Tern The Page To Future Success

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Last night while riding my trusty Tern Link D8 in the dark, I realized that I think of all kinds of interesting stuff. Some of the stuff is crazy shit, while some is very creative. Now before I go on a rant here, I’m going to warn you. I’m not an internet, marketing or entrepreneur guru who wants to sell you some bullshit course or book. I’m just a regular guy who’s went through a lot of stuff growing up, and overcame a lot of odds. While overcoming these odds I’ve made a ton of mistakes. Questioned many of the decisions that I’ve made. And asked a lot of “what if’s.” These are all natural reactions to being human, because after-all I’m nowhere’s near perfect. But in my quest to trying to be as near perfect as possible I’ve learned many things while working on future success.

Future success is all about mindset

As I already mentioned, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past. And I’m sure I’ll make a million more before I leave this place to join the big dude up in the sky. If the big dude up in the sky doesn’t want me, that’s okay too. I’ll just stay down here longer with you amazing people and raise more hell. Heck, you can even join me too!

During this past year, I’ve really learned to let go, and start having fun again. This new mindset of having fun has required me to let go of negative past experiences. It was hard to get to this point because I had to stop worrying about what others thought of me. And instead had to focus on what makes me happy.

I had to constantly remind myself that it doesn’t matter what my mom, dad and other family members want. All that matters is that I’m happy.

Now, I wish I could tell you that all it took was reading some self help book. Or taking some magical course written by some mystical, hippie looking dude who meditates in some temple high up in the mountains somewhere. I know it would make for a much more interesting story, but then I wouldn’t be telling you an honest story. Plus, I’d be lying to myself in the process in order to make me feel better about myself.

Instead, I’m going to lay it all on the line and show you my true side even if I expose all my insecurities in the process. This might not be the most comfortable thing for me to do, but at least you’ll get to know the real me.

To achieve future success you must first know yourself

Growing up I guess I was a lot different than the other kids. Instead of studying or going to Sunday school, I’d be outside all day dreaming of creating the wildest shit imaginable. I’d dream of inventing the finest flying saucer to explore far of galaxies in outer space. I’d imagine creating an indestructible robot that would conquer bullies all over the world. Even pretend to build a ray gun capable of taking over the world. Yes, I was a weird kid but the thing I never lacked was a huge imagination to create. In fact, I had more imagination than excuses to try not build any of the wild stuff I thought of.

At times, my imagination would get the best of me. Instead of playing outside with the other kids, I’d sit in my room drawing all the crazy crap I envisioned in my head. At one time, I even thought of an indestructible car that couldn’t be destroyed with nuclear weapons.

While I never lacked imagination, there was still one huge problem. I had so much imagination that I never knew what to do with it. My natural instinct to create was also my biggest downfall.

Natural creators, such as myself usually have a lot of artistic talent. But this creates a huge problem. We get too ambitious  and dream too big, making it hard for us too put all this creative energy into action.

Another problem is that our ideas are so unique that others might not be able to understand what we’re trying to accomplish.

All this creative energy forced me to slow down and focus on one thing at a time. And while we’re talking about creations, I’m also lousy at multitasking. If I try to focus on too many things at once I tend to get frustrated, because I like to give everything I work on my full attention. In the past I’ve tried to work on this to no avail.

Knowing my strengths and weaknesses

Discovering my greatest strengths and weaknesses has been my biggest challenge. My problem is that I am interested in so many things including entrepreneurship, it took a while to know what I really wanted to do.

While in college, I knew I wanted to start a business but wasn’t sure what I was going to start or how. At one point I wanted to start a commercial cleaning business after graduating from college. But that darn varied interest problem snuck up on me again.

Over time I realized that I had a problem with getting started. Once I got started on something I would be able to solve just about any problem that was put in front of me.

When I was working for Corporate America this ability to solve a problem and come up with a better solution was a plus and a minus. Many times I would come up with a solution that was faster and cheaper, which the company I worked for loved. But the problem was that they didn’t like how I would think for myself. A person like me is hard to control because I need to be creative to be happy. This makes it very hard to control me.

I still struggle with many of the strengths and weaknesses that I’ve mentioned. But I’m working on trying to emphasize my strengths while minimizing my weaknesses.

