Nitenumen Bicycle Light by Peter Von Panda

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Peter Von Panda! He’s witty. Entertaining. And makes incredible videos. These are all the main reasons why I can’t stop watching his videos. And this video is no different. Peter Von Panda always reviews the most interesting and useful products, and this one really got me excited. I’m a huge bicycle gear fanatic, especially when it comes to bicycle lights. In this video he reviews the USB, rechargeable Nitenumen bicycle light.

The Nitenumen Bicycle Light Is Durable

Peter Von Panda really did his homework when it came to demonstrating this bicycle light.

When I was an amateur bicycle commuter, I tried many different bicycle lights. Only to end up extremely disappointed and frustrated. Most didn’t live up to the hype, about how bright and durable they were.

The Nitenumen bicycle light is made out of high grade aircraft aluminum. This makes it better than the cheap bicycle lights made of plastic.

As a bicycle commuter, you might be riding in all types of conditions. You might get caught in thunderstorms, as I have on numerous occasions. Or a winter storm, if you like to ride all year around.

And if you need to take your light off in the event of an emergency, such as Peter Von Panda explains, there’s a possibility you will drop it. A truly useful bicycle light has to be both bright and durable to handle any situation.

The Nitenumen Bicycle Light Is Easy To Use

Peter Von Panda shows us how the Nitenumen bicycle light clips onto the handlebars of your bicycle. It has a durable clip that just snaps on, and tightens to stay in place.

I’ve had a few bicycle lights with cheap plastic clamps that had to be tightened with a screwdriver. They never stayed in placed, and would slip when I hit bumps.

The Nitenumen bicycle light looks like it would definitely stay secured.

Plus, very easy to install.

Peter Von Panda also shows us how to charge the Nitenumen bicycle light. And where the battery is located, in case you ever need to replace it. I’m a huge fan of rechargeable bicycle lights.

You never need to buy batteries and they are always brighter. The problem is that, when the rechargeable batteries start to go bad, you can’t change them.

And you will have to buy a whole new bicycle light. These kinds of bicycle lights can be very expensive to replace.

The Nitenumen Bicycle Light Is Super Bright

My favorite part of the video is when Peter Von Panda shows us how bright this bicycle light really is.

He goes outside into complete darkness, and shows how useful it would be in both city, and country road conditions.

This bicycle light has different settings. In the city, the lower settings would be more than enough. Plus you wouldn’t want to blind motorists. The higher setting would be excellent for dark country roads with no street lights.

Peter Von Panda did an excellent job on this video, just like he always does. The picture quality was good. And the sound was clear.

He deomonstrated the Nitenumen bicycle light perfectly and explained all the features thoroughly.

I truly believe that the information that he provided will be helpful to you, my loyal visitors.

The video provided in this post was used with Permission granted by Peter Von Panda. To see Peter Von Panda’s YouTube page and original video click here.


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