. They have a great physical and online store. They have been great to communicate with via email. Give them a call. I’m certain they will be happy to help out.

        • When I contacted them, they were very responsive and helpful. I’d also suggest Power In Motion in Calgary, Canada. They have outstanding selection, service and prices. Another cool fact is that Power In Motion knew Bert Cebular very well before he left us, and they confirmed the same thing echoed by everyone else. Bert was not only a pioneer, he was also the nicest guy you’d ever meet.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I was really sad to see this news.

    This seems to be modus operandi for American business in the modern era. If one gets in over their head, shut it down with no care for the employees or customers. It’s a shame to see such a great player in the industry put out of action for whatever reason(s).

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