My struggle with entrepreneurship

When I first entered college I was a technology fanatic. In high school I spent hours programming robots to do all kinds of crazy shit. At one point I got so involved with these robots that I’d put extra time in during lunch.

By the time I left high school I had a full scholarship to college. With a background in programming and putting computer chips together, I thought I’d get a great degree in computer technology.

Well, as they always say, you never know what the future holds. And life can be unpredictable. This saying is so true, because I experienced it. I had to take a few electives in order to compliment my degree, so I figured a few courses in business wouldn’t hurt.

Little that I knew, the business courses were the right fit for me. I ended up liking the courses in business so much that I changed my major to Business Administration. The Business Administration just felt natural to me, and I excelled at it.

The problem is that I had the wrong idea of what true entrepreneurship was all about. I thought that starting a business was all about how much money you could make. It never crossed my mind that you had to love the business that you started. Or that happiness was more important than anything else. Just like high school, college taught me that it was all about winning at any cost, and how much money I made.

Here’s what true future success is all about

Here’s the true secret to future success. You must first get to know yourself and conquer your own inner demons. This sounds a lot easier than it sounds because we all carry extra baggage around.

As kids we have tons of energy, ambition and creativity. We’re  eager to take over the world and don’t care about what others think of us. We’re not afraid to say what’s on our mind and we aren’t afraid to dream big.

The problem is that as we get older, these dreams and ambition gets trained out of us. We’re told that we have to pick a profession such as a doctor, lawyer or dentist. And to become one of these highly sough after professionals, we have to attend college.

In high school and college we’re forced to memorize a bunch of crap, but never taught to think for ourselves. After years of being brainwashed to follow rules and never go against the grain, we lose our natural talents and creativity.

We also worry more about what our family and friends think of us. Instead of following our dreams, we go to college and get a certain job to make everyone else proud. As a result our own happiness takes a back seat. Many times we make great money, but we are completely miserable the whole time.

Here’s what truly makes me happy

I truly believe that the only way for me to achieve future success is to do what makes me happy. This might involve making tons of mistakes and causing those around me to question my decisions. But I don’t want to be 120 years old on my deathbed regretting all the mistakes I didn’t make.

Yes, I might not make billions or millions of dollars doing what I love. I might not ever become famous in the process. Heck, it’s even possible I can lose every single cent that I have, and even go bankrupt. Anything is possible.

But on the other hand, I might achieve more than I ever though I was capable of. What if I build a company that I absolutely love? What if I become rich while helping others out with their problems. There’s even a possibility that I will become famous without even trying.

Anything is possible if I put my fears aside and go for what I truly believe in while being myself.

By nature I’m a naturally social person. I love talking, helping and getting to know people without judgement. I’m a huge fitness junkie. And I absolutely love cycling. It doesn’t matter what type of cycling it is. Or what type of bicycle I’m riding. And I’m absolutely obsessed with trying out new accessories from amazing companies.

My idea of future success is connecting with amazing people on a personal level, and creating incredible new friendships.

Let’s Tern the page to future success

Tern Link D8 folding bike ready for anything that the night can throw at it. Love this folding bike.
Tern Link D8 folding bike ready for anything that the night can throw at it. Love this folding bike.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, last night I was riding my Tern Link D8 in the dark. For the last 8 months the Tern Link D8 has been my main form of transportation. I ride this folding bike not because I’m an environmental nut. It’s not because I hate cars. Or that I’m looking for tons of attention, even though I get a lot of that.

It’s because I truly love cycling. When I’m cycling I truly feel free. It makes me feel alive while dealing with the weather and exploring new places.

In my last few posts, “To Ride Or Not Ride A Bike Is The Question,” and “Cycle Like You Don’t Give A Damn,” I really opened up about how much I love cycling. I put so much passion and personality into these two posts because I deeply expressed how I felt.

If my future success involves riding a Tern Link D8 folding bike, then I say bring it on. Look at those bright lights!
If my future success involves riding a Tern Link D8 folding bike, then I say bring it on. Look at those bright lights!

During the last eight years of cycling, and last year leaving a toxic work environment, I’ve learned some very important lessons.

Life is too precious to waste on being miserable. And you don’t have to be miserable while earning an honest living. You can truly help others while still accomplishing all your hopes and dreams. I’m by no means an expert on this topic, but I’m working on it.

I think I’ve talked enough about me.

What kind of future success would you like to achieve?

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