Tern Verge X11 Moves At Lightning Speed

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Built to be lightning fast, the Tern Verge X11 has some amazing technology built into it that makes it all happen.

These three technological leaps allows the Tern Verge X11 to move at lightning speed.

It has 451 wheels, T-Tuned™ geometry, and hyper-wide 1x drivetrains.

It’s the no-holds-barred Verge, with hand-built Kinetix™ Pro X wheels, a carbon fiber crankset, optional mirror finish, and a monster 10-42 tooth cassette for steep climbs and spirited descents.

Ride one and then you’ll understand why it’s called Light Speed.

The Tern Verge X11

The Tern Verge X11 rides like a fast hybrid bike. It’s light at 22.5 lbs. Stiff, with a hydroformed frame. T-Tuned Geometry makes it agile. The SRAM drivetrain makes it accelerate fast. And with 451 wheels, it rolls along much quicker than you’d expect from a folder. It’s fun to ride and pretty smooth. The result is traveling a good distance within a short period of time. Making it suitable for both long and short commutes. The hydraulic disc brakes are awesome in terms of stopping power, which is great on a stop-start commute.

Tern X11 frame

Tern’s Verge X11, T-Tuned Geometry hydroformed 7005-Al frame with smooth TIG welding, is extremely stable.

Hydroformed 7005-Al w/ smooth TIG welding, T-Tuned™ geometry frame.
Hydroformed 7005-Al w/ smooth TIG welding, T-Tuned™ geometry frame.

It’s not as big as standard 700c wheels you’d find on a hybrid or road bike, but it does feel similar in ride with its 22-inch size (451mm) wheels.

This makes it larger than your standard sized 20-inch folding bike.

The frame has a longer wheelbase. A tweaked fork rake and head tube angle. And a slacker seat tube.

It provides you with a sportier riding position compared with other standard frames on folding bikes.

Resulting in more momentum with each pedal stroke, and rolling a lot longer. If you didn’t look down at the wheels, you’d never be able to tell that you weren’t riding a full-sized bike.

Just keep in mind that the folded bike is larger than a traditional folding bike, which often has 16-inch wheels.

Tern X11 specification

The Tern X11 gives you top of the line specs at a MSRP of $2,699.00. This seems like a high price, but once you step onto it, you’ll be wowed with it’s lighting quick speed.

Kinetic Pro X wheels
Tern Verge X11 uses hydraulic discs and premium wheels.
Tern Verge X11 uses hydraulic discs and premium wheels.

That’s because it’s decked out with hand-built Kinetix Pro X wheels, with only 20 paired, straight-pull spokes per wheel, with resilient Schwalbe Durano tires.

SRAM Force 1x crankset

All the power you push into the pedals will give you incredible acceleration thanks to the SRAM Force 1x crankset, with carbon cranks and a 52-tooth chainring alongside a 10-42T cassette.

Tern Verge X11 has one large chainring and a massive cassette.
Tern Verge X11 has one large chainring and a massive cassette.

The bigger (451mm) wheels gives you more power to reach lighting speeds on the descents and flats. And the larger 10-42T, 11 spd cassette gives you plenty of lower gears for climbing steep inclines.

Disc brakes included

For superior stopping power, there’s front and rear Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes. Paired with Shimano Deore brake levers, and Shimano Deore brake cables and housing.

Built in rear light

For added safety at night there’s a Biologic TailLight built in.

Syntace VRO adjustable stem

The Syntace VRO adjustable stem that has been designed for Tern allows the rider to alter their position to a lower, more aggressive stance.

Tern Verge X11 has an adjustable stem for various handlebar positions.
Tern Verge X11 has an adjustable stem for various handlebar positions.

Or upright one for a more casual, comfortable ride. This also makes it completely adjustable in order to fit different sized riders.

The handlebar is a Kinetix Pro X made from double-butted alloy with Ergon grips and saddle.

Tern Verge X11 ride

The X11 looks sleek with a matt-black finish and splashes of metallic blue. Rides fast and smooth with Pro X wheels. And feels super light at only 22.5 lbs.

A lightning fast ride with great technology

As soon as you put the power to the pedals, you’ll swear you’re riding a full sized hybrid bike.

The lightweight, agility, and acceleration along with rolling for a long distance, the X11 doesn’t feel like your typical folding bicycle.

This is one fun folding bike that feels smooth thanks to the Schwalbe Durano tires and T-Tuned Geometry.

All these technological leaps makes the X11 perfect for both long and short commutes.

You also get hydraulic disc brakes that provide better stopping power in all weather conditions.

And better for a stop-start commute in an urban environment littered with red lights at every corner.


The X11 is capable of tackling just about any terrain or hill you throw at it whether commuting daily, or going on long, fast rides.

This quick as lighting folding bike has a 10-42T cassette that chews up hills easily along with straight flats.

Compared to other folding bikes such as the Tern Link D8 and Brompton, the X11 feels like a rocket on wheels.

Just don’t ride in wet weather seeing the X11 doesn’t come with fenders.

Folding the X11

The X11 is quick and easy to fold. Just like other Tern folding bikes, you first drop the seat post.

Then open the OCL frame joint. Fold the frame with the front wheel pointing forward by making contact with the two magnets.

And finish by opening the stem clamp, lowering it, and securing it with the rubber strap.

It won’t fold as small and neat as a Brompton, but it’s a compromise for larger wheels that roll smoother and faster.

Carrying the X11

You have to also be careful while loading the Tern Verge X11 into a car trunk, as the magnets that hold it together can suddenly come loose.

The X11 is also clumsier to carry, and doesn’t roll as good while folded like a Brompton does.

And the the brake levers rub against the fork when folded – which could damage the smart paint job in consistent use. It just feels a little clumsy.

It’s large size while folded

Also, the Tern X11 is rather large when folded making it difficult to bring along on a crowded train or bus.

It’s a little larger than most when folded.
It’s a little larger than most when folded.

It doesn’t fit in a standard luggage rack. And you have to be careful not to rub the exposed chain on your clothes or other passengers, as it leaves oil stains.

The Tern X11 is very light and stable while carrying it on your shoulder thanks to the Ergon SMC30 Pro saddle with TiNox Rails.

This makes it very easy to carry up and down stairs at train stations and so on.

Folded, due to the large size it’s less practical, but does roll along well on the wheels.

WHERE TO BUY: https://www.ternbicycles.com


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