Adventures In Suffern, New York Just Outside NYC

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A little over 35 miles north of New York City, lies a small suburban town known as Suffern, New York.

Incorporated in 1796, Suffern, New York went by the names “The Point of the Mountains” or “Sidman’s Clove”.

Before the American Revolution, the area originally was inhabited by the Ramapough, a tribe of Munsee, who were a division of the great Lenape nation.

Today, located in what’s known as Rockland County in New York, Suffern, New York has a population of over 10,000.

To learn more about the history of Suffern, New York click this link.

Meet Suffern, New York

Accessible by train, getting to Suffern, New York from JFK International Airport takes about 2-1/2 hours.

What Was It Like Arriving At Suffern, New York?

As I stepped off the train at Suffern, New York train station, I was in for a huge surprise, and one that I’m happy to share with you.

Unlike Rochester, New York, where I’m from, Suffern, New York is much smaller. But in a good way, because Suffern, New York has a charming little downtown. Plenty of interesting wildlife. And a peaceful little pond surrounded by plenty of wooded areas.

So, come along as I tell you more.

Suffern Has Amazing Wildlife

Suffern, New York is filled with lots of wooded areas, and wildlife giving it a peaceful and quiet charm. During a few walks to the downtown area and train station, only a mile away, I saw many amazing animals. I saw chipmunks and groundhogs sneaking between bushes. There was even a baby deer standing four feet away from me, watching as I walked by.

Four geese at pond in Village of Suffern, New York.
Four geese at pond in Village of Suffern, New York.

In the morning hours I could hear all kinds of incredible birds singing songs, that were as spectacular as the huge mountain that stood behind us. And down the street was the mood relaxing pond that was home to a gang of geese. These geese walked with confidence and authority as if to say, we are in charge here.

Visiting The Pond In Village Of Suffern, New York

As I visited the pond each night, the geese would stare at me. They wouldn’t run away or attack. Instead, they went about their business, swimming in the pond. Or pecking the grass with their long beaks, looking for tasty bugs to eat.

Goose with his head down by pond in village of Suffern, New York.
Goose with his head down by pond in village of Suffern, New York.

In a way, it reminded me of the Pond At Seneca Park Zoo, back in Rochester, New York. It was just a smaller version minus the swans and ducks. And it was very close to the main road. Something I found to be very odd.

The road close by was also very distracting from the beauty and peacefulness that this pond offered. Certain parts of the day, traffic was very noisy. Early afternoon, the noise from the vehicles was enough to drown out the cries from the geese. Maybe, that’s the reason they would fly off sometimes, disappearing for a few hours.

Geese In the Village Of Suffern, New York

As one goose flew off cackling, all the others would join in. It was an amazing sight because it resembled an army of aircraft. The only difference was that they flapped their wings ferociously and formed incredible flight patterns.

Walking around the pond also provided quick glances of fish jumping into the air. You’d have to look carefully, or you’d miss the acrobatic feat of snatching bugs off the water’s surface. It seemed as if they were competing with the geese, and even laughing in their faces. Then again, I could say the same about the fishermen.

Fishing At The Pond

The Pond In Village Of Suffern, New York does allow fishing. You must have a fishing license and required to throw the fish back into the water. That means you’re not allowed to keep them. Still, I saw a few people fishing there, including one fisherman that was there all day.

This fisherman had amazing patience.

He’d Park his pick up truck on the side of the road, packed with tons of fishing gear. Then he’d sit very still on the edge of the pond as he watched his 3 fishing poles for any sign of movement.

Two geese swimming in the pond.
Two geese swimming in the pond.

The Village Of Suffern, New York

At night-time around 8-9 pm, the traffic would completely disappear. This was when the calmness and appeal of Suffern, New York would present itself. Away from the hustle and noise of New York City, that I had to pass through, Suffern, New York was therapeutic.

I could feel the slowness of my heartbeat, and the dropping of my blood pressure, from the mental relaxation I was experiencing. For anybody that’s considering psychiatric help, I’d instead recommend Suffern, New York. You’ll not only save a ton of money, but also enjoy the old village charm.

Downtown Area Of Suffern, New York Has Charm

The downtown area is only one mile away, with lots of small mom and pop stores. Suffern, New York is only 2 square miles in size, with a population of only 10,000. Many of the stores are very small, but enough for such a small town. If you’re looking to do any serious grocery shopping, there’s a Walmart and Shoprite store only 2 miles away.

My Small Town Experience

My time away at Suffern, New York was very peaceful and enjoyable. It reminded me of the adventures I use to enjoy down at the Genesee River in Rochester, New York. My best friend and I would run through the woods and explore all the cliffs tracing the river. The wildlife that we use to see was priceless.

It was also amazing being able to enjoy the feeling of a small town. Getting away from all the noise and responsibilities was great for my mental being. I took some time to relax and not work on any current or new projects. My mind had time to relax and become clear of any distractions. I was living in the peaceful moment, and I loved it.

Cloud reflections in Pond in Suffern, New York.
Cloud reflections in Pond in Suffern, New York.


As I sat by the pond at night, with a mind as clear as the water, I started to come up with creative ideas I’ve never thought of before.

I felt more energized than I’ve felt in a long time, and was actually looking forward to walking back to the apartment to get back to work.

My photo sessions with the geese went well, and would provide some awesome pictures for the posts I was about to share.

As I reflected upon my time in Suffern, New York, all I could think about was where the future of my life, professional career, and of course personal life would take me.

Getting away from my home town of Rochester, New York was the best thing I did in a long time, and something I knew I’d be doing more often.

It taught me to open my mind to new experiences and adventures.

To learn how to be more open-minded, and think more outside the box.

Plus when I did get back to work, my creativity was better than ever, as I’ve already mentioned.


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