Practice Ride Bike Commute And Cool Cars

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Today I practice ride my new bike to work commute! Cool weather, cool cars, rainbows, low traffic. More please!

Want to be a bike commuter??? Before you start it is a good idea to time yourself how long it takes to get from door to desk.

Plan your bike route before work and you’ll save yourself time on day 1 of your new bike commute.

How to practice ride bike commute

Whenever you’re just starting out as a new bicycle commuter, or changing your bike route, it’s important to do a practice ride bike commute. By doing a practice run on the weekend, you can prevent getting lost on the day of your actual commute, and identify any potential problems. You want to start with less distance, less days, wearing the proper clothing, and finding a route with the least amount of traffic. Planning ahead with the following tips can make your first day of commuting easier, less stressful, and much safer.

Watch the video for full details

Begin with a reasonable distance

Commuting a few miles to work is achievable for anyone, even new bike commuters.

When your commute starts to get over 10 miles each way, that’s when you need to consider commuter less days a week, or commuting part of the way on bicycle, until you build up to it.

You can take a train or bus part of the way (easy if you have a light rail system) and continue your commute once you arrive at the other end. Drive part of the way, and then finish the rest by bike. Or even do ride-sharing with a coworker.

Start with a lower commuting frequency

Don’t try to commute 5 days a week at first. This will only burn you out, and possible cause injury. Start with a few days a week, and increase the days as your fitness level improves.

Wear a helmet

Accidents can happen unexpectedly. Head injuries are the leading cause of bicycle deaths from crashes. Wear a helmet that’s crash tested.

Wear reflective clothing

While riding early mornings, evenings, and rainy days, wear reflective clothing such as vests, jackets, and even backpacks. And don’t forget your bright bicycle lights (a front light with at least 300 lumens, and a tail light that can be seen from at least a mile away).

Do a dry run on the weekend

Do a practice ride bike commute on the weekend to see how accurate the route is to Google street maps.

This way you find out how busy the roads are that you’ll be taking. How much pedestrian traffic there is.

Which roads are dead ends. And what kind of condition the roads are that you’ll be riding on.

Along with any other hazards such as grates that your road bike wheels can get stuck in.

Find routes with minimal traffic

Find out which roads have the least amount of traffic, and hazards and try to stick to them.

It’s also helpful to take back ways such as side streets, alleyways, parking lots, and bike paths.

It will take some time to find the fastest, safest routes, but that’s what also makes bike commuting so much fun.

Let me know in the comment section below if you spot the cool car in the video!





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