Top Tips For New Brompton Owners

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At one point in time we were all new Brompton owners. You never forget the excitement of opening the box, containing a new, custom made Brompton. That shiny paint job paired with those perfectly hand-brazed welds. Along with the initials of the Brazer who put the frame together. The whole bike oozes nothing but top-notch quality.

Lifting the steel, super compact Brompton from it’s box, that travels all the way from London, is something you remember every time you ride your Brompton folding bike.

Over time, you learn to appreciate the benefits that the Brompton bike offers. It becomes a part of you. Just like a shadow, it never leaves your side. New Brompton owners end up loving theirs bikes so much, they want to do everything they can to make them last as long as possible.

If only we all had a guide to tell us what we should know when we first bought a Brompton. Well, after much riding, folding, carrying, and talking to others who own Brompton’s, that’s exactly what we did. We put together this useful guide, so that you don’t make the same mistakes that most of us made as new Brompton owners.

Here’s the top tips for new Brompton owners

1) Practice folding your Brompton

Master that Brompton fold!
Master that Brompton fold!

Folding a Brompton bike is vey easy and straightforward, but can take a little time to get use to.

When you purchase a Brompton from your dealer, they will go over how to fold your bike. But seeing that folding it can be very exciting, it’s easy to not pay full attention the first time watching.

That’s why it’s worth practicing a bit at home before taking it out for a ride to the train or bus station. You don’t want to be fumbling while rushing to get to work.

Always remember that dropping the seat post locks the folded package together, and also allows you to use the saddle as a grip for carrying your Brompton with you.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it at first. Over time it will become like second nature, and you’ll have the fold sorted in as little as ten seconds – perfect for catching that train you’re always running late for.

Check out David from the Brompton teams attempt at his fastest fold below!

2) Make sure you register your new Brompton

A Brompton folding bike is a big investment. That’s why it’s very important to register it.

Registering your Brompton bike online is not only fast, (it takes 3 minutes) you’ll also be the first to know about new product upgrades (most of Brompton’s developments are retro-fittable), special offers and tips for getting the most from your Brompton.

You’ll also activate your warranty, so registration is really worthwhile. Click here to register!

3) Pump up your Brompton’s tires

Properly inflated tires make a huge difference to your riding experience. Many of us either hate pumping tires up, or just forget to do it from being very busy.

Tires are very similar to balloons. They stay inflated by means of a rubber tube. And much like balloons your tires will gradually lose pressure over time and with use.

Your tires losing too much air can cause them to get pinch flats. Or make for a sluggish and tiring ride.

Use a hand or track pump to inflate your tires to the proper range indicated on the sidewall every week (perhaps on a Sunday evening before the commuting week ahead). And you’ll keep happily rolling on in ease and comfort.

4) Keep your Brompton clean

We’d all love to keep our Brompton’s looking brand new forever. But unfortunately, your shiny new Brompton will inevitably show the signs of city use sooner or later.

Your Brompton will eventually need a good cleaning. And of course a thorough checking over to make sure everything is in good working order.

There’s no need to get super fussy over the cleanliness of your Brompton. But keeping it clean and well lubed, will make your life much easier in the long run.

Dirt and grime from the road can wreak havoc on important parts of your Brompton if left unchecked. By eliminating this grime and grit, you’ll be keeping your brakes working effectively. Your chain running smoothly. And make everything last a lot longer.

Pay special attention to the small areas around the rear wheel, as these can easily get grubby without you noticing. Click here to view the full Brompton cleaning guide.

5) Should your Brompton saddle be up (or down)?

The great thing about Brompton folding bikes is that they can be used by different riders.

Brompton offers different seat post lengths, making it suitable for almost every size, age and style of rider. Even the saddle position can be adjusted.

Everyone has a different body shape, and riding style that they prefer. Some riders might feel too cramped or stretched out with the default saddle position while riding.

If so, moving the saddle backwards or forwards (speak to your local dealer if you’re not fully confident in adjusting this) can make a huge difference to your comfort.

Check out the guide below.

6) Always be prepared

Anything can happen while commuting or touring on your Brompton bike. That’s why it’s important to always be prepared.

The toolkit available by Brompton makes it easy to store all the essential tools you need in your bag or pocket.

Brompton toolkit.
Brompton toolkit.

Brompton’s award winning Toolkit contains everything you need to keep moving and is securely stored inside the bike mainframe. Read more about it here.

7) Join a Brompton club

Once you are one of the new Brompton owners worldwide, you’ll discover that joining a club is a useful resource for all things Brompton.

People love their Brompton’s and like being around others who feel the same. So why not join your local Brompton club?

Brompton clubs are easy to find on social media platforms such as Facebook. As soon as you become part of one of these groups, you’ll quickly learn they are the ideal place to get tips and tricks from other Brompton owners.

Another exciting benefit is that many arrange group rides so you can explore your city like never before.

8) Invest in a Brompton bag

New Brompton owners should invest in a bag.
New Brompton owners should invest in a bag.

We’re huge fans of backpacks while riding. Unfortunately when the weather gets hot, it’s impossible to keep from getting a sweaty back.

A sweaty back can be very uncomfortable, and we don’t like it. And we’re sure you don’t like a sweaty back either.

That’s why we fitted our Brompton with a unique front carrier block. The carrier block attaches to the head tube of the bike. And allows a wide range of specially-designed Brompton bags to clip on effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re riding to work or going further distances. There’s a wide selection of Brompton bags available that will help commute around the city whilst looking your best. Check out the full range here.

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