Top 10 Bike Friendly Cities In United States

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All the top 10 bike friendly cities in the United States have one thing in common. And that’s infrastructure. These bike friendly cities have interconnected networks of barrier-protected bike lanes. Places to lock your bicycles. And road safety features such as protected intersections. Along with great destinations to ride to.

Bicycle infrastructure.
Bicycle infrastructure.

When cities get bicycle infrastructure right, commuting by bike is an incredible experience. And way to get around your city. It’s fun! Healthy! And super affordable! For those of you who rely on your bicycle for daily commuting, you no longer have to wonder how easy (or hard) it may be to get around your location by bike.

PeopleForBikes rankings

PeopleForBikes recently announced its rankings on the top 10 most bikeable cities in Europe, the United States, Canada, and more. Extensive research shows that the best cities for bicycling have safe, comfortable and well-connected bike networks. Investment from local governments in better bike infrastructure is the key to getting more people on bikes, improving the safety of all road users and connecting everyone to where they need to go.

What has PeopleForBikes done for the last four years?

For the last four years in a row, PeopleForBikes has ran an in-depth analysis of cities around the globe and how bikeable they are, such as their infrastructure that makes bike commuting safer and more enjoyable. The amount and types of commuter lanes, trails, and more.

This year the City Ratings analysis by PeopleForBikes has evaluated more than 750 cities and communities across the globe to spotlight the best towns and cities for bicycling.

Cyclists in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Cyclists in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

What does PeopleForBikes do?

The purpose of PeopleForBikes is to increase access, and safety for bike users and cities everywhere, within the bicycle industry to get more people out and about on bikes.

PeopleForBikes accomplishes this by releasing annual City Ratings score in June, which is the result of combining a city’s Network Score and Community Score. The Network Score, which is worth 80% of the City Ratings score, measures the quality of a city’s bicycle network. The Community Score, which is worth 20% of the City Ratings score, measures how people feel about biking in their city.


Here are the best cities and towns for biking, ranked by last to first:

10. Traverse City, Michigan

9. San Luis Obispo, California

8. Boulder, Colorado

7. Davis, California

6. Solvang, California

5. Berkeley, California

4. Lompoc, California

3. Pella, Iowa

2. Alma, Michigan

1. Provincetown, Massachusetts

The following cities listed are the best overall, but we’ve also included some additional cities that won best for biking based on score type and size (for example, Brooklyn, New York, won the #1 spot for large cities).

If you’re curious about how these cities made the list? Check out PeopleForBikes info on ranking here

PeopleForBikes is constantly changing the rules

PeopleForBikes continually tweaks its scoring system and scope. This is the reason why, since 2018, no city has cracked the top 10 every year and only three have done it in three of the last four years.

In the last four City Rankings, the vast majority of U.S. cities — 24 of 30, or 80% — on one year’s list have failed to repeat within that time frame.

So while your city may be included in the coveted list this year, according to years past, it is more likely than not to fall off the list next year as PeopleForBikes amends its data and process.

This year, PeopleForBikes switched to a 100-point scoring system, instead of 5 points. The organization also retooled last year’s five-factor system, which scored ridership, network, safety, acceleration, and reach.

In its place, PeopleForBikes only scored network and community perceptions (self-assessments based on rider surveys).

Live Outside the US? Bike These Cities Abroad

A bike-friendly street in Copenhagen.
A bike-friendly street in Copenhagen.

For those that live outside North America PeopleForBikes also has data for bike-friendly cities near you!

International cities that made the City Ratings Analysis this year include Utrecht and Amsterdam, Netherlands; Catalonia, Spain; Antwerp, Belgium; and Paris, France.

This year, PeopleForBikes also ranked the top 10 best cities for biking in Canada and Australia separately, too. View the full list of rankings.

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