The Tern Eclipse P20 Is An Urban Performance Machine

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The Tern Eclipse P20 folding bike is an urban performance machine. What makes this bicycle special is that it can fold down super fast while still being great for going car free. It can handle grocery trips, with plenty of luggage capacity. Can withstand all types of weather. Be ridden at night. And most importantly, gives you day-in, day out reliability.

MSRP $1,699.00 // 12.22 kg (26.9 lb)


  • Kinetix™ Pro Disc 26” wheels with patented Rolf Paired Spoke design
  • Shimano Tiagra drivetrain for 20 speeds and precise, responsive shifting
  • Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes for all-weather stopping power
  • Adjustable VRO handlebar stem to fine tune your ride position
  • BioLogic Arx™ grips with a hidden multi-tool
  • High performance Kojak road tires with puncture protection
  • Folds compactly in 10 seconds for storage and transport

The Tern Eclipse P20 is one attractive folding bike

Just because a bicycle folds, it doesn’t mean it can’t look attractive. The Tern Eclipse P20 looks absolutely stunning with it’s hydroformed 7005-Al frame w/ smooth TIG welding. And Tarsus, 6061-AL, hydroformed fork. All painted with a durable, stealth black finish.


What are some of the incredible features of this folding bike?

Tern’s Eclipse P20 is a high-performance road bike that folds down fast. This folding bike was engineered for speed, with it’s custom 26” Rolf Paired Spoke Wheels, a 250mm Physis™ 3D handlepost, and performance-tuned frame geometry. Also it sports a stealth black finish, hydraulic disc brakes, and hidden design perks like the BioLogic Arx grips with an integrated multi-tool.


The Tern Eclipse P20 OCL Joint is a new reference in folding frame technology.
The Tern Eclipse P20 OCL Joint is a new reference in folding frame technology.

OCL™ Frame Joint

Advanced folding technology

The key to any folding bicycle is the frame, and specifically, the folding joint at the heart of the frame. Done well, it locks the two halves of the frame together without any hint of movement or sound. It should be easy to operate and work flawlessly year after year. The OCL Joint does all of these things and is a new reference in folding frame technology.

Tern Eclipse P20 utilizes a single hydroformed tube mated to a precision-machined steerer.
Tern Eclipse P20 utilizes a single hydroformed tube mated to a precision-machined steerer.

Tarsus™ Fork

Hydroform meets function

Utilizing a single hydroformed tube mated to a precision-machined steerer, the Tarsus delivers superior strength in a shape that matches the sophisticated lines of the Verge and Eclipse frames.

The Physis uses a special manufacturing process called 3D forging.
The Physis uses a special manufacturing process called 3D forging.

Physis™ 3D Handlepost

The new benchmark

Five patented technologies and unique manufacturing technology add up to the strongest, stiffest folding handlepost available. The Physis uses a special manufacturing process called 3D forging, which forms the post from a single piece of aluminum, eliminating all welds.

Tern Eclipse P20 features a Syntace VRO Stem.
Tern Eclipse P20 features a Syntace VRO Stem.

Syntace VRO Stem

Find your fit
Your bike should adapt to fit you―not the other way around. This adjustable stem allows you to position your handlebars further, for a more stretched and aggressive riding position, or up higher for increased comfort.

Powerful Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes.
Powerful Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes.

Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Stopping power

When you’re going fast, in all sorts of weather conditions, you need brakes that work, and work well. Tektro hydraulics fit the bill with sure, single-finger stopping power.

Lightweight Kinetix Pro Disc Wheels.
Lightweight Kinetix Pro Disc Wheels.

Kinetix Pro Disc Wheels

Speed alert

A paired-spoke design allows Tern to build a strong wheel with fewer spokes—resulting in a lightweight, aerodynamic wheel for fast riding.

Tern Eclipse P20 has Schwalbe Kojak tires.
Tern Eclipse P20 has Schwalbe Kojak tires.

Schwalbe Kojak Tires

Fast and light

Light and fast tires with enough volume to keep things comfy. Kojak’s are ideal for fast commutes or longish weekend rides.

