Outdated Xootr Scooter Model Replacement Parts

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Finding a discontinued replacement part for an outdated Xootr scooter model, and seeing if it works:

Outdated Xootr Scooter Model replacement parts

Five years ago Xootr stopped using a locking pin to hold the Xootr in the open or the folded position, and switched to the new Quick-Click latch: a built-in locking device with a push-button release, that holds the scooter in either the folded or the open position.

In January 2021, Xootr’s website listed locking pins, but indicated that they were sold out. Today locking pins are not listed on Xootr’s site.

Finding replacement pins

Xootr informed me then that satisfactory replacement pins were available from various sellers on line. Pull Detent Pin 3/8” diameter, with 2” usable length.

On eBay, I found a “Quick Release Ring Detent Pin 3 1/8” x 3/8”, a fraction of an inch longer than necessary.

The replacement pin I bought

Replacement pin.
Replacement pin.

The detent pin I bought has a circular spring clip on one end, and two tiny ball bearings on opposite sides of the other end. Xootr’s locking pin has a button you can push at one end that relaxes the outward thrust of the two small ball bearings at the other end. The detent pin I bought had no such control button.

The detent pin I bought seemed the same diameter as Xootr’s locking pin.

Making the replacement pin fit

Replacement pin doesn’t fit.
Replacement pin doesn’t fit.

I was unable to put the end with the ball bearings through the holes in the Xootr frame.

I then removed the circular spring clip from the detent pin, and found that I was still unable to put the now-clear end through the holes in the Xootr frame.

The new detent pin fit easily through the hole in the Xootr steering post base.


In conclusion, the detent pin I bought, of the recommended diameter, fit the hole in the Xootr steering post base, but was too big for the holes in the Xootr floorboard frame.

It is possible that detent pins from different manufacturers might fit if there are small variations in advertised detent pin diameters.

It is possible too that a quick release detent pin, if the pin diameter fits, might be easier to use if the quick release means you can retract the ball bearings before inserting the pin.

In any case, my recommendation is that if your older-model Xootr has a locking pin, don’t lose it.

It could be difficult to find a replacement that works.

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