Tern Link D8 For Serious, Everyday Commuting

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Tern Link D8 for serious, everyday commuting! Over a year an a half ago, when I needed a bicycle to do a round trip of 10 miles daily, I took the leap and purchased a Tern Link D8.

The Tern Link D8 was highly recommending by NYCEWheels after I told them what I needed it for.

I needed a folding bicycle that would hold up to the everyday, harsh elements such as rain, snow, wind, cold , heat, etc. It also needed to ride just like a regular full sized bike, while also packing down small enough to be stored at home. At work. Plus, be able to be brought onto public transportation such as a bus or train.

My folding bike had to be able to go everywhere that I had to go.

At first I was skeptical of the Tern bicycle brand. After-all, I had a 16-inch folding bicycle already, that was specifically designed for people who love cycling in the city. Why would I take my chances on a brand that I had no experience with?

On the Tern website, the D8 is known as the “Jack Of All Trades.” And after riding this bike for over a year and a half, I can now see why.

This folding bicycle has a lot of amazing features that my 16-inch folding bicycle doesn’t have.

Even though it’s not as compact, it still folds up into a small size.

Here’s the things that makes the Tern Link D8 so great

N-Fold Technology

Many Tern Bikes feature what is called N-Fold Technology. With N-Fold Technology, Tern Bikes fold fast and easy in three easy steps. This makes it simple for everyone to master, even those who have never owned a folding bike before.

N-Fold Technology
N-Fold Technology

N-Fold allows you to fold the bicycle with the front wheel pointing forward, which makes the bike more compact.

And with the handlepost folded to the outside, Tern Bikes can also be easily rolled when folded for easy transport.

Tern Link D8 uses Magnetix 2.0 to keep it all together

Of course, folding your bicycle wouldn’t be a plus, unless you had a convenient way to keep it all together.

Magnetix 2.0 keeps the Tern Link D8 together
Magnetix 2.0 keeps the Tern Link D8 together

Fortunately, the Link D8 features the Magnetix 2.0. With two powerful magnets that keep your bike folded, it’s easy to carry your bicycle up and down stairs. Or lift it into the trunk of a car.

These magnets have a pull force of 10-15 kgf. What this means is that they will keep your bike folded even when being jolted and moved about.

It’s great to have a bicycle that folds, but what about the ride quality?

Ride folding bikes long enough, and you’ll realized one thing. Folding bikes tend to excel at either folding or riding.

My Link D8 uses an aluminum frame, capable of holding a 230 lb rider, along with the following patented features:

Tern Link D8 has Doubletruss Technology

The rear half of the Tern Link D8 frame uses what’s known as Dougletruss Technology. This is a patented 3D structure that builds in extra stiffness, and resists torsional forces so the bike doesn’t flex.

Dougletruss Technology
Dougletruss Technology

I noticed that no matter how hard I pedaled, the frame of my Tern never flexed. All I felt was better power transfer from the pedals to the rear wheel.

Physis 3D Handlepost sets a new benchmark

What I love the most about the Tern is the Physis 3D handlepost.

Using five patented technologies and unique manufacturing technology, this handlepost has the strongest and stiffest design available.

Physis 3D handlepost
Physis 3D handlepost

The Physis uses a special manufacturing process called 3D forging, which forms a post from a single piece of aluminum, eliminating all welds.

Andros Stem is adjustable to fit anyone

The Andros is Terns patented adjustable stem that allows you to set your handlebars where you want to without tools.

Andros Stem
Andros Stem

This makes it very easy to adjust your handlebars to long and low in a tough headwind. Or upright and comfy for riding around town.

I love this feature because I can quickly adjust the way I want to ride depending upon how I feel or the conditions.

We cannot forget to mention the robust folding technology known as the OCL Frame Joint

My Tern features a heavy duty, OCL frame hinge, that exceeds the ISO 4210 and EN 15194 testing requirements.