A Shimano Tiagra 2 x 10 drivetrain.
A Shimano Tiagra 2 x 10 drivetrain.

Shimano Tiagra 2 x 10 Drivetrain

Do it all

To give you awesome climbing gears while maintaining downhill speed, Tern pairs an 11-32T cassette, compact double 50/34T crankset, and Shimano Tiagra derailleurs.

Made for two-wheeled urban transportation

The Eclipse family of bikes is a groundbreaking rethink about two-wheeled urban transportation. They ride like regular non-folding bikes, but still small. Making them perfect if you’re going mostly car-free in the city.

Tern knows that your ride needs to handle grocery bags, all kinds of weather, riding at night and most importantly, give you day-in, day-out reliability.

Your bicycle also needs to play well with buses and trains for those longer commutes. And when you’re done, it should fold up nicely and out of the way, safely waiting for tomorrow’s ride.

Why the Eclipse P20 for urban commuting?

The Eclipse is a full-featured flat-bar road bike with full-size wheels—that just so happens to fold. Tern loaded it up with the exact elements needed to create a lightning-fast ride with an amazing feel, all while retaining the versatility and convenience of a folding bike. Folding never rode so fast.



SPEEDS: 2 x 10
WEIGHT: 12.22 kg (26.9 lb)
GEAR INCHES: 26″ – 112″ (2.09 – 8.92 m)
FOLDING SIZE: 38 × 90 × 81 cm (15 × 35.4 × 31.9 in)
FRAME SIZES:  One size
DISTANCE:SEATPOST TO HANDLEBAR: 63 – 70 cm (24.8 – 27.6 in)                                                               DISTANCE: SADDLE TO PEDAL: 77 – 104 cm (30.3 – 40.9 in)                                                                           SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT: 148 – 195 cm (58.3 – 76.8 in)
MAX GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT: 120 kg (264.6 lb)
MAX LOAD WEIGHT: 105 kg (231.5 lb)
MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 105 kg (231.5 lb)


FRAME: Tern Eclipse, hydroformed 7005-Al w/ smooth TIG welding, 3 patented technologies
FORK: Tarsus, 6061-AL, hydroformed


HANDLEPOST: Tern Physis 3D (G2), 3D forged, 5 patented technologies
STEM: Syntace VRO, adjustable
HEADSET: Flux, cartridge bearings, Physis integrated
HANDLEBAR: Kinetix Comp, 6061-Al, VRO butted
SADDLE: BioLogic Phia, PrimeGel padding
SEATPOST: SuperOversize, 6061-Al, forged clamp
SEATPOST CLAMP: Syntace OverLock


FRONT BRAKE: Tektro Auriga, hydraulic disc
REAR BRAKE: Tektro Auriga, hydraulic disc
BRAKE LEVERS: Tektro Auriga, hydraulic disc
BRAKE CABLE & HOUSING: Tektro Auriga, hydraulic


FRONT HUB: Kinetix Pro Disc, 24H
REAR HUB: Kinetix Pro Disc, 24H
SPOKES AND NIPPLES: Double-butted 18/10 stainless, Sapim Polyax nipples
RIMS: Kinetix Pro X, 24H, 6061-T10 aluminum, patented Rolf Paired Spoke design
TIRES: Schwalbe Kojak, 35-559, foldable, puncture protection, 95 psi


SHIFTER(S): Shimano Tiagra trigger, 2×10 spd
CRANKSET: FSA Vero, 50/34T
CASSETTE/FREEWHEEL: Shimano Deore, 11-32T, 10 spd
BOTTOM BRACKET: Cartridge, sealed bearings
PEDALS: LiteForm QR, alloy body, QR right/standard left
SHIFTER CABLE & HOUSING: Jagwire LEX-SL, slick treatment, alloy ferrules


BELL: Pitch, brass
KICKSTAND: Premium center mount
CLIP SYSTEM: Magnetix 2.0
REAR LIGHT: BioLogic TailLight


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