Surviveware First Aid Kit Review

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In this featured video, Peter Von Panda, is going to tell you about the Surviveware first aid kit.

Here’s what Peter Von Panda will share in this review about the Surviveware first aid kit

Surviveware waterproof first aid kit for kayak, boating, backpacking, snow and water sports by Surviveware.

A real waterproof kit

Unlike other kits that find dumb ways to claim they are “waterproof”, Surviveware has gone above an beyond to make a next level first aid kit.

This kit has welded seams as opposed to stitching and glue. The kit also comes with a water-tight zipper. Each kit also comes with lubrication gel since the zippers need to be lubricated from time to time to stay waterproof.

A worlds first!

This fist aid kit is 100% water tight with an IPX7 rating. This means the kit can be kept underwater for 30-minutes up to a depth of 1 meter.

NOTE: If the kit was in salt water, remember to rinse it off with fresh water.

The zipper is a comfortable T-handle to help with opening and is strong enough to keep out any moisture. That’s why they also added group adjustment pullers to the bag so you can open and close it quickly and effectively.

Labeled compartments

At Surviveware they make preparedness easy. During and emergency, stay calm and let the bag do the thinking for you.

Every section is labeled, so you can find what you need in a heartbeat. All Surviveware kits are designed with ease in mind to help you perform the task at hand and be a hero.

This revolutionary kit is no different. It’s well and truly a world first for travelers, hikers and boaters.

Think versatility

This kit comes with a removable MOLLE compatible system with D-rings. It means you can adhere it to car headrests, backpacks, roll bars and around the boat and kayak.

You need a kit on hand at all times? This kit can even be adhered vertically to the material in your car’s trunk! Rather than taking up space in your backpack, strap in on the outside of your bag, ready for emergencies and out of the way of other useful supplies.

Quality materials

This bag is made from 600D TPU. It’s strong and will not rip, they stake their reputation on it. If your’e not happy, send it back for a full refund.

All internal supplies are top-notch, from stainless steel shears to the CPR pouch with one-way mask and CPR instructions embedded in the pouch.

What Surviveware stands for

At Surviveware, they think preparedness, live survival, and breathe first aid.

When you are stressed and faced with an emergency, being organized will help you stay calm. That’s why all their kits are organized so you can find what you need.

Their kits do the thinking for you, so you can take action when time is of the essence. They are a small family run company that has become a trusted brand in the backpacking, camping and preparedness world.

With quality products and care, they ensure each customer gets what they paid for and is treated like family.

Why buy this waterproof first aid kit?

  • An IPX7 waterproof bag made from 600D TPU materials and a quality water-tight zipper.
  • The seams are welded, not stitched. This means a 100% waterproof-haven is formed (Do not submerge for longer than 30-minutes.)
  • Each inner sleeve is organized by category. During times of need, get to the right items quickly. After items are used, easily see what needs to be replaced and keep your bag organized for the next use.

NOTE: It’s encouraged people add their own items: you have a little extra space available for your unique requirements.

Advanced first aid handbook

During an emergency, it’s natural to panic and stress. This kit comes with an advanced first aid kit manual to help you make the correct decisions when you need it the most.

What’s inside this kit?

Everything you need during an emergency!

  • Waterproof zippers and manual.
  • D-rings so it can be hung on hooks.
  • MOLLE system so you can easily adhere to your bicycle seat or bars.
  • MOLLE snaps and straps so you can adhere it to a larger bag with ease.
  • Adjustable strap so you can hang it to a roll bar.
  • Comprehensive first aid guide.
  • Removable CPR kit with instructions.
  • IPX7 waterproof.
  • Easily straps to your truck’s roll bar.

TIP: When at camp, the beach or the woods, strap your kit to a bar. This ensures the kit is visible. With it’s vivid red color, it’s easy to be spotted and retrieved by you or anyone else on your party.

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