The Fisher Space Pen Isn’t Just For Astronauts

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Today is an exciting day my cool urbanite visitors. We’re going to talk about one of the most awesome products ever. This unique product is called the Fisher Space Pen.

I know it’s a pen, but this isn’t your ordinary, everyday, cheap pen. This pen is special, and you urbanites are going to love it.

My Fisher Space Pen Arrived Four Days Ago

Four days ago this amazing Fisher Pen arrived at my door step. It was wrapped up nicely in a shipping envelope, with a tiny box inside.

Upon opening the tiny box, I noticed another even smaller box. I’ve never seen a pen this small before, so I assumed that some assembly would be required.

Fisher Space Pen Box With Picture Of Astronauts
Fisher Space Pen Box With Picture Of Astronauts

The small box was tricky to open, so I made sure to be very careful not to tear it. On this teeny tiny box is an incredible photo of astronauts walking on the moon.

I didn’t want to ruin it because I wouldn’t be able to take a nice photo of it to show you. Or should we say, show off a bit.

Fisher Space Pen In Plastic Case
Fisher Space Pen In Plastic Case

Inside this beautifully designed box is a plastic case with a clear cover. It allows you to see how small and amazingly engineered the Fisher Space Pen truly is.

The Fisher Pen Isn’t Your Everyday, Cheap, Mass Produced Pen

The particular pen that Fisher sent me is a Bullet Pen. This was one of Paul Fishers first ideas, named for it’s sleek round ends.

To this very day, the Fisher Bullet Space Pen is in The Museum of Modern arts permanent collection as a symbol of American industrial design.

It’s also one of Fishers Space Pen’s most popular gift items, and comes in 16 colors and finishes.

There’s a reason the Fisher Space Pen has become an American Icon, and has been around so long.

Take your ordinary, cheap, mass produced pen that relies on gravity, and do a little experiment. Lay down, hold something above you, and try to write.

You’ll notice very quickly that the pen stops writing within seconds. This might not seem like such a big deal at first, because most of us never write like this.

Regular Pens Are No Match Compared To The Fisher Space Pen

Regular pens are junk compared to the Fisher Space Pen. They are messy, and dry up within a few months.

Plus the ink gets all over. It smears all over when you touch it, and still isn’t dry a week later.

You can actually transfer a signature to another piece of paper by touching it with your thumb.

There’s been many times when I’ve tried to sign receipts at a restaurant or bank, and the pen wouldn’t write. Even after putting something under the paper, the pen still wouldn’t work.

With the Fisher Space Pen, this isn’t an issue whatsoever. That’s because the cartridge is pressurized with a visco-elastic, thixotropic, solid-gel ink.

The result is a ballpoint pen that will write dependably smooth, upside down, underwater, over grease, in extreme cold and hot temperatures, with an estimated shelf life of over 100 years.

In order to show you how these excellent, American Made Pens are manufactured by this third generation company, I’ve included this very informational video below.


The Reasons Why I Love Carrying The Fisher Space Pen, But Not Regular Pens

I’m not a fan of Fisher Space Pens just because they can write in zero gravity. As I mentioned above, these pens can write under extreme conditions.

And as an urban commuter, I have to be able to count on my pen to write at all times, and not leak destructive ink all over.

I’ve lost count of how many times my regular pens have left a puddle of ink in my pants pockets, only to get all over my fingers when I reached in to grab it.

Not only were my pants ruined, but everything I touched got ink smothered all over it.

Without water and soap available to wash my hands, the ink ended up ruining all my personal belongings.

This can also be a problem if you’re doing business with important clients. Imagine your pen not working if you’re trying to have a client sign an important paper.

Your client will get frustrated if your pen doesn’t work, or they get ink all over their hands.

Plus do you want the signature and details of the contract to be all smeared and messy because the ink never dried?

Someone like me who’s ambidextrous gets even more upset when ink smears all over his hands, because I tend to write with both.

