Priority Ace Of Spades Fixie Bike

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The Priority Ace of Spades fixie bike, that’s designed for commuters who like a little bit of pep, offers a whole lot of class.

The Priority Ace of Spades is a great, all-around bike for urban riders. It’s also a fantastic, low maintenance bike for commuting and recreation. The Ace of Spades is the higher-end model. It includes sealed bearings and a carbon fork. The Ace of Clubs is more basic. Both have slick tires that perform well on pavement. They are not desirable for off-road terrain. The bike has a carbon Gates belt drive. It is a single-speed. The bike is light, responsive and quiet. It is priced affordably.

Reasons to buy:

  • The Priority Ace has a belt drive. This is easier to maintain and more weather resistant than a chain.
  • The bike is light. It weighs 22 to 24 lb, depending on the model.
  • Experts found the saddle very comfortable.
  • Priority provides buyers with excellent customer service.
  • Users agree the Priority Ace is easy to assemble.
  • The bike includes a kickstand.
  • The handlebars are sturdy and flat. They offer riders great control.
  • The bike has slick tires that roll smoothly on pavement.
  • The Ace rides quietly.
  • The bike is a single-speed. This eliminates shifting issues for riders.
  • Testers agree the dual handbrakes are responsive.
  • The Ace of Spades model has sealed bearings. This keeps the inside of the hubs free of water and dirt.
  • The carbon fork on the Ace of Spades helps minimize vibrations from the road.
  • The steel frame is durable.
  • The bike is priced affordably.
  • The bike has room for two water bottles in the frame.
  • Testers agree that the bike is comfortable for commuting.

Reasons not to buy:

  • The Ace of Clubs doesn’t have sealed bearings.
  • The bike is a single-speed. Some may find it difficult to climb hills on the Ace.
  • The slick tires are not ideal for rough roads or gravel paths.

PRICE: $499-$799 / WEIGHT: 22-24 LBS (M)

Who is the Priority Ace of Spades fixie bike for?

Priority Ace Of Spades Fixie Bike
Priority Ace Of Spades Fixie Bike

For bike commuters that rely on their bike as their primary form of transportation, and don’t like worrying about maintenance, this is the bike for you.

The Priority Ace of Spades is the type of bicycle that you can ride through snow and rain, as there’s only one gear to maintain.

Available models

There’s two models available, the Performance model known as the Ace Line, for $799. And the recreational-focused Ace of clubs, for $499.

The Ace of Clubs has an easier gear ratio, and no carbon fork.

Priority makes Bikes that are easy to buy, assemble, ride and maintain.

Equipped with a Gates Carbon Drive belt

Ace of Spades.
Ace of Spades.

All adult models are equipped with a Gates Carbon Drive belt instead of a traditional chain and cassette. The belt is quieter and cleaner than a chain, and demands less maintenance from the bikes owner.

Flip-flop hub with cassette body and fixed thread

Another great commuting feature on the Ace is the flip-flop hub with a cassette body and fixed thread, developed by and unique to Priority.

This lets you easily swap between fixed and freewheel cogs (a first for belt-driven bikes), with a standard bottom bracket tool.

Requiring less visits to the shop or the need for expensive tools. Switching from fixed to single-speed and back is as easy as flipping the wheel and tightening it evenly in the dropouts.

By making it easy to change the setup (and gearing), Priority has created what is known as the best-value single-speed on the market at the moment.

This single-speed can take a lot of drivetrain abuse while making it easy to tweak the gear ratio.

A higher-level build

The Ace of Spades also offers a higher level build than what many fixies in this price range offer.

You get a 6061 aluminum frame. A Carbon fork and seat post. A 680mm-wide handlebar. 28mm WTB ThickSlick tires. And geometry made for fast everyday riding, not racing.

All of this is made for forgiving rides on winter-raged, porthole rich streets. And the stiff rear triangle – required of any belt-driven bike to avoid belt slip – offers a snappy response from the 55/20 gear ratio.

Things that make the Ace of Spades comfy and a challenge

Some of the same things that make the Ace of Spades comfy can also make it a challenge to ride in a big city. The gear ratio will make it difficult to climb steep hills.

If you have to ride hillier areas, it’s recommended that you get bigger cogs, especially with inclines over 8 percent.

Also, as comfortable and stable as a wide, flat bar is in certain situations, it will take some getting used to on busy city streets.

No more squeezing through narrow spaces or filtering to the front of a line. You will need nerves of steel when riding over busy, crowded bridges where passing room is limited.

Of course you always have the option to chop the bar to a length you prefer.

Final thought on parts choice

Putting slick tires on a belt-driven bike is counterintuitive. The super-smooth WTB ThickSlicks are designed for skidding that’s common on brakeless, chain-driven fixies.

But they lack the thread that commuters prefer for riding in poor conditions.

If you plan on riding your Ace on wet roads, or on streets or paths with any amount of gravel, dirt, sand, or other debris, you’ll want to swap out the tires.

Buying the Ace of Spades

Buying the Ace of Spades will be a positive online shopping experience to look forward to.

Priority ships it’s bicycles to your doorstep 95 percent assembled and includes the tools. And some online videos  to help finish the job.

Priority also has a reputation for excellent customer service, and the team is available to answer questions 365 days a year.

The showroom is also available for virtual visits. Just make and appointment through Priority’s website.




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