OCL Frame Joint
OCL Frame Joint

Leveraging the hinge design of the long-tail Tern Cargo Node, the OCL features a single shaft, advanced welding techniques, and robust gussets, so it stays stiff and strong during even the fastest commutes.

Schwalbe Big Apple tires came on the Tern Link D8

Most of the time when you purchase a bicycle, the tires are the first thing that needs upgrading.

Schwalbe Big Apple tires
Schwalbe Big Apple tires

On the Tern Link D8, this wasn’t necessary. Big Apple tires were already on this bike.

Schwalbe Big Apples are special, because they’re fast rolling and super comfortable on the road.

Luggage socket so you can carry more stuff

Luggage socket on the Tern Link D8
Luggage socket on the Tern Link D8

You can fix the Tern Luggage Truss to the Luggage Socket, and then attach your choice of front luggage. It can be a rack, basket, or bag as long as it’s KlickFix compatible.

General Tern Link D8 Specifications

  • 8-speed drivetrain for all the range you need in the city.
  • Andros handlebar stem for tool-free riding position adjustments on the fly.
  • Shimano Claris rear derailleur for quick and responsive gear shifting.
  • Schwalbe Big Apple tires with Kevlar puncture protection.
  • Folds in under 10 seconds to fit under a desk.
  • Magnetix 2.0 lock the bike in place when folded.
  • Rear rack, fenders and integrated lighting available as options, in select countries.

General Info

COLOR: Black, Grey, Blue, Navy Blue, Line Green

WHEEL SIZE: 20” wheels


WEIGHT: 12.1 kg (26.7 Lb)

FOLDING SIZE: 38x79x72 cm (15”x31.1”x28.3”)



GEAR INCHES: 33”-87” (2.60-6.94 m)

DISTANCE: SEATPOST TO HANDLEBAR: Min. 620mm (24.4”) Max: 690mm (37.8”)

DISTANCE: SADDLE TO PEDAL: Min 700mm (27.6”) Max: 960mm (37.8”)

SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT: 142-190cm (4’8”-6’3”)



FRAME: Tern Link, aluminum, OCL joint, 3 patented technologies

FORK: Integrated, hi-tensile steel


HANDLEPOST: Tern Physis 3D (G2), 3D forged, 5 patented technologies

STEM: Tern Andros (G2), adjustable, forged construction, patented technology

HEADSET: Flux, cartridge bearings, Physis integrated

HANDLEBAR: Flat bar, 6061-AL, Andros butted

GRIPS/BAR TAPE: Velo ergonomic, lock-on

SADDLE: Biological Como DLX

SEATPOST: SuperOversize, 6061-AL, micro-adjust clamp

SEATPOST CLAMP: SuperOversize, 6061-AL

Tern Link D8 Brakes

FRONT BRAKE: V, aluminum, linear spring

REAR BRAKE: V, aluminum, linear spring

BRAKE LEVERS: V, aluminum bracket/lever

BRAKE CABLE & HOUSING: Anti-compression housing, slick cables


Tern Link D8 Wheels

FRONT HUB: Mini, aluminum, QR Opt: Panasonic dynamo

REAR HUB: Formula, 8 speed cassette

SPOKES AND NIPPLES: Sapim Leader, stainless steel

RIMS: Doublewall aluminum

TIRES: Schwalbe Big Apple, 50-406, puncture protection, Reflex


Transmission for Tern Link D8

SHIFTERS: Shimano, 1×8, trigger


CRANKSET: Forged 6061 aluminum crank arms, hand-polished


BOTTOM BRACKET: Cartridge, sealed bearings

CHAIN: 8 speed

PEDALS: Folding, alloy body



Bells & Whistles

BELL: Aluminum

KICKSTAND: Deluxe center mount

CLIP SYSTEM: Magnetix 2.0


FRONT LIGHT: Opt: Tern Valo 2, integrated, 41 lux/150 lumens

REAR LIGHT: Opt: RP Chromeplastic, stainless hardware

RACK(S): Opt: Tern Loader Rack

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