Fisher Space Pens Are The Perfect Size For Everyday Carry

After opening the plastic case, I realized that this Fisher Space Pen was meant to be small, and didn’t require any assembly.

For four days I carried this Fisher Space Pen in my shirt pocket without the horrible looking pocket protector. In my pants pockets. And even in my Adidas Sackpack.

And because the outer shell is so durable, would make it an excellent travel companion.

The last time I flew into JFK International Airport, and took a train to Suffern, New York this awesome pen would have been very useful.

Many people have complained about how small the Fisher Space Pen  is, and how tired your hand can get from writing a long time.

For me this isn’t an issue because I plan on using it to write notes, directions and sign an occasional receipt.

Fisher Is A Small American Based, Third Generation Company, With employees That Have Been There For Almost 50 Years

Fisher Space Pen became an American Icon when Paul Fisher invented a retractable, pressurized pen called the anti-gravity 7(#AG7). This pen worked flawlessly in zero gravity aboard the first manned Apollo mission in 1968.

Fast forward to 2018, and Fisher Space Pens are flown aboard every manned space flight, in the U.S, Russia, and China. In my opinion this company is phenomenal.

It’s a third generation company run by Paul Fisher’s son, Cary Fisher along with Donald “Dock” Wong, who has been at Fisher Space Pen for almost 50 years.

Has a state of the art, 30,000-square-foot warehouse in Boulder City, Nevada, where 65 employees create and manufacture the company’s unique line of high-quality Fisher Space Pens.

Since 1968 over 400 million Fisher Space Pens have been produced, with 50 million sold through distributors in 53 countries around the world.

As phenomenal as Fisher Space Pens are, it wouldn’t be possible without the great people who work there. Cary Fisher’s belief is that people should be treated with respect and dignity.

He knows all his employees by first and last name and values each one of their jobs equally.

To show you how this incredible company that believes in the notion of “Made in America”, and focuses on producing amazing products, watch these highly informational videos I provided below.

What I Love About Fisher Pens, And The Reasons Why I’d Recommend Them

Fisher makes amazing writing instruments. Ever since Paul Fisher invented the anti-gravity 7, this ethical company that makes their products in America, has been innovating ever since.

The Fisher Space Pen Is Small Enough To Fit In My Hand
The Fisher Space Pen Is Small Enough To Fit In My Hand

They now make various models of pens such as the Fisher Space Bullet Pen, which I absolutely love. At first sight it might seem very small, and impractical, but it’s the best writing pen I’ve ever tried.

Unlike the cheap pens, the ink flows evenly and doesn’t leave those awful ink blotches everywhere. And no matter what angle or material I’ve tried writing on, it still writes smoothly and evenly.

Yes, I tried writing on wet paper and it still worked. And just to give it the final test, I tried smearing the ink four days later, and it didn’t smudge.

Writing notes with the Pen
Writing notes with the Pen

This is a great everyday pen to due to it’s size. It fits in all pockets. Backpacks which will be a huge plus while flying, and even my tiny Adidas Sackpack.

It might seem like I’m recommending Fisher Space Pen by the products alone but I’m not.

Fisher Is One Awesome, Ethical Company

Lately I’ve been reviewing products from companies that I truly believe in and respect. I take all these reviews very seriously, and the reason I research the companies very carefully before working with them.

Fisher Space Pen has all the qualities that I look for in a company. They respect all the employees that work for them. Whenever a company has employees that have been around for 50 years, you know that it must have an amazing culture.

Learn more about this amazing company’s culture at their About Page.

Plus, they’ve been featured in many publications including an episode of Seinfeld, that makes it even cooler since I have an actually Fisher Space Pen in my hand, which was used to write the notes to finish this post.

Of course I had to include this funny video below, because I’m now an official Fisher Space Pen and Seinfeld fan.

Besides, why should astronauts have all the fun?


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